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Profane Nectar 2: Cursed Wine · 3:15am Jan 16th, 2019

My thanks to everyone who chimed in on how not to make a cup of tea. The fruit of your efforts is now imbibable. But before you do, have a sample of what I couldn't fit into either the description or the story itself. Consider it a sort of teaser trailer:

Attempting to generalize magic rarely ends well, for magic is applied chaos, a refutation of normal physical laws and the application of preferred alternatives. However, one trend that emerges from that chaos is the figurative made literal. On the Discworld, for example, there really is a place where the sun doesn't shine, a canyon so deep that light, rendered into a sort of luminous syrup by that strange world's magical field, cannot reach the bottom in all the hours between sunrise and sunset.

Similarly, in Equestria, there is a house divided. Specifically divided between two roommates in color scheme, architecture, aesthetics, and virtually everything else. Conventional, proverbial logic says that this state of affairs cannot stand. Normally, it is wrong, for Equestria is a land of harmony where disparate parts naturally come together to form a greater whole.

This principle works best when the roommates are speaking to one another.

Now on Fimfiction: The Things Vinyl Drinks.
With apologies to SS&E.

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When I saw the title, I thought you were announcing a sequel/second chapter where Vinyl deliberately drinks a glass of wine in the most "wrong" way possible. That said, I enjoyed the deleted scene.

I'm totally jacking part of this for Starswirl's notes on magic.

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