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I Am His Queen, Chapter 10: Time · 1:09pm Jan 24th, 2019

Many things are being set in motion, all at the same time and all with different consequences. An old changeling learns something he almost can't believe. A queen struggles to stay awake. A council comes to a decision. And underlying it all, a conflict is rising on the horizon, unknown to any. It's Time. It's time for the finale.

This is going to be interesting! I tried my best, but this chapter was very difficult. I had always planned on Celestia having Changeling magic in her, but her entirely shifting was something that happened naturally in my writing. I don't know if it entirely fits perfectly within the scheme of the story, but you all can be the judge of that!

College is in full swing. I work full-time for no pay right now, because that's what internships are babey! AKA, it's miserable. I love the job (teaching) but I am so tired right now. I wake up at 5:30 every morning. It's awful. But as you can tell, it's difficult for me to find time to write anymore. I really am in a writing mood right now, though, so maybe I'll be able to churn out a few more chapters of things soon :)

We are definitely in the end game now. I'm thinking maybe 3 more chapters and then an epilogue. It might be 2/Epilogue instead, though. I can't wait to be done this fiction. I'm very proud of it so far, and I hope it satisfies everyone. If I finish all of my WIPs and still want to experiment with this story, I might write some drabbles about the Queen's hatchmates, because I love these characters so much. You may have that to look forward to!

Comments make the fics go faster, as always. If you want a certain fic to get done, shoot me a comment and I'll respond with some progress! Enjoy the chapter!

- Rice

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I plan to! I'm actually almost done the next chapter of Absentia. I'm supposed to be cleaning my room and apartment before everyone returns from winter break though... Woops.

Pretty messy! I've got the piles of clothes everywhere from when I gave up. :P

Oh, I see. How long until they arrive?

Tomorrow! Got more done, thankfully!

well that's good. It look more presentable now?

Definitely. And then my roommate put everything on the nice clean floor! (It's okay though, with classes starting and everything)

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