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    1. What is your first name?

    2. How old are you?

    3. What country are you from?

    4. What do you look like?
    Well, I have shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, and I'm slim I suppose.

    5. What do you wish you looked like?

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Twience -Story Guide · 6:36am Jan 12th, 2019

Here is my Story Timeline!

(Lastly Updated: 7-20-20)

-As I write more stories, this will be helpful so you won't be confused about which stories are connected with which. It can be confusing as I only write about Sunset. Haha... I think I have an obsession...
-Anyways, stories marked: Timeline, are stories that have sequels. Separate timelines are NOT connected. Stories marked: OneShots are stories that aren't connected in anyway whatsoever!
-Okay so, have fun exploring!

'SciSet' Love is Forever Timeline:
Loving Doubts (Human x Human, In Spring)
We've Come a Long Way (Human x Human, In Summer )
The Good Comes With The Bad (Human x Human, Late Summer)
The End! :)

'SciSet' Growing Pains Timeline:
A Reminder Of Hope (Human x Human, In Fall)
Oh Stars Above (Confirmed sequel; have yet to start)

LEGACY Timeline: (ON HOLD!)
My Fate (Sunset Shimmer)
My Destiny (SciTwi)
My Hope (Pinkie Pie)
My Purpose (Applejack)
My Dream (Rarity)
My Choice (Rainbow Dash)
My Fantasy (Fluttershy)
My Way (Twilight Sparkle)

Regular Stories, W/ No Shipping
Enchanting (Alternate Reality, before Twilight was born)
Tiara's To Riches (coming next)
From Every Hateful Glare (collab, undecided)

SciSet OneShots/Stories:
A Love Like No Other (Edited, Before Camp Everfree)
Lock & Key (Occurs currently after: The Rollercoaster Of Friendship)
Dearest Of Desires (Human x Human, Pride Month Story)
Spices Of Love (Adult life, sick, one shot)
You're Still The One (unconfirmed...)

'SunPie' Chronicals:
Once Upon a Heartbeat (Senior Year)
You Make My Heart Sing (Sequel, Adulthood)
Sequel #1 (not named yet)
Sequel #2 (not named yet)

SunPie OneShots/Stories:
Perfection Impressions (unconfirmed)

SunFlash OneShots:
Hearts On Strings (In progress)

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Your link to "Loving Doubts" links to "The Good Comes With The Bad" instead.

Omg thank you! I fixed it right away.

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