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"I'm in love with places I've never been to and ponies I've never met." - Melody Truong (Paraphrased.)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! · 12:02am January 1st

Fuck you 2018, it's 2019 now! Here's to a better year!!!

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Comments ( 9 )

Haha happy new year, friend!

Already wished it to you but I'm doing at again :3

Happy New Year to you as well!

Haha! Nothing wrong with that. Plus it is 2019 now and wasn't then! So it's legitimately Happy New Year!

Where you are at least. Got 3 more hours here

Nah it's still awhile to go where I am. But I count it the new year as soon as Elizabeth Tower in UTC+0 rings.

Ah.....any reasonin particular?

Because it's at UTC+0 so it's the second best one to use (after the International date line. But no one lives on the international date line - that's the point!) And because I'm an anglophile. :rainbowlaugh: Also because it allows me to celebrate the New Year without staying up to midnight! :rainbowlaugh:

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