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Hello Fluttercord Fans and shipper fans alike! My name is MissKoiFishPony, but you can call me Miss Koi or Missy:) I love My Little Pony, I love to write, I love Fluttercord.

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There's A Light · 9:21pm Feb 3rd, 2019

The Link to the Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1asF5eu4DfAc7_ZqOgGaF0S_87wfmokmNe8Niyt03pss/edit?usp=sharing
Submitted for Everfree Northwest's ScribbleFest 2019 Writing Contest or aka ScriptFest 2019
Summary: Taking place some time after School Raze. With Spike by her side, Starlight Glimmer journeys to the depths of Tartarus to talk to the two most feared villains in all of Equestria: Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow.
If you are unfamiliar with the Episode Script/Teleplay format, check out the link down below (don't hesitate to ask me on how to read it properly. I'm happy to answer questions):
My best tip on how to read these things is basically to envision the episode in your head. The purpose of the script is to make it as easy as possible for the actors and creators of the show to create this show as visually as possible as it can be. It's very straight forward and it plays out as a tv show episode would. It has commercial breaks and a break for the intro and credits.

Hi guys, so sorry that you'll have to read the story through the link:( I've tried to upload the file through the file upload feature on when creating the story, but for some reason, Fimfiction won't allow me:/ I tried copying and pasting it, but the format wouldn't turn out right here on Fimfiction:/ It'll become harder to read, and even harder to fix:/ Anywho, this story was submitted for the contest hosted by the wonderful people who run the Everfree Norhtwest Convention/Event in Seattle, WA. What's the big prize for first place? Having your episode script read by canon show voice actors for Starlight Glimmer, Spike, Silverstream, Gallus, Yona, Ocellus, Sandbar, Smolder, Tirek, and Cozy Glow aloud in front of an audience at Everfree Northwest!:D Because of this prize, and the fact that I had experience writing scripts for The Mare Who Became Queen audio drama, there was no way that I would pass this up:D It made me wonder if Magpie Pony, or Disneyfanatic, or Ashley H, or Kenzie VA, or Bridleway Studios entered into this contest too because they've had experience writing episode scripts for their own audio dramas. Anyway, sounds easy right? Welllll, no, actually!XD It was fun, but not easyXD

The whole process of it all made me really appreciate what the writers for MLP do, they do so much for us despite the limits of it all, and I highly suggest to anyone who writes fanfics for MLP or who does reviews of MLP stuff on YouTube to do of exercise of writing a hypothetical MLP episode script:) A good MLP episode script;) Once you do it, you'll definitely see what I meanXD It is still very different from what I'm use to when it comes to The Mare Who Became Queen. I think what made it difficult was the page limit, I'm not use to that. The page limit was 30 since the typical canon episode is 30 minutes. Therefore, every page counts. Then you have the limit of breaks in your story, you need commercial breaks and breaks to introduce the MLP theme song and etc. And these breaks can break up your story, so you need to keep that in mind while making sure that the pacing of your story is good and clear to your audience and that it doesn't feel like your story is being broken up basically. However, unlike a typical canon episode of MLP, the contest limited us to use only the characters to the available voice actors at Everfree Northwest. Therefore, I could only use the characters of Starlight Glimmer, Tirek, Cozy Glow, Spike, and the Student 6 basicallyXD As much I struggled with the limits to my writing, I also enjoyed it because when my writing gets challenged with limits like this, I get a bit more creative and I feel like I grow as a writer. However, do let me know in the comments below if that is not the caseXD

I felt like I picked a topic that, well, all the writers for the contest will pick for. The reason why I say this is because we have the characters of Starlight, Tirek, and Cozy Glow; therefore, of course we'll have to talk about redemption and learning to change your ways and all that. Hopefully, my take on the premise is a little different from what people would usually do for it. But because of the main lesson I presented in this story/the ending, most likely my story won't win first place probably because it's a very bittersweet ending, not the norm for MLP. Most likely the judges will try to find a episode script that's fun to read aloud because they have to read aloud for an audience and we have to keep the audience engage in a fun way, so I completely understand:) I mean, there are some funny moments in this story, but it's a more dramatic and tensed story than a fun oneXD I would love to win second or third place because, not only would it let me know that I didn't completely fail this challenge, but also the prize is that I get my script signed by the canon show MLP voice actors for Starlight, Spike, Student 6, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, so that's cool:D!
Also, do let me know if the Student 6 feel forced into this story. I wanted to include them more, but the story I had in mind wouldn't allow it:/ It just wouldn't work and I wished it did. That could be another thing that might stand in the way of me winning, the judges will probably want a story that gives all the voice actors a chance to read in the story and have none of them feel left out. Which is completely understandable, I don't want anyone left out, believe me.

Serious question you guys: If this story doesn't get first place, would any of you be interested in me actually turning this episode into a video I make on my youtube? Would any of you be interested in me making this a one episode only audio drama version of this with fandom voice actors, act, the works? Please let me know, I'm curious.

The title to this episode was inspired by the song "There's a light over at the Frankenstein's place" from The Rocky Horror Show because the lyric that kept repeating in the story was "There's a light". I don't know why but that song, both the movie version, stage version, and the Glee version, was a big inspiration in writing this episode for the contest:) Strangely enough, listening to Thomas Sanders music was also a big help in writing this episode^^ Especially from his Ultimate Storytime soundtrack^^ I highly recommend to all who write to listen to his music if you need help writing your story out;)

So sorry for this longest author's note everXD Hoped you enjoyed itXD Lol!

Comments ( 5 )

It does sound rather intriguing! I would be interested! By the way, are you still doing the The Mare Who Would Be Queen audio drama?

Interested in the audio drama version of There's A Light you mean?:) Also, yes yes we are still working on The Mare Who Became Queen audio drama. We apologize for Ep 2 taking a bit longer to complete than planned but when it's out, it will worth it because time will equal quality;)

Yes, that's what I meant. And don't worry, take your time! I'm sure it'll be great!

Thank you for being so understanding, and good, I'm glad that you like the story enough that you want an one time one episode audio drama version of it^^

No problem! The best things in life are worth waiting for.

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