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Fan Stuff! · 7:05pm January 25th

In an unexpected twist, Sunlight is quickly gaining as much fan work as Long Road to Friendship. You guys really like your vampires, don't you?

Wubcake, responsible for the audio reading of Sunlight, and her friend Remember Falling have put out a new song dedicated to the story!

I love it! Just wanted to give it a signal boost! Wubcake also drew this:

(I think she might like my story.)

That's all for now. See you guys later!

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Comments ( 11 )

Vampire Sunset is best Sunset, which is why Vampire Sunset is a must for my upcoming story.

Still waiting for the contunuation of Class Zero...

Maybe we're all just Twisexual.


The hell do you mean MAYBE?

Is it really that surprising? Vampires tend to be very popular in any form of media no matter where you put or use them. Its only natural for people to be attracted to them.

Well, it is an excellent story filled with dread, dark and light romance, atmosphere, and really well paced. Very nice fan stuff here.

whAt was the other song made for the story?

You guys really like your vampires, don't you?

Well these ARE the folks who wondered if the name "Twilight Sparkle" was a reference... :ajbemused:

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