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  • 29 weeks
    New-year update!

    Yo! We've hit New year! Yay!

    'Tis the first year of the third decade of the first century of the third millennium! Is that cool or what!

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  • 42 weeks
    Story status update: "Spy", chapter 8! Right before MLP:FIM's anniversary!

    My apologies...

    It has been 7 months since "The Spy" has last updated... It has been 7 months since March...

    It's October, right? And... ten years ago!.. ponies first aired! Yay :yay:!

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  • 66 weeks
    So. A major update on life. Plus "Daring Do...", ch. 8, is up!

    Nope, I've not been struck by the virus (cough, COVID-19, cough) and hopefully shall not be.

    The quarantine is not a burden: I don't go to places much. It appears, it will be over soon. Hopefully very soon. But probably not so soon.

    Despite how much time I have now... not much energy is in me... I could hardly bring myself to write...

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  • 73 weeks
    Story status update: "Spy", chapter 7!

    I hope, I am not late :twilightsheepish:. Literature is... hard...

    Well, the moment has passed. Back to work!

    Here is the seventh chapter of "The tale of the Spy". Have you been waiting? Your wait is officially over! Now -- proceed!

    Next update: Daring Do :rainbowdetermined2:!

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  • 78 weeks
    "Daring Do...": seventh chapter up!

    An update is finally here!!! An update we've all been waiting for!..

    Although there could have been more words... Eh.

    But it'll be worth it! Do read it, please! Even if just for the comedy's sake...

    Things are going south! You may be suffering from anticipation!.. I hope...

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Story waiting for approval... again? Cursed be tiny formatting issues! · 6:50pm Jan 23rd, 2019

So, apparently, they didn't like my hyphens out there...


No, seriously, curse you, you bureaucrats, for failing my submission because of a tiny formatting issue!!! Uh... May you all ch-change for the best, why shan't you?..

As for me, I reviewed my story and tried to reformat it as best, as could be. Honestly, all hyphens (by which I mean the dash substitutions) are reorganised, so they, hopefully, won't appear in any more inappropriate places. Also quotation marks are inserted (properly, I hope...).

May the submission succeed!

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