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My name is Willight Robinbine. I've been a brony for 6 years. I love the song The Place Where We Belong and the holiday special The Best Gift Ever. I'm 21 years old currently.

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Special News From Willight Alan Robinbine(No More Takers) · 9:14am Dec 30th, 2018

Hello everypony in the omniverse! This is Willight Alan Robinbine!((No More Takers! Click Read More and read the bottom of this blog for the winner.))

I'm writing this blog for 1 purpose only. If your looking at this blog in Equestria right now, send me a photo that your in Equestria right now down below in the comments. That means the photo can't be photo-shopped or being fake at all. I want real decisive evidence of that your being in Equestria right now. And If your in Equestria right now... plz take me with you. But I know the date that I want to be in Equestria, 1 week before the events of the show aired at all. That means the house that I currently live in right now is coming with me, with everything except for my other family memebers and friends. I hope you like hamburgers because I can make them very great. I'm just waiting for a book that the story is about is on this very website. I will even link the story in this blog as well right now: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/130470/hail-mary. Oh also, I'm keeping the TV/Internet with the house as well. And you have to be living in Ponyville and I know where my house is gonna be in Ponyville. That clearing where the Mane 6 had the picnic at the begining of the season 2 finale. Oh the photo can be from your google drive, if you even have a google account. If you even uploaded the photo onto there. Once I'm in Equestria, I will be turning into my real self. I will still have hands, but my feet will be hooves. My real self is an anthro. An alicorn anthro. Just look at my profile pic/avatar to what I look like. And once I get that book, I will write a reply to your comment saying that I'm ready to go. Just to that one comment that you wanted to take me to Equestria, and nopony else. The Equestria can't be a anthro one already, except for you of course. And I know what I'm gonna do when I get to Equestria. Well to a famous quote that River Song from Doctor Who keep on saying to the Doctor:


Also, the second I'm in Equestria I instantly turn into my real self. From human to alicorn anthro of Willight Robinbine. I'm still gonna write/read stories on this site in Equestria.

If your comment saying it's not real/fake... I will delete it from this blog.

I'm choosing Daylight_Dreamer as my taker and it was the very 1st comment that this blog ever got.

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Comments ( 24 )

Not sure if this is a story request, a look at this story request, or an actual request for a one way trip to the real Equestria.

I'd like to take you but I'm still researching the coordinates to make my portal opining potion.

It's not a story request. It's an actual request. Though it would be nice to see what your Equestria look like from story to real life with my own 2 eyes. I can help you and you can stay at my mansion at any time you want. It's bigger on the inside. I know what I'm gonna ask you when I meet you for real when you get that potion working. But you have to wait until I get that book. Hint: Chapter 54.

Well I chosen you as the winner, because your story universe interests me alot and I want to see it with my own 2 eyes. The one with Jerry. I know Jerry & you are one in the same. Also coordinates to my house on Earth?

Alright! What do I win?

I'm glad you like my universe. Even if it is just Equestria after season seven with a few real world issues-and substances-thrown in there.

The potion is gonna take a while. Coordinates to your place can wait.

Unless of course you live near me and wanna hang out.

Where do you live again? Also, you were the only one that we got something the same about us... like different names. William Alan Robinson is my human name and Willight Alan Robinbine is my pony name.

South eastern Minnesota.

I technically have three. Jerry Blade is a pen name.

In case you didn't catch this part. I tweaked his past too. My dad was actually a looser that bailed when I was three.

We also aren't our true selves as human. But I don't want to go back. Daylight has no thumbs.

Western South Carolina near Augusta, GA. Also how's that potion coming along? I can turn you into an anthro if you want.

It's tricky and it doesn't help that I can't seem to find any ghastly crevice moss around here for experimenting.

I appreciate the offer but, I'm actually not a huge fan of anthro for my own characters. That's why I took the time to find a way I could have both while still having to choose one or the other. -It's also important to me that my stories cannon makes sense in at least the pony world.

I think of anthro as what would have happened if I had a child with my human wife and then let it have a sip of my 'true self' potion. I did consider this but decided against it. Some anthros are pretty cool, but when I designed my character I was pretty adamant that his parents were two ponies, then two humans.

403 April Ave, New Ellenton, South Carolina, 29809. And also that's fine with me.

Chapter 54- What's my motivation?

That title is kinda a challenge. If you're a careful reader, you'll figure out Jerry's motivation by the end of it. I am Jerry and I may be single/divorced and childless but Gilda, Scootaloo, and the others represent my real friends. Slag is even loosely based on a mix between one of my best friends and my older brother.

The thing to remember is that I had no interest in doing a show at the beginning, but I was determined to at the end. Motivation makes a difference.

How's that potion coming along?

Terrible. Are there any ghastly looking crevices near you? Maybe you can find the moss I need.

Shoot, guess I'll just keep looking.

I'm getting the book next month I hope and also keep trying. I will be waiting. Also, how can I get the moss you needed that I live far away from you?

I got a question for you. Did you ever been to Equestria for real? Like did you see the ponies? I want photos if you been to Equestria before. Like a selfie photo of you and the ponies, if you ever took'n one.

Only a couple on 35mm film. I'll share them as soon as I get them developed. Can't take them to just any one hour photo.

I would love to see them when there done.

I've even made a channel on my discord server under fimfiction for those photos. See: i.imgur.com/NQxv8Sl.png

Any progress on the potion yet?

As mentioned, I'm stuck without the ghastly moss.

Btw. That link only brought me to a picture of a screen. Not that I've gotten anywhere with the pictures either.

Being broke sucks.

I know it sucks. But you have to push on. Also, I'm getting that book next month. Just try your best making that potion and if you can't make that potion then you tried.

Well, getting the book has been pushed to next month of April. Because of paying the bills on the 1st and helping my uncle with stuff. So I couldn't get the book this month like I told on the 10th of February .

Still can't wait for those photos being shared to me.

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