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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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One Little Slip: The Ends Do Not Justify The Means · 7:06am Dec 31st, 2018

Hello Everypony!

I'm so grateful to you all for stopping by and reading this blog!

One Little Slip has become bigger in two days than most of my stories have in two weeks XD So thank you guys for that!

This story was actually kind of personal to me in a weird way. As an ABDL Mommy, I want my little ones to have the best experience when they play with me. So over the years, I have considered several options, hypnosis being one of them. I have never actually used it, but I liked the idea so much that Mesma was created. Mesma, however, is a pretty dark character if you think about it, for forcing some pony to be something their not, and that's the opposite of what being an Adult Baby is about. That world is all about consent, and I think her total disregard of that is what makes her a villainess here.

She has reasons for it of course, but we'll get to that later in the story.

Mesma was actually created as a sort of antithesis, a nightmare version if you will, of my personal OC Platinum Sparkle. In many ways, they are alike. Tragic pasts, maternal instincts, lovers of all things Adult Foal. But the biggest difference between them is how they use that love. Platinum strives to use it to be selfless, to better the lives of other ponies through it. Mesma, on the other hand, uses it for her own selfish gain. She does not care who she steps on to get what she wants.

The tragic part? Platinum is my ponysona, and she embodies the parts of myself I love. If Mesma is her darker counterpart, than her darker qualities are basically an extension of my own. The difference being that I wouldn't actually act on them. But the fact that they are there, lurking beneath the surface and waiting to be acknowledged, is enough to make me feel ashamed. I take some comfort in the knowledge that we all have a dark side, but sometimes I worry that mine is a little too deep, or too strong and that it will overwhelm me someday, and all of that good will be lost. Because one little slip can cause you to fall, and sometimes that fall means a fall from grace.

Mesma herself, at least, her backstory, is not my own. If you guys don't want story spoilers, do not read below.

Mesma grew up in Canterlot, and found her special talent pretty early on. Hypnosis was her thing, and she often used it to make her friends smile. She loved to do shows for other ponies and worked as a traveling Showpony. After one of her shows, she had a one night stand with a pony in Las Pegasus. And she became pregnant. She fell in love with the foal growing inside of her. But about five months in, she lost the baby. Delivering that tiny body, holding that lifeless little one, absolutely broke her. In some ways, it broke her mind too, warped it, until her sense of right and wrong was skewed. But one day, she found out about the Adult Foal lifestyle, and she knew that this could be what she was missing. So she opened Forever Foal to help them find themselves and each other. But it wasn't enough for her. Nothing could fill that empty space inside of her. And then one day, she realized that what she wanted was another child. She went to the doctor, who explained to her that she could not bear children. She was devastated, and felt like a failure. But then, it dawned on her not long after that that she could still be a Mother- but what foal would want her? She tried getting approved for adoption, but since she traveled, she was rejected. That was the last straw for her, and she realized pretty quickly that if she couldn't get a foal of her own, she would have to make one. And you know where that went.

Despite her obvious madness, I do believe Mesma can be redeemed. Whether that will happen yet or not, I do not know. But I do believe that no pony, or person for that matter, is beyond help. If we help each other, we may just change a life, and maybe a perspective.

That way, none of us will end up like Mesma did.

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Wow your very brave yo know about your dark side. Personally I know I have a dark side too but I’m too scared to figure out what it may be. I’m afraid that once I find out about it that I might accidentally fuel it indirectly. The more I follow you the more I personally see you as a parental figure to myself. You really are an amazing person.

That comment literally made my terrible day 1000 Times better. Thank you so much. If you ever need to talk, or need a parental figure at any point, hit up my inbox.

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