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To anyone who is actually reading my story... · 3:40pm Jan 28th, 2019

Given the premise, we're necessarily going to see some OCs - the show might just about get away with turning everypony into teachers, but for a trial this important to be anything more than a kangaroo court professional lawyers and neutral jurors are essential. I might be able to use some more obscure canon characters for the latter, but we don't know anypony who fits the former - or do we?

You may or may not have reached the point in the story where Cozy Glow describes her lawyer, Evergreen, as "one of the surplus of unicorns with more money than sense that [Canterlot] grew like mould on cheese, albeit one with perhaps with slightly more steel in him than most." And that got me thinking of the first pony we met who fit that image - no, defined it.

No, don't run away! Well,unless you're allergic to any depiction of the above pony as competent. I've always held that he was good at whatever his job was, and high-end law seems suitably regal (and with Equestria's low crime rate, leaves plenty of time for a princely lifestyle). So I can show another facet to an often shallow character, and land myself a tag that more readers know or care about than Cozy's - win-win, right?

However I'm not quite sure on how exactly I should use him in the story. So I'll lay out the main options, and then wait to see if anyone bothers to give their opinion.

  1. Don't use him at all - the idea of him having a day job, let alone one as common as law, is just utterly ridiculous.
  2. Have him replace Evergreen as the defence counsel. On the plus side, he and Cozy pretty much deserve each other and the defender role might do his image good (or not, depending on who one imagines him defending). As for minuses, we'd lose Evergreen (has he shown enough character for anypony to care?) and readers might start rooting for Cozy to lose. (Or are you already?)
  3. Have him serve as prosecutor, like in Yukito's fic*. This suits him better than an underdog role and fits the hostile image he has in fandom, but the fact that the accused is guilty as sin might mitigate that - on the other wing, his acerbic style and unpoularity might garner some sympathy for Cozy. My main worry here is that it makes the court a little unicorn-dominated - I was planning on making the prosecutor an earthpony. Still, we always have the jury for that...

    *I honestly forgot this until after already writing this post. Although in that case, since it's a comedy he's portrayed with his usual fanon level of competence.

If you have any other ideas, please feel free to suggest them too! Oh, and feel free to nominate jurors - no-one too closely linked to the Mane 6 or CMC though!

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Comments ( 32 )

Hmmm...I'd say either 1 or 3...leaning against 1, definitively not 2. Since you have already dedicated a whole chapter introducing us to Evergreen, and face it, already he has way more personality than Blueblood, it'd be a waste to throw him away to replace him with this doofus.

As for being the prosecutor...I guess that could work. I mean, Turnabout Storm successfully made Trixie of all ponies be a convincing prosecutor. So Blueblood could do it too. However, Prince Blueblood has shown no personality in the show other than being an arrogant snob, so unless the story would build on that, you might as well be using an OC.

As for another canon character who could take the role? Well, I'm almost tempted to say Neighsay, but that would probably not work in the practical sense, I mean, he would most likely be a witness all things considered if anything. Other than that, I have no idea.

Building on Blueblood's characterisation is what I want to do (with the goal of him coming off as a skilled and competent arrogant snob).

Prosecution would be more practical (since I wouldn't have to rewrite Chapter 2) and have the interesting effect of putting him on the same side, more or less, as the Mane 6 - I wonder if there's any opportunity to see him questioning Rarity on the stand? The catch, above and beyond the mentioned unicorn overload, is that Blueblood and Evergreen aren't very distinct characters IMO - but they have room to grow divergently, and I could include some background link...

For now, I'll wait and see if anyone else replies.

Blueblood is a terrible character that just comes across badly when molded into something completely different, I would recommend instead trying to make the character you're creating an associate of Fancy Pants, who is a decent character with some depth that is fancy yet caring.

I respectfully disagree, but if your opinion is so set that you won't be able to respect him in the role then perhaps I shouldn't. I'm not very good with OCs though, which is also part of my motive, and frankly I consider Fancy Pants a tad overused.

I am glad to see you taking an interest in my story, though - I don't know if I'd call your stuff an inspiration per se, but it certainly pushes many of the same buttons for me that I intend to hit with my writing - I think you'll probably like Part 2 of Council for the Defence, for instance, and possibly some of the sequels/spinoffs I'm thinking of. (Watch newbie writer dream big!)

(Actually, subsidiary question - if I was planning to have much more conversation between Cozy and Evergreen but may now move some of that to later chapters, is it worth publishing the remaining 2000ish words as a Part 2 or should I just edit it into the current Part 1? Or will no-one even realize I've updated that way?

The issue is Blueblood is 1-dimensional. Adding depth to characters is great, but if you completely reverse from the starting point, you're effectively doing a different character, conflicting with what's established. And I don't think you should use Fancy Pants himself, but reference him to tie in with existing continuity and hint at what you're going for to the audience.

I certainly hope your stuff does better than my prison fic...it was by far my worst-received work even after canceling and rewriting the first few chapters from scratch. I think it was so disliked because it clashes greatly with the established tone and implications of the show, with prison barely existing at all.

People basically never notice updates, so updates should only be done for finishing touches, such as to make sense with later chapters as a story evolves.

We saw 1 dimension of Blueblood, for less than 10 minutes (I'm not counting things like comic appearances) - I'm sure there are several episodes where members of the main cast were represented just as shallowly, but we know they're actually whole, well-rounded ponies with strengths and flaws.

I'm not really going for a reversal of his established traits, or presenting him as a hero or something - as a defender he would be Cozy's accomplice in avoiding justice, as a prosecutor he's basically the main antagonist - but rather as a competent jerk - sort of like Gregory House. He'd still be every bit the snob.

I certainly hope your stuff does better than my prison fic...it was by far my worst-received work even after canceling and rewriting the first few chapters from scratch. I think it was so disliked because it clashes greatly with the established tone and implications of the show, with prison barely existing at all.

I kinda liked it in a guilty pleasure way (particularly the remake, which doesn't quite shatter the suspension of disbelief as much - although, do you have something against poor Ocellus?) That said, I do think my premise has some advantages - instead of the main cast turning on each other the punishment is directed at a villain who canon arguably already did worse to, and I limited the possible outcomes to what I hope were plausible ones.

(To be continued on mobile - I have a train to catch!)

Yeah, I don,t want to turn this into a review (although I could do one if you'd like) but I think that the big turn-off for your fics (particularly the first one) was more all the character death (yes, I know you warned them) than the prison stuff.* (I could just be saying that because I like prison fics, though.) Really, if you look at the show the Mane Cast has done plenty of stuff worthy of jail time - if you hadn't been aiming for an execution, you could probably have just followed up on some of that.

*Also regarding tonal clash... your stories came out before the unspoiled masses saw the final scene of the season, right? Even though in a way it's the show's most egregious avoidance of showing a "real" prison, it still might adjust expectations a bit.

Enough about your fic though - my goal with this one is to present a plausible story, keep to the T rating* and hopefully even avoid the Fetish tag while still pushing as many of my buttons (several of which we seem to share) as possible. I just didn't realise when starting it that "competent jerk Blueblood" was a button as much as the more fetishy ones.

*This is one reason that what was planned as part of an upcoming chapter is probably going to become it's own M-rated minific - well, that and the fact that it,s a largely off-topic tangent that has balooned far past the rest of the chapter.

Ooooh, that's much more sane if you're making Blueblood an antagonist with a bit of depth, I'd misunderstood; it'll probably actually work, then.
I have nothing against Ocellus, by the way, I think she's one of the better student 6 characters, but the way I see it, the most beloved character is the most impactful one to kill. On a related note, I think you should bring in at least one more character that people are familiar with that's sympathetic; Cozy Glow herself doesn't really draw people in and the entire point of fanfics is to use a familiar setting and characters to build off of.

Yes, it was before the season finale. That's part of why people were so mad that Neighsay was actually getting his way and being treated as somewhat sympathetic. People at the time saw him as just pure evil and refused to consider that he might have any good intentions.
I was actually quite shocked when Cozy Glow just got tossed in Tartarus despite being, like, 10, as well.


I think you should bring in at least one more character that people are familiar with that's sympathetic; Cozy Glow herself doesn't really draw people in and the entire point of fanfics is to use a familiar setting and characters to build off of.

Well, we're still just in the preliminary stages here - we'll be seeing the Princesses before the trial starts, and of course a lot of familiar faces will be appearing as witnesses - there might even be some on the jury. But if you mean on Cozy's side, I don't think so - I'm not really trying to make her that sympathetic either, hence why I thought she and Blueblood were well suited.

A couple of questions:

First, what do you (at this point) think Cozy deserves? Freedom and forgiveness like so many before her? A long prison sentence aimed at rehabilitation? Being thrown into Grayvale and forgotten? Or the first execution in 300 years? (Or have you come to terms with the canon version, or thought of your own idea?)

Secondly, I'm thinking of starting a group or two relevant to our shared interests - would you be, well, interested?

Deserves? Not really sure where to go on that one. I personally don't think the death penalty is any proper way to deal with someone unless they've got some sort of serious mental disorder where they can't help but to kill others. As for whether I think she's worthy, I think she's unrepentant and Equestria would be glad to be rid of her. At any rate, they can't just let her go, and I don't think the princesses as they are in canon can stomach execution while she's a filly. Execution would have to wait until a particular birthday, and they'd have to try reformation in the meantime.
Eh, probably not on the group thing. I'm not sure what exactly that would entail, and my interests are pretty varied.

Yeah, the Princesses in my fic aren't really interested in killing her either - Celestia because of her youth, Luna because she was spared after trying arguably worse, and both of them because, well, they don't actually like executing even terrible ponies. Hence the ban - Luna would probably have got around to it sooner than Celestia because she didn't cheat as hard.

What the Princesses would really like, of course, would be for Cozy to do a turnaround like so many other show villains. If instead of giving her little speech and escape attempt she had broken down in front of Twilight crying about how much she'd misunderstood friendship ... well the Princesses would still be cautious, because fooling Twilight had sort of been her thing until now. And for various reasons including politics and the deaths, they can't just let her off like Starlight, nor do they trust her enough to send her off into the wild like Tempest.

So right now she'd probably be under house arrest - well, room arrest except for maybe toilet breaks - in the Palace. (Not a proper guest room like we've seen, but something like unused servant's quarters, with at least one observant Guardsmare as roommate and constant shadow,) She'd probably have seen a lot more ponies, from her parents to Starlight to a shrink, and her Crown-appointed lawyer will have helped her prepare an suitably apologetic confession to go with her plea of guilty to all charges. (There'd be a lot fewer of those too.)

So she'd stand up in court and break down sobbing about how she hadn't really meant anypony to get hurt and was unbelievably sorry, but she understood that that couldn't bring back the ponies that had died. And then Celestia would give (and mean, but also have political reasons for) a speech condemning Cozy's actions but commending her for taking responsibility for them and sentence her to something like twenty years imprisonment.

Most ponies would go home happy that for once justice had been more or less served, very few realising (unless the press later made a scandal out of it) that a) said time would be served first in a reform school and then when she came of age a minimum-security prison, and b) once the Princesses were reasonably sure that she wasn't faking and that most ponies had stopped caring, her remaining sentence would be suspended* in favour of probation-with-reformation**. But sadly, that's not what happened - so the Princesses will have to work with the Cozy they've got.

*The understanding being that if it was ever reactivated, any further time, including sentences for new crimes, would be served in Grayvale without any chance of parole.

**I've been saving these for a fic blog post, but this kind of thing might be easier to understand if you knew what kind of reformation spells I was thinking of - namely, these neat ones alarajrogers thought up. (If you like Discord at all, try her stuff!) After looking at them, maybe some thoughts on whether Cozy's blanket refusal makes sense?

Not having a toilet in the room, or only accessible from the room, is a serious security flaw for a room intended to keep a prisoner or a pony that's likely to be attacked.
Of course, in the show, she's put in a cage without a toilet or source of food or water or anything...at least the Mane 6 in Starlight's village had hay troughs that could each be used as a food source or toilet.

I think it would actually make some sense if Celestia and Luna recused themselves as judges and put forth a properly independent judge who could put down any verdict, even death. It would be a display to show that they aren't arranging a particular verdict ahead of time. Of course, it still would most likely lead to some kind of rehabilitation sentence unless the prosecution was amazing and seriously rode a wave of anger against a limp defense leading to the conclusion of a filly deserving execution.


Not having a toilet in the room, or only accessible from the room, is a serious security flaw for a room intended to keep a prisoner or a pony that's likely to be attacked.

Well, I've not quite envisioned her hypothetical room enough to "know" if it would have an en-suite - it's only a comment tangent, after all. However since she would likely have multiple guards, it probably wouldn't be too much of a security risk for one of them them to ferry a chamber pot* between there and the nearest bathroom.

*Or, if they felt like a little harmless humour at her expense, a foal's training potty.

Of course, in the show, she's put in a cage without a toilet or source of food or water or anything

I have some thoughts on this which I think are probably up your alley, but right now I'm saving them for a possible "running with canon" Cozy fic. If I never get around to writing that I'll post them somewhere.

at least the Mane 6 in Starlight's village had hay troughs that could each be used as a food source or toilet

I wonder how many of them were actually considering that option - I suppose it depends on how badly they needed to go. Although the screenshot in my other tab shows only one trough and one tub of water, which might pose some practical difficulties.

I think it would actually make some sense if Celestia and Luna recused themselves as judges and put forth a properly independent judge who could put down any verdict, even death. It would be a display to show that they aren't arranging a particular verdict ahead of time. Of course, it still would most likely lead to some kind of rehabilitation sentence unless the prosecution was amazing and seriously rode a wave of anger against a limp defense leading to the conclusion of a filly deserving execution.

Celestia as judge has it's reasons both in universe and out. The meta ones come straight from our own words in these comments - I admitted my insecurity crafting distinct OCs, and you suggested to me that involving more popular characters would help the story.

In universe, it's a bit more complicated. Firstly, Celestia doesn't want the death penalty on the table - she decided a long time ago that Equestra wasn't going to be that kind of a country. She also has general bad associations with signing off on death sentences from the incidents which led her to reserve that power in the first place. Now could she just set a maximum for the judge to abide by? Yes, but that brings us to the main reason - politics.

You might have noticed that while Celestia's personal life may have been going better in the past few years than the previous thousand, as if to balance that she hasn't been making a very strong showing as a ruler - or rather, as a protector of her little ponies. Much like fans, most of her subjects were willing to write off Nightmare Moon and Discord as "even gods have limits", and maybe they could have handled being tricked or overpowered by Chrysalis, but the combination put slight cracks in the nation's faith. On their own these wounds would have healed in time (ponies really do believe in her a lot) but Tirek's rampage tore them right open again (who could feel protected after that?) and while she probably could have kept the second changeling incursion quiet it would have made it kind of hard to explain the new and colourful lovebugs. (Is there anything I'm forgetting? Oh right, the plundervine thing when sun and moon - her main symbols - stood still in the sky.)

So you can see why pony trust in Celestia was at a bicentennial low before a foreign warlord(,s general) walked straight into her capital, petrified her within seconds and then proceeded to seize the place with barely a hint of resistance. At the start of Season 8, Celestia is polling pretty terribly (by her standards: she'd probably still win an election). That's why she can't easily oppose Neighsay, who has strong connections to what might be called Equestria's first serious "opposition party" in an eon. On the other hoof we have Twilight, a "new blood" princess who's actually resolved most of these crises and whose popularity is soaring - that's why she can politically afford to ignore Neighsay and the EEA, and many ponies are sizing her up for a bigger job - never mind that she'd never agree to take it.

So the long and the short of it is that Celestia is pretty desperate to be seen as moving strongly and decisively against Equestria's enemies, especially since the eyes of the world are now more open to pony affairs than perhaps ever before. And if the only enemy she can actually take on is a helpless filly, then by Herself that's better than nothing*. It's also (along with the multiple deaths) a reason why a substantial custodial sentence would be necessary even if Cozy was repentant, and she's really not making it easier on herself by refusing magical treatment either.

*Note that even this political power play is tempered by her morals - executing Cozy or throwing her in Tartarus would send a strong signal to both the opposition and foreign nations, but she won't do something she sees as morally wrong just to make a good show. Perhaps canon Celestia reached a slightly different answer.

As a last aside, do you think it would help the fic if we had these lengthy discussions there instead of in a blogpost whose title specifically repels newcomers?

You should definitely use Celestia, but it's good to have a few OCs here and there, so long as they don't steal the spotlight.

It doesn't matter where the conversation is, practically nobody reads comments or blog posts. At least here, it's less spoilery.

Okay then. Any thoughts on my impromptu politics rant? (I really didn't realise how bad Celestia's situation was until I started writing it.)

Current Equestrian politics show that Celestia's primarily seen as a sort of celebrity that has to occasionally meet with ponies to discuss things, while cultivating the future of Equestria in the form of Twilight and Cadance, who do more of the meaningful decisions.
Taking direct action by being the judge of Cozy clashes with this general approach, which would make ponies doubt that she actually has a plan.
Celestia is also likely facing a lot of pressure to reduce the frequency of threats, as Cozy is one of a string of disasters. Ponies are probably starting to notice that she's been captured a lot and that the villain was only stopped because of something Twilight set in motion, with Celestia and Luna pathetically marching while all was already said and done.
Now, Celestia personally coming in shouting as a judge and throwing Cozy to the guillotine would certainly reverse the perception of her being a pushover, but it (or any sentence beyond a basic reform program) would also ruin her carefree appearance, and again, make her look like she can't make up her mind on her approach.

So, it's a huge risk for her to even make a good decision on Cozy's case. However, if she appoints an independent judge, it doesn't imply anything to her personal attitude, eliminating that risk, and reducing risks from a too-light sentence as well. All in all, Celestia's best bet is to find somepony trusted to be a judge, get the ball rolling, and occasionally whisper in their ear about the need for harshness, how she might not personally like it, but nopony would shed a tear if Cozy were chopped like a kitchen vegetable. Of course, it'd need to be delayed until Cozy's considered an adult, and the prosecution would need to crush the defense's calls for leniency...which might be easy if Cozy is shown to be unrepentant.
As to the judge, Twilight is the obvious choice if not going for an extreme appearance of independence, as Twilight showed herself to be very impartial at Rainbow Falls, making a decision that would've seen Fluttershy leave Ponyville for months despite their friendship.


Current Equestrian politics show that Celestia's primarily seen as a sort of celebrity that has to occasionally meet with ponies to discuss things, while cultivating the future of Equestria in the form of Twilight and Cadance, who do more of the meaningful decisions.

This is certainly how certain factions - you could call them the "new guard" movement - would prefer it in my Equestria, but it isn't as much of a reality as they would like, especially now Twilight's loaded herself down with another day job.

Even if you take it as true however, it could only be a rather recent development, well within most pony's lifetimes. At the time of, say, Bright Mac and Buttercup's wedding, Celestia was not only the sole alicorn Princess but had been so for so long that I doubt most ponies could seriously imagine another. She may have given ponies a bit of space to make their own decisions, but in the end the bit stopped with her. In a more practical sense, even with the Elements gone she was still the nations biggest gun, and it was other nations fear and respect for her that kept her ponies safe. Or at least that's how she saw it.

My Celestia (she's a character open to pretty varied interpretations) can be kind of self-conscious - if you'd asked her whether the faith of her ponies meant a lot to her a decade ago she'd have said yes, but it was only when it was shaken that she realized just how much she cared. So she determined to do better next time, to show everypony she was still the Mare of the Sun - and then she failed again and again.

The faith she wants to win back isn't delegable - everypony knows Princess Celestia, almost nopony outside Canterlot/the legal profession knows Chief Magistrate Piercing Glance. And this was a case that shook all of Equestria, perhaps moreso than any of the previous incidents. They're looking to see if their Princess will fight for them - and she cannot, will not fail to rise to the challenge.

(Stuff seems to get a lot more epic when you make me think about it - I only made her the judge in the first place as more or less a default.)

In hindsight, I think making her even part of the trio of judges in my fic was a silly mistake from not thinking on my part. Celestia's character is one of a carefree attitude whenever possible, only becoming serious when she has to, and relying on others to fulfill her expectations because of her trusting nature. She knows how to be stern, but she mainly does it for the benefit of others around her, not stomping around laying down the law just to get ponies in line.
This is kind of required to be the "benevelont dictator" archetype, I think, because if she gets too invested, she'll end up pressured to exert power and the power will get to her head. Basically, if she let herself become the judge, she'd simultaneously show too much of her serious side, and perhaps become her serious side, which could result in doing such things as executing a filly (without the delay until Cozy's an adult).

My Celestia has sort of alternated between heavy and light touches throughout history. Right now she's in a "light" era because, as you've pointed out, she has others she can use as frontmares, but she's definitely no stranger to more active autocracy.

Being serious in court is pretty likely, because it's a serious matter (besides stirring up everyponies Tirek-fears, Cozy herself managed to surpass Equestria's annual murder average singlehoovedly without even trying) and ponies will expect their Princess to take it seriously. Celestia certainly doesn't like Cozy very much, but she still has a certain default fondness for her as one of her ponies, and she's not usually a particularly hateful or vengeance-minded pony anyway. She's not deciding guilt - I have mentioned the jury, right - so her role is basically a procedural one she's done countless times before while at the same time gives her the chance to show herself as in control of matters, see all the evidence laid out and keep a close eye on Cozy's reactions - she wants to understand and help her, not hate her, and will be looking for reasons to show (relative) mercy.

If she hasn't found any by sentencing (and it takes some work for her to truly give up on one of her subjects) - well not executing ponies is one of the things she takes very seriously nowadays, and not executing foals always was*, so the worst she'd do if she decided Cozy was a lost cause is, as mentioned in the main fic, lock her up in Grayvale solitary and throw away the key. (Well, that or break the rule on consent for reformation spells - she's not quite as committed to that one emotionally, as it's a guard against her own meddling urges).

*As for the "delay" thing you speak of, that's what some of her judges thought she meant way back when she told them to stop executing minors - she was not amused when she found out, and in fact it was one of the main triggers for her reserving capital powers (or whatever you call them) to herself. To put it simply, she considers it vile cheating which completely misunderstands her reasoning for the ban in the first place.

The meat here is more in the comments than the main post. (And now I know never to try and make anyone comment.)

I could see Blueblood as a prosecutor because he is not a very nice pony and sees himself as so much better then most ponies, and so would enjoy punishing the ponies that he sees as "beneath him" and getting them imprisoned or suffering other fates.

I really like Evergreen and to echo Flufux you already have at least a chapter on him and some decent background and personality. He's is also fairly competent which is what Cozy needs in a situation like this at the very least she needs someone who can inform of the ins and outs of the law. I believe what you have on him works great so far, your character has purpose and motivation, and you can always chose to develop that as you story progresses if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Indeed, if any pony ever needed a good lawyer it's her right now. Her case could only be worse if she wasn't a cute little filly.

What do you think of Blueblood?

As a Prosecutor or her defense?

Either, I suppose.

Well the problem with having royalty in the camp for either side is the celebrity aspect. Consider how Rarity reacts to Blue Blood's name before they meet. At least some ponies know the royal family and have strong feelings about them which may lead to the jury being tainted by that for one side or another.

There's also Cozy to consider and how she will react to someone like Blue Blood over someone like Evergreen. Of course you can use both points in your story if you want either for or against Cozy Glow. Since you've basically implied she won't be getting a happy ending you might even use a aggressive Blue Blood's behavior to aggravate her to point where she screws up her own defense.

As for using a unicorn or not I don't think you should let it bother you unless you want to use it as a plot point in this, or another related story in regards to tribal relations or something similar. As far as having the royal family affect the trial it all depends how deeply Celestia wants to get involved and how many still believe in her and the royal family. Though for Cozy Glow the scenarios that I think would best work for her would at the very least be a jury hostel to Celestia and probably Twilight as well assuming your Twilight and Celestia aren't set on redeeming her for some reason.

A good point, though that aspect may be less relevant if this is his ordinary job.

I don't think Cozy would like Blubood very much, but then she doesn't like many ponies and not many ponies like him, so that's pretty obvious.

The Canterlot courts being unicorn-dominated does make sense, more or less. And Celestia does feel she needs to be involved, because this was (yet another) threat to Equestria she had no real involvement in resolving. (At least she didn't get captured this time!)

I mean depending on how the tribes are in your world public perception might make a big deal out of the courts being full of unicorns, but then again they might make a big deal out of any number of things that the government decides to do or not do, ultimately it's going to rely on how you write it, but unless you buy into a Equestria where the tribes have been pigeon-holed or relations between them strained, I don't see the type of tribe the pony comes from mattering much, in regards to the prosecution at least.

Juries and judges is another story and depending on how you chose them there might be any kinds of biases depending on where they come from and who and what they value. The less magic in their lifestyle and the less they value the wielders of the elements of harmony or the status quo under Celestia the less personal reasons they'll have to hate Cozy Glow.

I might see possible conflicts of interest with a unicorn defending a pony who got ride of Equestria's magic but Evergreen seems to be representing Cozy interests pretty well so far, so unless that changes I can't see her having a problem with him as her defense. Celestia might intervene to "give Cozy a fair trial" by appointing someone else to her act as her defense who has less apparent reasons to be against her (although that also could be a ruse), but the way you're writing Cozy she seems at least smart enough to know who's on her side and who's not so I don't see her willing to part with Evergreen until it begins to look (at least to her) like he's no longer defending her interests.

I don't think it's a big deal - it's a High Canterlot kind of job, and one that involves a lot of paperwork, so unicorns are a natural fit. At most, it's something a non-unicorn defendant might try and bring up to claim prejudice.

Ideally, a judge and jury should be objective and unconnected to the case. However, that's something of a problem when the crime is on this scale...

And Evergreen did mention there were those in his circles who would take the case to lose it - though I don't think either Celestia or the Equestrian Bar Association would stand for that if they caught on.

I think your probably right on most counts. Ultimately it's one of those things where I can't imagine any possible defense for Cozy without knowing all the facts on how the different parties are reacting both to her and the status quo in general. You allude to some of that in your work, but I would need to know more before I could be certain as to what her defense should be like and anyway, ultimately you're the one writing the story.

Well, i do hope to maybe shed light on some of that if I ever manage another chapter. Suffice it to say, the public reaction is pretty negative towards her - if she managed to somehow swing an aquittal, she'd need bodyguards or an identity change.

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