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Who needs sleep when you've been dead inside for years? :)

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    I Wrote a Buttload of Side Stories...

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    I actually got really emotional. The past 10 years of my life have been kinda defined to a degree by these movies.

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It's not a full chapter... · 4:12am Jan 24th, 2019

...But I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Comments ( 12 )

And then just like JohnTron, dusty immediately disappeared after making a few chapters of higher production value outside their original range of genera of fics. Legend has it that he will return with one final fic about the ponies using Flex Tape, before vanishing into the ether forevermore. :pinkiecrazy:

Ah crap


>Woop woop woop woop...

Nope, no-nope nope noooooooope


You do realize that the 'new chapter has been published yet, right?

Always excited to see a new chapter.

Oh, thank you. :raritystarry: I guess I'm not going to sleep just yet. :twilightsmile:

Speaking of which, you know those EU Copyright Directives you were panicking about a few months ago? Yeah, they're dead in the water, as they should be.


I actually referenced that in the author's notes of the chapter in question. It's kinda the whole reason the chapter exists in the first place. I was ready to give up before the good news.

I'll be making a blog about it shortly.

Welcome back Dusty. I've missed you.
(Finally I can start begging for more A:TaRO :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:)

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