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Banner Family Timeline of Events · 1:07am Jan 27th, 2019

A couple people mentioned they were interested in the short "timeline of events" that I mentioned I crafted for the latest interlude in Applejack: Marvelous. Looking at it again, I wonder if people were expecting something longer or more in depth, because it's actually not super huge or revolutionary. In any event, I figured I might as well post it for the curious.

As a side note, I know that in the MCU (or at least according to the wiki), Bruce Banner is supposed to be in his mid-40's but I couldn't justify that age with the younger, less experienced and mature Jennifer. I wanted Banner to be older, but not THAT much older. Plus, I don't think his age has ever ACTUALLY been stated in canon? I'm legitimately unsure how the MCU wiki got his age. So for the purposes of this story, he's been de-aged about 10 years.

1976 - Robert Bruce Banner is born to Doctor Brian Banner and Rebecca Walters-Banner (William Walters’ sister). Doctor Brian Banner is a military scientist working for a (secretly HYDRA-funded) initiative, attempting to independently recreate the super soldier serum. To date, none of his efforts have borne fruit.

1982 - Rebecca Walters-Banner dies of Leukemia. Brian Banner takes to drinking heavily and begins abusing Bruce Banner physically. Bruce was 6.

1985 - After nearly 10 years of no results, the military initiative that Doctor Brian Banner was working for shuts down, and all researchers laid off. Brian Banner, in a fit of madness, steals the last remaining sample of their dud serum and attacks his son, injecting him with the serum. There is seemingly no effect. Crushed by this final failure, Brian Banner sinks into a deep depression, drinking heavily and barely managing to land a job as a public high school chemistry teacher, where he will work for the rest of his days. He also continues to physically beat his son when he sinks particularly far into the bottle. Bruce Banner represses his memory of the event. Bruce is 9.

1986 - Jennifer Walters is born to William Morris Walters and Elaine Smith-Walters. Bruce is 10.

1990 - Jen Walters is diagnosed with Leukemia. She undergoes chemotherapy and is treated, but the chemotherapy has lasting, deleterious effects upon her young, fragile body. Jen has difficulty eating and keeping down food, has trouble engaging in extended physical activity, and is relegated to her house for the next five to six years, and is homeschooled by her mother. Bruce spends a lot of time at the Walters’ house, keeping Jen company and also trying to escape his father’s increasingly erratic and violent behavior. Bruce is 14-20. Jen is 4-10.

1996 - Jen’s Leukemia comes back. Given how she responded to chemotherapy previously, the doctors are reluctant to give her chemotherapy again. Instead, they recommend a bone marrow transplant. Bruce is the only relative who matches, and he offers her his bone marrow. The treatment takes and Jen starts to get better, but Jen’s growth has been stunted by years of sickliness, malnutrition, and lack of exercise. Nevertheless, it is now Bruce’s blood, and the faulty serum that his father injected him with, that runs through Jen’s veins. Bruce is 20. Jen is 10.

1997 - Bruce Banner finally goes off to college after working in menial jobs for several years after graduating high school to both raise money and stay close to Jen. Now that Jen is doing better, he feels able to go off to college. While he is at college, though, the two maintain frequent correspondence. Bruce is 21, Jen is 11.

1997 - Jen enters middle school, going to an actual public school for the first time. She is bullied for her small size, and the fact that she basically doesn’t seem to go through puberty at all. Jen is 11.

2000 - Bruce Banner has graduated from college a year early, having double majored in both physics and pre-med. He’s working super hard and he’s already nearly gotten two of his seven phd’s. Bruce is 24

2002 - Bruce Banner is featured on magazine covers and is occasionally interviewed by local television and radio stations. He’s started focusing on gamma radiation, and its sometimes-anomalous effects upon biological tissues. He becomes known as one of the foremost minds in regards to Gamma Radiation. He’s gotten five of his seven phd’s now, and he’s working like crazy. He’s scouted out by General Ross around this time, after having met Betty Ross in school. Bruce thinks he’s going to be working on using Gamma radiation to cure cancer, promote human resistance to other forms of radiation, and more. Bruce is 26.

2004 - Jen graduates valedictorian from high school. Bruce attends the graduation and tells Jen that what he’s working on is classified, but he’s very excited about it, and it’s going to “help save the world, someday.” Jen is 18

2004 - Not long after Jen graduates from high school, though, Bruce has an accident when he becomes too sure of his own work and tests it on himself. Injecting himself with ANOTHER faulty super-soldier serum developed by Dr. Josef Reinstein and provided to him by General Ross (who claims that Captain America was legendarily resistant to diseases, infection, and hazardous environments), he attempts to enhance his resistance to diseases and radiation. Bruce becomes the Hulk for the first time, and his long-repressed rage and frustration from his treatment at the hands of his father comes to the fore. In his confusion and rage, he rampages through the facility, only stopping when he causes debris to fall from the ceiling, which collides with his lover, Betty Ross, breaking several bones. The Hulk is shocked out of his rampage and attempts to help her, but when Ross and his special forces arrive they fire on him and chase him off. Bruce is 28

2004 - After changing back into himself, Bruce Banner seeks the aid of a friend of his, Rick Jones. Rick helps him get a fake ID, get some untraceable cash, and get out of the country. Bruce manages to get away, but Rick is found out and is thrown in the supermax prison known as “The Vault.”

2004 - horrified by what her cousin has gone through, Jennifer tries to sue General Ross for his unethical experiments and for the way he’s harassing her cousin. Fails spectacularly. Decides she’s going to get a law degree so that she can stick it to people like Ross and get justice for Bruce. For the next four years, Jen’s only information about where her cousin is and that he’s even still alive comes from news reports. Jen is 18-22.

2008 - Jen graduates from college with a law degree at the top of her class. Jen is 22.

2008 - Bruce “breaks Harlem” (Events of “The Incredible Hulk”). Bruce is 32

2008 - Jen witnesses on the news and is motivated to further devote herself to tracking her long-lost cousin down. She joins SHIELD as a legal specialist to keep better tabs on him. For the next four years, Nick Fury, knowing the relationship between Jen and the Hulk and being a (mostly) decent guy deep down, allows Jen to know what’s going on with Bruce via SHIELD surveillance reports, as long as she keeps them confidential. Jen is 22-26.

2012 - Jen and Bruce are reunited during the events of The Avengers. Bruce is 36, Jen is 26.

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Comments ( 6 )

Cool. Thanks for sharing this. :moustache:

Bruce thinks he’s going to be working on using Gamma radiation to cure cancer, promote human resistance to other forms of radiation, and more.

Oh, you poor, sweet summer soul...

Thanks for the breakdown.

Thank you very much for this!

I'm guessing the wiki based Bruce's age on Edward Norton's age, but that doesn't mean the character has to be that old. I think there's room to tweak the character's age if it fits your story's timeline better.

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