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Just a mare who loves cute, soft things, diapers, and hypnosis!

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  • 73 weeks

    Hello everyone!!! I am so insanely sorry for disappearing! D:

    Long story short, I had some issues with computer stuff, but I'm back!! :)
    I'll get back to Padding Pearl's Life Out soon, I promise!!

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  • 86 weeks
    Hello again!

    Hello dears! :D
    I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting so long. I finally had a surge of inspiration, and decided to smash out a whole chapter for you! :)

    I hope you enjoy it, even though it's only OCs this time... I do hope it entertains! I look forward to seeing what you all think of it.

    Until next time! :)

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  • 87 weeks

    Hello hello! Work is continuing on the next chapter of Pearl's little story, and we might just get to meet a little more of DeltaCorp's board in the process! ;>

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  • 89 weeks
    Hello Dears!

    Aha, this is why I don't like setting schedules. Hello again! :>

    Some unexpected personal drama came up in the last few days, which kind of put a damper on writing. But it's fine, and all sorted now. Well, as sorted as it's gonna be! :)

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  • 90 weeks
    Happy New Years, Update, and Commissions! (Maybe?)

    Hello darlings!! I'm so happy to be finally back, I had a small hiatus while the whooole new years thing blew by, and now we're back! I've posted this simultaneously with the newest chapter of Padding Pearl's Life Out, I hope you all enjoy it!! :)

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Update! · 6:15am Dec 28th, 2018

Sorry for going quiet for a few days there, everyone! :<
Christmas season may not have been the best time to get started on this, but hey, you've all been amazingly patient, so thank you! I'm hoping to have another chapter of this story out soon! I'm also looking forward to introducing you to DeltaCorp's board of directors, I've been hard at work working on them! :)

Anyways, I also thought I'd just give a blanket thank you for all the favourites and watches! You're all amazing <3

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