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Returning to Fimfiction · 4:52am Jan 9th, 2019

I know it's long overdo, but I want to make it official. I'm returning to Fimfiction and I plan on resuming all of my fanficts. Granted I can't just update them all once a week like I used too, but I will make sure to have one updated a week for all the people that still want to read them. I will also be working on a new project to show that I haven't stopped caring about this Fandom. Just it took me a long while to realize, while yes, these "pony" words don't necessarily help me as a writer, they do help me grow in other ways, and I want to show I have something to give to this fandom, this verse that has given me such hope in my own life.

Report Nailah · 222 views · Story: Magic and Games. · #MLP
Comments ( 11 )

Welcome back! :twilightsmile: I'm glad to see a skilled writer returning to the keyboard.

Ah! A beautiful return! How do you feel about coming back? :pinkiehappy:

welcome friend i'm glad

Oh I'm sure I'm not that skilled, but I try my best to put out good quality. Grammar is probably my biggest weakness, but thank you!

I feel like why did it take me so long to decide this? I kept waiting for motivation to hit me, but with my real life struggles, that might not happen for quite some time, and I don't want to let any of you down. Writing has always helped me feel better, and I really enjoy how writing pony words gives me my two favorite things together. This fandom means so much to me. Glad to be back.

Don't sell yourself short; you didn't get 130 followers by being a bad writer. :derpytongue2: But I'm just glad to see you back. As far as I'm concerned, the most important thing a writer can have is passion, followed by creativeness. Grammar and all that are important, yes, but you can get help with those post writing. But no one can build the story but you.

Whenever I want motivation, I read someone else's fic, or listen to pony music :pinkiehappy:

Welcome back! As you already know, I'm glad to hear you have returned and will continue to write. I wish you well in these future endeavors!

Hey welcome back also we lost two fimfiction people as well I forget their names

Also does anyone have any good fics you want me to read

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