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    This morning, I relaxed in the hot tub for about 45 minutes (8:30-9:15AM); I rarely use it, but my muscles felt unusually tight on Friday. I suspect running around & lifting boxes at work after enjoying a leisurely week away on vacation caused that uncomfortable stiffness.

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    Yesterday, I drank the first alcoholic beverage that ever appealed to me, 35 Proof "Butter Pecan Moonshine" from Ole Smokey:

    Beer? More like... bad, am I right?

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    As aforementioned in my previous post, I visited an indoor range & shot a semi-automatic pistol, for the first time! :pinkiehappy: That range appealed to me so much I returned twice since the initial stop there in February; below, I enclosed pictures of my results from the first outing:

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    On Friday (22 November 2019), I started reading a fictional book for fun-- for the first time in over a year-- at 11PM. At 1-1:30AM, I thought: "I should sleep soon." At 2:30AM, "I don't need six hours of sleep; five will suffice." At 3:30AM, I finally resolved: "It's the weekend; I can stay awake as long as I want. This book is extraordinary." At 4:30AM, I reached the book's halfway point &

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    Standard Manufacturing's DP-12 (shotgun)

    In the previous post regarding my Mosin-Nagant, I mentioned “I plan to purchase a semi-automatic Ruger 10/22 Takedown as my next rifle”; howbeit, I decided against purchasing that gun since practicing & plinking with a rifle I cannot reliably shoot for both fun & self-defense (such as a rifle chambered in the small .22)

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Essays: Open Letter from Former Governor (D-PA), Rising Radicalization, & Gender-Integrated Military Units · 10:05am Jan 27th, 2019

"Democrats, Beware: We are Leaning Left too far" from The Hill (left-leaning):

"Young Left's Anti-Capitalist Manifesto" from FiveThirtyEight (left-leaning):

"Pew Research Center Study shows that Democrats have Shifted to the Extreme Left" from Investors' Business Daily (right-wing):

Due to Investors' Business Daily's history of mixed factual accuracy, I verified those many statistics' accuracy; the article proves accurate, though Pew Research Center included a intriguing disclaimer in that study.

I enclosed that disclaimer below:

"It is important to note that while members of the two parties have grown further apart over the past two decades, this does not necessarily mean there has been a rise in politically “extreme” thinking among either Republicans or Democrats, as Pew Research Center’s 2014 study of political polarization found [emphasis added]."

"Women Don’t Belong in Combat Units" from Wall Street Journal (WSJ, right-leaning):

Comments ( 6 )

In some moment the Democrat Party must change its name to the Socialist Part (although, knowing them, they'll change it to the Progressive Party) so they could at least be more honest of their true agenda.

Also, that "female on the military" is one that picked my interest. Venezuela had an "All Male" military until Chávez came and I was never sure if it was or not a good idea. Do you have a direct link to the article? I follow some Venezuelans generals on Twitter and I would like to ask for their opinion on the issue.

Also, I'll share this on Twitter, hopefully, someone will be interested on it.

You can click the title of that article in the blog-post to open the page, but I provided the links below as well:

Interesting read, no democrat currently in office would have the guts to say even half of what of what Ed Rendell is saying sadly. The women in combat one is also interesting as I don't see many people questioning it these days. One thing that does disturb me though is efforts by the Obama administration to lower certain standards so more women can get in. The likes of Ocasio Cortez are going to put a nasty stain on the reputation of democrats and the left in general for quite some time due both to extremism as well the lack of respect for even the most basic facts.

5003324 With the increasing acceptance of socialism among much of American youth the Democratic Party if they change their name could change it to something like the Democratic Socialist Party. If the DNC and Clinton Campaign didn't engage in massive fraud Bernie Sanders, a self described democratic socialist would have been the democrats nominee in 2016.


The women in combat one is also interesting as I don't see many people questioning it these days. One thing that does disturb me though is efforts by the Obama administration to lower certain standards so more women can get in.

I included it as an example of the American political Left's Overton Window shifting: as reported in that article from FiveThirtyEight, Sean McElwee called himself an "Overton Window-Mover", & that commonplace acceptance of women in combat-units at the expensive of efficacy (& now mentally ill transgender people) evinces a shift in the Overton Window as many left-wing individuals drift further left.

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