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Bronycon 2018 Reflections Part 5: Monday and Final Thoughts · 3:58pm Dec 31st, 2018

Part 5: Monday and Final Thoughts

I checked out of the hotel around 7:45 AM and walked to the Convention Center light rail stop. It was sad to see the Convention Center so empty now. The only evidence of Bronycon were the two banners outside the building. I bought a one-way ticket at the light rail stop and waited what seemed like forever for the Penn-Camden shuttle train. There were no Bronies in sight and the overcast sky just added to the gloominess. The party was over and now I was on my way home. I arrived at Baltimore Penn Station around 9:10 or so. The train back to NYC was delayed by an hour. I had breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts and bought a word search and pens from a newstand while I waited for the train. I arrived in New York around 1:15 or 1:30. I had lunch at a Wendy’s on 14th street and then went to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to take the bus back to NEPA. And so ends the story of my Bronycon 2018 trip.

Highlights of the Convention for me:

-being among my fellow bronies

-the fun panels with the writers and Peter New


-Not going to any panels on Sunday

-Not making any new friends

What I learned

-The writers and Voice Actors are pretty nice and have a great sense of humor

-Larson really will sign anything.

-My social skills suck

Shoutout to son_of_heaven176 for inspiring me to make this series of blog posts and for commenting. Thank you for the kind words you have said to me. You can read his blog here.

Hopefully I should be able to go to the last Bronycon next year. Let's make it a great one!

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Thanks for the shout-out. Perhaps we'll meet in person at BronyCon 2019.

Happy New Year!

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