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My power level revealed! · 12:33pm Feb 1st, 2019

Just when you thought you knew me. I spend almost an hour arguing with my friend on how Centorea from Monster Musume is best Waifu. Think I'm wrong? Change my mind.

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Comments ( 10 )

I'm not going to try to change your mind.
You want Cerea for your Waifu? By all means.
Miia is my Waifu. Full-body hugs for me!
You get... what DO you get with Cerea that others can't offer?

No, Tio can offer that.
Tio would make a good Waifu too.
She's sweet.
And so is Manako.
And Polt.

I agree with you on Polt. Hell, Miia too. Manako and Tio.... Not so much. Manako is much too shy and Tio is.... too much.

The fact that Manako is so shy and that Tio is so very... much... is exactly what I find alluring about them.

I ignored all background characters, as they have no character to speak of and only focused on the main harem. I also broke down with facts and logic that Centorea is the only waifu worth anyone's time and that all others not only lack character but mostly don't care for the MC or human life in general.

Tio and Manako aren't background characters.
Hell, they even got to date the MC.
The members of MON just haven't really had as much of an opportunity to build upon their characters as the others

As for the rest of the main harem, I would argue that Rarachnera has grown to genuinely care for the MC, as a result of how he's shown to look past her visually intimidating appearance and accept her as she is.

That said, I'll reiterate my original comment and sum it up:
You do you, and I'll stick with Miia and/or Tio.
My previous mentions of Manako and Polt were just off-hand comments on their nature.

I wouldn't mind Rachne-san spinning me up in a web. 😏

You fool, snek girl is best girl

I also didn't take into account the manga and just used what's seen in the anime. So I have no idea how things have progressed past that.

Rachnee's tits are just as big, she's got twice as many legs, three times as many eyes, and can make as much rope and clothing as you could need.

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