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Last Sunset Update 2 and FimFiction · 8:02pm Jan 3rd, 2019

I'm currently looking for an Artist to do the cover art for Last Sunset, as well as fixing the publishing date for the story (my bad). Also, the next chapter should be out soon. The entire month of December always made me depressed and lethargic, but now that it's over. I should be getting back into a routine!

As for the delay in November?

264 pages worth of written material for a True Virtual Reality MMO RPG for my English Major. Why I would write this you may ask? Or better yet! Why would my Prof ask me to write this? Well, let me enlighten you!

We were studying the nuances of a Dystopian/Utopian society in modern literature and were asked to write an Essay detailing our own hypothetical civilization, and how people survive/live in it. I went the "Ready Player One" and "Nier Automata" route where people would rather live in a Virtual World than the real one. The difference, however, has to do with how Androids/Robots are used in my world, as they are the ones running shit the in background.

I had a stroke of genius!

The people in VR control the Robots/Androids in the real world from their pods and keep society going! Of course, most people don't realize what's going on and think it's just a game because of how ugly and destroyed the world is. Or how Androids change how players see the world. So players make robots to clean up and recycle the garbage in the real world for In VR Currency, Players use androids to fight real-world wars. Players use robots to race cars through nuclear-destroyed cities, Etcetera. And all from the safety of a pod in the Mega Apartments located on the Moon!

I know. You may bow down to me for my originality. No, really, don't hurt yourself while basking in my presence. I really am that amazing.

So, yeah, I was busy. *cough* 99.8% for my essay *cough* suck it *cough*

I'll be dedicating my time to Last Sunset now, and who knows? Maybe I'll use my essay as a basis for a new story later down the line. Not for a while though. I want to polish it some more.

Anyway. Happy New Years and all that "Jazz"

Love, Winter

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Happy new years!!!! *adds extra jazz*

Damn. Das gud.

Seriously though, I neeeeeeeed to read that

Which one? I'm probably going to use Wattpad or a Dojinshi Light Novel Website to post Other World: Earth. That's what I'm calling it. It really fits, doesn't it?

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