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Here to comment on and draw fanart of some fics I like!

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    feel the violence in the wind

    let it push you, but keep your bearings
    until the moment your actions actually matter, then use it's momentum as your own, and guide it in the direction you choose

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    I used to be more than this.

    I used to feel things so strongly

    I used to truly believe in causes and fight for them

    I need to figure out how to reignite myself, to scatter the shadows from every darkened corner of my heart.

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    Writing isn't really my passion

    I'm more of a visual storyteller, y'know? I like to draw stuff, and I think I'm pretty good at conveying emotions through character's expressions and body language and junk.

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    I commissioned a Twilight and Pinkie story

    "Make it about season 1 twilight, with her sarcastic, no-nonsense attitude still learning to deal with Pinkie's Pinkieness!" I said.

    "Have their personalities and world views clash in funny ways!", I said.

    I got all that humor and nostalgia that I wanted...

    ...as well as some other stuff in addition! I'm not quite sure how the site will react to this once they post the story.


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    Happy Birfday to the Infamous Aragon!!

    its a depiction of the "snooping cloud" scene from his fic "In Hindsight"

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Writing isn't really my passion · 10:07pm Jan 11th, 2019

I'm more of a visual storyteller, y'know? I like to draw stuff, and I think I'm pretty good at conveying emotions through character's expressions and body language and junk.

But when it comes to writing dialogue I tend to fall flat (I still think thats the main reason my CYOA Adagio project didn't really take off: it was a very dialogue-heavy story). And I guess that's something I could take a creative writing class on? But between work and finishing up my rotations I kinda don't have the mental energy leftover for it.

So instead I've been comissioning several writers throughout fimfiction to write stories based on prompts that will have the character archetypes I want interacting in situations with the kind of mood/dynamc I want. I plan on mining these stories for clever jokes/dialogue, to use for my animated projects! So far only Jaxie's is complete but several more are on their way.

Now, I realize some of you might say "Cruise, you can't just take a joke out of the story that makes up its context and expect it to still be funny!"...

Anyway soon I'll be able to afford some professional musicians and voice actresses. If you've been following me since my first animation you'll remember Vero, he voiced Bonbon and Lyra. But that was literally five years ago and he's been taking his hormone therapy so his voice is... well, deeper than mine now. I'm happy for him, but damn. He was a lot of fun to work with, but now I gotta find someone who can voice female characters. This site is looking promising: https://voicebunny.com/#/

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I did recently open up oneshot commissions... if you're at all interested in keeping me fed...

Hey, its my old friend Masterweaver! Haven't seen you on tumblr lately, did you get culled in the big nsfw-inquisition?

Hm, on your patreon it says you're doing 30 dollars for 2k words, right?

Well, here's the kinda stuff I've been asking for lately:
Prompt 1:

-Season 1 Twilight and Pinkie
-have their old dynamic of Twilight being kind of a sarcastic elitist who doesn't understand Pinkie and is frustrated by her but still values their friendship. Doesn't matter what they're doing as long as they have that dynamic.
-Please watch Feeling Pinkie Keen for reference

Prompt 2:

-Reasonable (but easily swayed) Fluttershy and brash, reckless Rainbow Dash
-Have Dash concoct a stupid plan involving the weather somehow, and try to convince Fluttershy to go along with it.

Prompt 3:

-Write a character analysis about something one of the mane 6 is passonate about and how this passion might be taken too far if they get obsessed with it.
-Repeatable, if you have ideas for multiple of the mane 6.

For prompts 1 and 2 I'd like something heavy on jokes and dialogue (For prompt 3 I guess you could add little notes at certain points of your description saying how someone might make a joke about it? Idk.)

Do these sound like prompts you could turn your talents towards?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...

Could we move this conversation to PMs maybe?

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