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Setting Sail - Goodbye · 2:19am Dec 29th, 2018

Long time since the last entry, I know. And still a longer time coming.

Thank you to the people that actually come by to read my story(ies) and to chat with me personally. Truly. You've kept me on much longer than what would have been normal. To cut to the chase, I'm wrapping up my business here on the site in terms of written fanfiction. In short, that's what this is about with a more detailed reasoning below. Also the wrap up status of Shattered Skies will be addressed.


As you may know I've been involved with a few groups on the site and the Creator's Guild with her arms as a whole. It's part that I'm burned out on the mlp content and where it's going as a show, but it's also the fandom itself. There are great people here but what is becoming more common is the lackadaisical approach to stuff we shouldn't be accepting. Case and point, the featured section on the homepage. That's part the site staff to blame and part us cause we don't challenge it. I have my own gripes with staff and how things are handled, but their house, their rules. On the other hand is we as a community, we have people that get 10 upvotes and then pretend they're horse-famous thus becoming assholes in the process. What was once a prideful thing to be a part of is now tarnished and waning. But that's a soap box rant and I'm not wasting more time on that then necessary.

Most readers are very dear to me, even people that call out bad decisions in writing, but what part leads to me not returning are the people that either think themselves clever or funny when adding my story to "dead story" folders. I don't know if authors address this, but you're that creep in the subway that smells like stale urine. We hate it, but you're too gross to approach for the fix.

Venting over

Status of Shattered Skies:
With that out of the way, I had about another 400,000 words, maybe 500,000 words, planned to properly wrap up Shattered Skies, but it's clear to me I will not make that by any means. I am sorry I was unable to complete the story and having added to the large pile of long stories left uncompleted gets at me. However, the best I can do is release what I have written currently and then write up one final long chapter explaining what the rest of the tale was along with some inputs from the world, while less fancy in terms of writing, it may provide some people with a sense of an ending. It's cheap, but there it is.

The remaining three stories I have were cancelled. Two of them were adopted and I never was able to get enough energy up to mold them into my writing style and finish. The Need to Know may receive the same compromise ending Shattered Skies will get as it was going to be 100k.

The Guild will still maintain its functions in the community for now, but as for me, I will be found on Discord giving my time to grow the gaming community we've built and are building. Most of the people here that mattered to me have gone over and we've become a little family. If you find yourself in a similar boat as anything I've stated above and seek somewhere to belong, then maybe we're a stop on your journey?

This fandom has brought me through some very dark times and like so many before me it's time that I set sail. I hope that we'll meet again at Haven, but if not I wish you all well. I'll be here to answer questions that may not be answered in the story and to do admin stuff with the Guild, I will miss you all.

Report Arctikfox · 2,129 views · Story: Shattered Skies · #goodbye
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Comments ( 59 )

Farewell oldtimer. May we see you again upon greener fields.

welp that's two years of a story turned into a meaningless investment of emotion and time. so long and good luck but also thanks for nothing.

Godspeed sir, we'll miss you here. I loved your stories for the record :twilightsmile::fluttershyouch:

Aww I will miss you sooooo much :3

Good luck on your new endeavors!



Fair winds and following seas.

Comment posted by harts fire deleted Jan 27th, 2019

I salute you and wish you luck

Wish u luck wherever u go

Sorry to see you go, and if you need me to fill any admin slots on any of the fimfiction groups you're currently adminning, let me know!

I'm sure I'll see you on discord.

--Sweetie Belle

I sincerely regret to see this. I may not have ever read your work, or really know you as an author, but it's enough that a fan of your work I'm friends with is saddened. I regret that some bad Johnny-come-lately apples have spoiled the bunch for you. I regret that I'll never get to experience your work, because your exasperation with the fandom has grown to the point that you no longer wish to finish it--and there is little point in pursuing a work that the author has chosen not to complete. Mostly, though, I regret that the bad part has tired and upset you to much that the unpleasantness of them weighs more heavily than the support and interest of those who support you and enjoy your work. Perhaps I'll end up on your Discord server; I enjoy gaming and it's worth seeing what you've built. But all that aside, I look with sadness on all the stories never told, all the opportunities strangled by circumstance, and a great deal of joy cut short by the misdeeds of the few. Best wishes.

Farwell and thank you for all your hard work and good luck with your future endeavours :twilightsmile:

I would give you a sharp military salute but I don’t know if I’m authorized but I would love for someone to flesh out the ending of your story that you are going to summarize

Another dead story.
Time to do my job.

Take care dont forget Us!

I...I was truly hoping I wouldn't see this.

I know there is nothing I can say and do to change you're mind so I see no point in trying but all I can say is thank you for at least posting you're ideas here and I wish you well for whatever the future holds. :ajsleepy:

Well... it is sad to see you go. Gonna miss seeing Shattered Skies updated. Even going to miss your Applejack wearing a fox sweatshirt profile pic every time there is a post.

For what it's worth just know many will miss you, some who know you better than others.

Enjoy your ride wherever it takes you and good luck.


So long and thanks for all the fish.

I am sorry to see you go, but I wish you best if luck in your future endeavours. May we meet again.

Always a shame to see good writers go. Hopefully you succeed in whatever endeavors you are currently doing and know that we will all miss you.

Thank you for such an amazing ride, good luck with your gaming community. Maybe I'll catch you out there.

Sad to see you go, good luck with whatever you plan to do next in life

Good luck and thanks

So long, and thanks for the stories.

Always sad to see a good author go. You have your reasons, and no one will fault that. I find it incredibly sad when a story goes unfinished, though I'm grateful you're at least giving a synopsis of what was planned(it's much more than some authors give). I've been on here since near the beginning, and I've seen many authors and excellent stories come and go. At least the memories remain, I wish you luck in your endeavors and may the dice roll ever in your favor.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into your stories. A great deal of us enjoyed your work and it is a shame to see you go. Where ever you end up me and a the others who loved your work wish you luck in your future

This is painfully bittersweet to me, to see a story that I aided to shape in a small way on the final leg of it's life.

Though I have just been a lurker with little interaction, I'm sorry to see you go, and will miss the stories' continuations.

As somewhat of a late-comer to this community, might I ask what has changed about the community that is distressing people?

I had a strong feeling that this was going to happen when I jumped into this story around 2-3 years ago. I wish I was wrong as the world was very unique to this site.

Still, I’m glad you make plans to give us some closure instead of just abandoning it. I wish you the best.

Not shower?

You're leaving because some people add your stories to folders titled "dead stories" in their libraries...? Isn't that kind of a silly thing to get worked up over? I mean seriously, who cares what they think if the stories keep updating (even if it's months or years later)? If you are cancelling all your stories, well congratulations, you just validated them.

Good bye and thank you for letting us experience your world.

godspeed, you beautiful motherbucker. we will miss you alot here:pinkiesad2:. (i don't know if we can swear in this site and don't be banned)

Well, sticking to the nautical theme, may you have calm seas and fair winds on your back o7

Most readers are very dear to me, even people that call out bad decisions in writing, but what part leads to me not returning are the people that either think themselves clever or funny when adding my story to "dead story" folders.

You’re the one who finally told me that authors get alerts when I add stories to those folders. Before that I legit didn’t know, and used it as a personal sorting system.
I know it’s too little too late for so many. But I changed the name of that bookshelf to something complimentary, so i can stop being part of the force driving the good guys away.

I’ll miss Skyfall. I’ll miss what has been so far my favorite characterization of Sunset Shimmer. I’ll miss a Cadence origin story that actually makes sense.

We’ll miss you.
But don’t miss us. Go and be you in the circles you choose from here on out.
They deserve to meet you. Whomever they are.

If you think that's the sole reason then you didn't absorb the entire blog post. Annoying, yes, but not the driving force. :ajbemused:

Valid or not, contributing factors are contributing factors.

So long Arctik, was a fun ride while it lasted. Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize. O7.


I read the whole thing, but that was the one thing that stuck out as odd to me, thus that's what I commented on.

There are so many words I have and want to put to pen, to get my point across. But, I'm an emotional mess, so I don't think I'll get anywhere near that goal. The long and short of It; I'll miss you and the wonderful stories you yourself have put to pen for people to enjoy. This story especially is one of my favorite works of fiction period with the way it's told and presented, and it practically breaks my heart to see something so great ring the death knell along with a lot of other stories and authors that I have come to love over the years. Since I'm a social recluse I don't know what It entails I think ill pass on discord for now, but I'll keep it in mind and might sneak a peek in sometime or later. All in all, I wish you the best of luck, and know you'll be truly and dearly missed.

Thanks for writing some cool shit, F

Shatered was for me the most well written story of this site, I'm really sad it will not be finished, and sorry that you will leave, but thanks for this awesome story. I whish you well for whatever you will do next.

I think this might be the third blog I have ever read. I don't tend to come to these pages often. When I saw the note at the beginning of the latest chapter of Shattered Skies, I knew I had to stop by.

I know how much you hate the toxicity of this community. When we first spoke over Skype all those years ago, one of the first questions you asked me was "do you want to create a good story, or become pony-famous?" Of course, I never gave any kind of a crap about what people think of me, and I do what I want.

I have been following along with this story for an extremely long time, and although my life took me in a direction that left me without the time I used to have to be a real editor like I once was, I still read every chapter as they came out, proud that I had some measurable impact on a story I enjoyed so much, through it's re-write.

I am definitely going to follow on over to your gaming group. I don't get to play anything often, but it's always more fun to play with friends.

Sorry to see you go. And I agree with you that the featured box has degraded from good stories to one shots about sex. 3 Years ago it had far more quality works in it.

sorry to see you go
and shattered skies wile super confusing at times was still a great read

Liked the original, loved the new shattered skies. Sorry to see you go. Take care of yourself, and I hope I did not come across as a smart-ass.

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