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A brony who's got a Master's in Physics.

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  • 27 weeks
    New chapter

    New chapter is up. Go read it. :)

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  • 66 weeks

    go read it

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  • 67 weeks
    Chapter soon

    Hey y'all!

    I've got my new chapter written. I think I'll be putting it up soon. Right now one of my usual editors is in the middle of something, so it may lack one layer of polish. (also i'm rusty as fuck)

    Hopefully you all enjoy it.


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  • 69 weeks

    So every time i make a post letting people know I'm not dead I FUCKING VANISH.

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  • 97 weeks
    So just when I'm getting back into writing...

    Hey guys,

    So, to be candid, my dad died. Gonna put a halt on my writing. It's extra weird because I was originally planning on writing in something involving the death of Guilty's father, but now that isn't going to happen. For terribly obvious reasons.

    Anyways, writing this story is really important to me, so I'm gonna try to get back once I'm feeling less awful.


    5 comments · 204 views

ONCE AGAIN · 10:17pm Jan 25th, 2019

So every time i make a post letting people know I'm not dead I FUCKING VANISH.

So once again, I'M WORKING ON THAT NEW CHAPTER. I'm going to try and really follow through. I'm settled in my new place, I'm employed, I have a mortgage and shit. It's hard to find time to create when i want to get home and play Warframe for 6 hours and then sleep. Part of the problem is that I only have word on my laptop, which is almost never not in my backpack. I haven't made the effort to try and learn a new word processor. I'll probably switch to google docs or something after this next chapter is written.

AND BY FUCKING LUNA IT WILL BE WRITTEN. I refuse to let this fic die. Guilty means a lot to me, and he will reach the end of his story if it kills me.

Which it probably won't...

Anyways, thanks for all the kind messages and comments. Never be afraid to reach out to me, I love interacting with with you guys.


Report Disco Knight · 481 views · Story: An Escort's Journal · #Not Dead
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Comments ( 15 )

woot not dead report

Glad you're still keeping things together. :)

Taking bets on if disco will pay off his mortgage before finishing this fic :trollestia:

Think you've got the odds on that bet...

awesome to hear you still care about this fic! it's a great piece of work and I know future chapters will be as well.

I dunno man, Warframe is a pretty good way to stay distracted.

Oh snap! If you play on PC, you should hit me up in Warframe some time. We'll murder things together, and I can show off what a scrub I am (player name: Khareesa).

As for the fic, I'm glad to hear you're still writing, dood. There are a lot of stories on this site that I lose interest in if they don't update for so long, but this one is worth waiting for. Whenever you're ready to post something, I'll be here ready to read it.

Warframe is crack, grindy crack. I had to force myself to take a break, because it was devouring way too much of my day.

You like Warframe? Sweet!

Good to hear!

Great to hear from ya, dude. Your story is one of my all-time favorites on here, so I'm glad to see your still thinking about it even with everything else going on in your life. Take your time, I have no doubt it will be worth the wait. Cheers!

Good to see you back. :twilightsmile:

I'll probably switch to google docs or something after this next chapter is written.

If you want an offline program try Libre Office. It’s free. open source software, so you can run it on as many computers as you want. For basic word processing it’s more than up to the task and switching really isn’t that difficult for anybody who has used a word processor before. That said, Google Docs is a good choice if you are intending to collaborate directly with an editor.

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