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Happy New Year · 5:01am Jan 1st, 2019

Welp, 2018 is now done. And it was a good year. Be prepared because this is a long one.

Regarding movies, I saw Deadpool 2 (which I made a blog about), I saw Infinity War in Florida (great movie, wish I saw it in theaters), I saw Venom a few weeks ago (a good movie in my opinion), and I saw Into The Spiderverse 2 weeks ago and anyone can guess what I thought of it if you didn't see my blog.

Regarding games, quite a bit happened. I got all the DMC games this year (at least the current ones) and played them all and I really like them. So much so that I made a new Displaced story, The Devil's Deal. And a lot of people seem to like it so far. I'll talk more about that in a bit. Also got a PlayStation 3 in March and I took advantage of that by getting several games, including the original inFAMOUS games, all 4 Sly Cooper games, the main 3 God Of War games (before the latest one came out), and the original Ratchet & Clank trilogy. Regarding inFAMOUS, they're very fun. And gave me some ideas for Conduits in my stories (thank you Way for letting me be able to do that). My only complaint is it's rather hard to travel compared to Second Son. For Sly Cooper, I always was a fan of those games ever since I had the first one when I was four. Being able to play them again after 15 years is great. Even completed the first game in just a few days. And got halfway through the other 3 games before I had to stop. Great games. Though can't do a Displaced on them due to some minor issues I'd need to get pass. Regarding God Of War, they're all very fun. Especially the latest game (played and beat it while I was in Florida). Even tempted to make my own Kratos Displaced, with some things different than what most would do. We'll see if I can get that done in 2019. Finally, Ratchet and Clank. Wow. Those games are awesome. I just love them. Imma try to get the rest of the games for my PS3 as soon as I can. After I get a new controller. It's another series I enjoy that I won't make a Displaced for, mostly because I know I won't be able to do it justice at all.

Speaking of games, I got a PS4 for Christmas, as I said in my last blog. And with it, I was also given Mega-Man 11. Which is very fun. And makes me wanna do a Displaced on him. Hopefully I can get that done. And a few days later, I used one of the gift cards I got for Christmas to get myself some more games. Spider-Man and Assassin's Creed: Origins. They are very fun. AC:O took some getting used to due to the changes, but I got the hang of it now. Do miss the mini map though. As for Spider-Man, what do you think I'll say? It's fun and awesome. Took some getting used to since I played Amazing Spiderman 2 the day before I got it and the controls are very different. Still fun though. Especially with the hero/menace meter not being a thing. That thing was the most annoying part of AS2 in my opinion. The game is giving a few ideas to help with the fight scenes in SiE. No idea what game I'll try to get next for my PS4, but it'll be a while til I get something like Odyssey.

Now to talk about my stories. I believe I did good on my resolution. I made and posted 10 chapters of SiE, only 2 of TFATH (very sorry), and made a new story and got 4 chapters on it. So 16 chapters overall for 2018. Haven't been that productive since the first 3 months of SiE. Thanks again to all my friends who helped with those chapters. Very happy I finally posted a very important chapter for SiE. A chapter I planned ever since late 2016.

Now regarding progress. Still haven't started chapter 10 of TFATH. We need to figure out what happens in it first. Chapter 5 of TDD is started, but on hiatus til I figure something out. And chapter 36 of SiE is halfway done.

Hope you all had a good year. Until next time.

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Have a happy new year!!!

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