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  • 2 weeks
    Toilet paper - The new german currency ;p

    Well, I did not believe it at first, but after going shopping today, I found out, at least in my area it is true, all toilet paper is sold out, and that in all 3 shops I went to.
    Well I get why all the hand sanitiser is sold out, and yes, the Food cans too, but, come on it is a kind of Flu not diarrhea that goes around.:derpytongue2:

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  • 9 weeks
    Progress of the next chapter of TDATP2

    Well, I just finished the writing of it:yay: So the main content stand, and I know where everything is going.:twilightsmile:

    So the next step is to edit it, not by my editor for gramma and such, but by me for dialog of the show char that comes into play this time. I want to make this chapter believable and sounding fitting for your entertainment. Whoever the char may be...

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  • 13 weeks
    Update: Phantom chapter 25 & 26 got an update

    Well, the last two chapters are out for a while, but my friend Everfreepony mentioned to me that she thought they are not so well edited in her opinion, so she offered to me to point the errors out. Today the work was finished and I updated the chapters.:twilightsmile:

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  • 16 weeks
    Helping a friend

    Well, one of my friends laptop broke and she is generally not the most rich person and have some trouble finding a place for her own and such, so if you guys heard of the helpful and friendly reviewer, interviewer and artist, Nailah, now is the time you could help her out:twilightsmile:

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  • 20 weeks
    Honey Rolls

    So the new recipe is out! Oh and the next chapter too, but as said I added a recipe in the authors note.

    [Adult story embed hidden]

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Got some nice cover-art^^ · 11:45pm Feb 2nd, 2019

Well, Little Tigress was so genrous to make some cover-art for

[Adult story embed hidden]

What do you guys think?

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