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Update on my Existence and Pitch for both "You can Do It Equestria Girls" and, "Fighting GOLD"! · 11:38pm Dec 29th, 2018

All right here is the thing, I recently made it past training and am getting paid one dollar more an hour. This is great. I also started again on working on "The Symphony of Canterlot" Which I still will apologize for not updating yet.

But I found out what the fuck is Black Pilled and realized that looking into it more and more Black Pilled individuals are just manic depressed men that have been chewed by their parents and society all of their lives and simply have lost all hope and hate everyone, and themselves.

That is made me realize that in the end it's hard to maintain hope in a world were Daria's detached look to society is looked upon as NORMAL now.


"You can Do It Equestria Girls"

You can Do It Equestria GIrls is about Izuku Midoriya being sucked into a wormhole created in a experiment by Principal Nezu who was trying to create teleportation. (He is one of the worlds greatest engineers.) This results in Midoriya popping into existence out of a glowing sphere in the sky overlooking a battle between the Rainboom's from EQG and a Human version of Chrysalis that through Equestrian magic has become like a BUG-Queen combining the looks of both....

The end result is that Midoriya in full Super-Suit is plunged headlong from the sky into the fight as he materialized in midair. What does he do? He 5% Detroit Smash's Chrysi!

The result is that Midoriya is stuck in EQG, and needs the Rainbooms helo to get back to his own My Hero Academia universe. With his natural nervousness around girls, can he hope to get any progress with Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer in getting back home?

"Fighting GOLD"

This story is about magic rocks, vampire gangs, and POSES! Arcanum Folklore, the most feared delinquent in Crystal Prep (and secretly their second highest graded student behind Twilight Sparkle.) Spends his days working out, studying, working out, and hanging out with his only company his lady-friend Fleur de Lis . One day he finds a rock that is embedded with Equestrian Magic that looks like a Red Polished Sunset Ruby straight from Cambodia. (That is one valuable gem.) That was in the possession of a shady looking man that was running with it clutched in his fist that then bumped into Folklore and ran-off without it.

This stone grants Folklore access to strange energies that he has difficulty understanding. He confronts a man named Pai Mei along with Fleur de Lis and he explains to Folklore that that power is the Ripple of his Chi.

Folklore then learns of bizarre murders with human sized fang scrapings with some, and others that are completely drained of blood in Canterlot City.

As such folklore decides to train under the eccentric mystic Pai Mai and declare a one man vigilante war on the infestation of vampires in the shadows of Canterlot City.

With his Ripple Folklore kills vampire after vampire, but also cripples and predominantly injures their human thralls.

This brings attention to the Rainbooms that confront and capture him thinking that he is responsible for everything including the murders.

Afterwards Sunset Shimmer reads his mind and realizes that he was trying to deal with the "vampire" problem and that he simply was too cynical to bother avoiding injuring the people that work with the new vampire gang. (That so far are just a gang but plan on taking over the whole Cantorlot City criminal underworld.)

As such the Rainbooms let Folklore go through some more convincing done by Fleur de Lis and they try to work together in stopping the plans of a vampire mastermind called.... DiO!!!

While Folklore begins to understand that doing this alone was eating away at what good he had in his heart. And realizing that Friendship (and love in the case of Fleur de Lis) is Magic.

-This version of Folklore would be partially based on both Giorno Giovanna and Joseph Joestar -

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