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A bleak outlook, a charming demeanor, and gasp, the cow level.

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  • 109 weeks
    New year? Already? Really? Happy new year!

    Nah I'm kidding, but 2020 really is coming closer to ending. I want to start up the new year by working on my van. Gonna try and make the damn thing more livable lmfao, I'm kidding. I'm converting an ol' Ford '89 Econoline into a minicamper and I wanna see it through!

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  • 109 weeks
    Gotta lil something in the works for you guys

    I'm a horror enthusiast, I love a good spine tingler. Obviously I'm reaching out on the genre spectrum and aside from Equine Isolation, I hadn't furrowed into it much.

    That's all gonna change with an upcoming one-shot! apparently fucking multichapter story! I wanna try and delve into darker bits just as much as I wanna dive into romcoms, legit!

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  • 110 weeks
    so i lost my job, im homeless, but i gotta van!

    Hey doods, twilightsmile speaking but of course.

    So, sometime earlier I'd mentioned I'd say why I'm back with a more fuller-time approach. I'd recently been let go from my last employer and have been kinda struggling to land back on my feet. It's all fine though! I don't mean to say I'm worried or anything, or that I'm even fearful for the matter.

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  • 111 weeks
    okay, so ah, while i'm ahead, i wanna let you guys know

    So! With the new year comes new me, yada-yada, all that bs. I thought that, since I'm actually trying to write a tid more seriously--I'll explain my reasoning on why I'm even back to a fuller extent later--I might, eh, might as well drop the alias "Lack of Tact," finally.

    I mean, not like I'll never not have a lack of tact. I'm that, but personified.

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  • 111 weeks
    Hurrhurr i write romances

    Nah, more like mediocre romcoms. Yeah, definifely mediocre romcoms.

    Anyway! The ah, evident two-part Kinda-Heartwarming Moment with Sunset Shimmer is completed! As awkward as it is for me and everybody else.


    I'm trying, okay? Sticking outside of my comfort zone is something I like doing.

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Fuck's Sake, Bronymate, I Don't Care · 5:53pm Jan 30th, 2019

Anyone else have that ad pop up like, 24/7? I don't do dating sites, scam ones especially, so like, the fuck do I keep getting it?

Swear to God, if it's just 'cause I use this site...

Anyway! So, after that recent trashheap that is "Pop My Cherry, Nonnie!," I finally found an inspiration for something serious. Not like, Tact's "says it's gonna be serious but low-key is gonna be shit as fuck," but like, actually a drama-esque thing.

I'll put more details out later, but just wanted to let that out there for now!

Yeah, that's, uh, that's it for this update.


Lack of Tact

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