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Write a Script, Get it Read by Voice Actors at EFNW! · 1:53am January 4th

Hi, folks!

In case you haven't heard, you can write an episode script and get it read by the professional voice actors from the show at Everfree Northwest this year! You'll even get script notes from show writer Nicole Dubuc!

You can find the entry form and rules here!

This is a marvelous opportunity, and I highly recommend you take advantage of it. I'm incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to write scripts for Ponyville Ciderfest and Whinny City, and I'm so happy to hear that EFNW is giving someone else the opportunity as well.

The due date is January 15th, so you've got a couple weekends to work on it. Best of luck!


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Comments ( 6 )

But what I'd we have scripts but we can't go?

There's only going to be one winner. If you end up winning, well, hopefully you can find a way to make it.

Author Interviewer

>must include the student six

Well, fuck that.

I mean, their voice actors *will* be there. It'd be a shame to not use what you got. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Sour grapes, I can't get to EFNW anyway. :C

But I mean, my episode script has nothing to do with the current show. ._.

Wow, I can't wait to see what comes from this.

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