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writing ama · 1:26am Jan 7th, 2019

sorry for the lack of actual story updates manifesting! being busy and also 'writing-but-not-posting' because of the nature of the update means things are kinda slow, even if stuff's getting done. since there's nearly 600(!) of you watching me but not quite (i'll do something blog-wise for that then for sure) i figured i would do an ama anyway.

ask me about writing! writing process, writing tips, writing ships! just don't ask for spoilers for any stories. i will try and answer the best i can! you can ask detailed stuff too, like 'how do i write a trans/ace/genderless/sombrasombrasombra character well?' or some other thing you think i might be able to answer. just try and be nice, and i will answer nicely. if not, i will post sassy reaction images from my derpi folder to taunt you passive-aggressively. bewarb.

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Well, since you suggested it... how would you write a trans character well?

And, when you write villainous characters like Sombra (Or in general, really, but I think villains are an especially interesting topic for this one), how important is it to you that they remain consistent with their depiction in the show? Is it alright for them to deviate dramatically, as long as they remain consistent within the confines of the specific story, or is it a weakness of a Sombra story if Story Sombra doesn't feel like Canon Sombra?

What would be your least favorite genre to write?

Out of the ones I have tried? Comedy or slice of life. Human and anthro also aren't especially interesting, but they're more of features than genres themselves. Comedy can be hard because I like funny bits in a story rather than all funny things. I'm also more a fan of character-based, dry, and surreal humor. Some of these don't distill into pure comedy stories especially well because they can often come across as too mean. It's also hard to think of an idea that can really be pulled into a full story full of funny. Something about the genre just doesn't go well with how I write.

Slice of life I don't mind when I get to combine it with another genre, like romance. I just don't feel I do it well on its own without something sliding into boredom/feeling lack lustre and carrying my writing over to the genre in a way that works as well as I would like.
It depends on the villain. Sombra has his show portrayal unless you use the comics. Chryssibug, the Dazzlings, and some of the other baddies have enough of a concrete being that you have less wiggle room in certain areas. If you are introducing the villain at first, unless you're trying to lead along a mystery or something, it's best to have that canon tie-in somewhere and have an acknowledgement of their canon history somewhere in the story. Of course, that doesn't mean that they can't grow or deviate - it's more fun that way! When writing about a baddie in a setting where they're different from their canon appearance, I find a few things are helpful. The first is to address that character growth happened, first and foremost. The second is to maybe offer a bit of a recap or consider a bit of gentle exposition. The third is so have discovery present in the story, so the readers can see through the character about how they act and the things that surround them to experience those differences. When the character begins to deviate, it's best to incorporate how they were in canon as a part of their arc or history rather than their identity at that point, even if it was all you had to spring things into prose at first.

Those are what tends to work for me, but there's certainly more things you could try.

Also heck I forgot the trans question; will edit this when Iā€™m not busy on how

Was deliberating for a bit whether to bug you about that one or not :twilightsheepish:

That's a really good answer to the other one, though! :twilightsmile:

thank you! And yeah, I'm just forgetful.

I would say that the first rule of trans characters in writing is Never Use Wikihow.

That aside, I'm going to assume that the trans character is probably appearing stealth at the start of the story and that no one knows anything. (So, if they can pass as whatever they identify as, they probably have been through hormones.) Unless they are a they/them character or another NB identity, they probably won't be recognized for being trans or have to correct pronouns and such.

I think the best thing to do is to work backwards. There's an authentic spectrum of habits that trans people have that cis people usually don't. You don't have to give a long dysphoria/coming out/whole timeline with a trans character but knowing ahead of time that yes, my character is trans and building up things a bit in notes (especially if you normally don't write any) can help someone (who may be unfamiliar with trans people) lay things out before them and feel more confident in knowing their character. Assuming the character is human/EqG (trans horses would complicate things A LOT and they would likely end up being more recognizable*) writing something out would be if they bind (ftm) or how good they are at shaving their legs (mtf) because clothes are quite important (especially if you want to avoid a lot of less-welcome stereotypes). So a translady might wear stockings or a long dress/socks if she doesn't shave very well. A transguy might not want to be touched on the shoulder if they wear a binder.

(*Ponies don't normally wear clothes, their builds are super notable, who is to say they don't have other characteristics distinct to their sex like most animals, etc.)

Essentially, understanding some habits and routines your character might have will help familiarize you with them and put them in your writing. Otherwise, your character is a normal person and can act in any way, believe anything, and do pretty much anything else another character can. They're just going to have some different reactions to things based on who they are.

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