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Geffen Records discography: GHS 4000 series, 1. · 12:41pm Dec 27th, 2018

This first used the 1983 revision of the 1980 notebook paper label.

In early 1985, the label changed to a black one with the yellowish white G logo and the text GEFFEN RECORDS in Eras font below it, similar to the logo of Geffen's movie division.

The Warner-distributed Geffen CDs used a label that was somewhat indistinguishable from the distributing label. Photo credit: Discogs.

Titles under Warner Bros. distribution used the following prefixes: GHS for vinyl, M5G for cassettes, and M2G for compact discs. GHS is mostly the only one used in this discography for brevity. Later Warner Bros. CDs (beginning in 1988) use Warner Bros.'s common numbering block for the format (9-24XXX-2).

The MCA era introduced the following prefixes: GEF for what little vinyl was issued after MCA purchased Geffen, GEFC for cassettes, and GEFD for compact discs. There was also GEFX for the short-lived Digital Compact Cassette format. DGC releases under MCA used DCG for vinyl, DGCC for cassette, DGCD for compact discs, and DGCX for the DCC format.

Geffen GHS 4000 - Planet P Project - Planet P Project (1983) (BB:#42) Static/King For A Day/I Won't Wake Up/Top Of The World/Armageddon//Why Me?/Power Tools/Send It In A Letter/Adam And Eve/Only You And Me

Geffen GHS 4001 - Oxo - Oxo (1983) (BB##117) Whirly Girl/Dance All Night/My Ride/Wanna Be Your Love/In The Stars//You Make It Sound So Easy/Waiting For You/Back In Town/I'll Take You Back/Love I Need Her/Runnin' Low

Geffen GHS 4002 - Everywhere at Once - Plimsouls (1983) (BB##186) Shaky City/Magic Touch/Oldest Story In The World/Lie, Beg, Borrow And Steal/Play The Breaks//How Long Will It Take/A Million Miles Away/My Life Ain't Easy/Inch By Inch/I'll Get Lucky/Everywhere At Once

Geffen GHS 4003 - Madness - Madness (1983) (BB#192) Our House/Tomorrow's Just Another Day/It Must Be Love/Primrose Hill/Shut Up/House Of Fun//Night Boat To Cairo/Rise And Fall/Blue Skinned Beast/Cardiac Arrest/Grey Day/Madness (Is All In The Mind)

Geffen GHS 4004 - Points on the Curve - Wang Chung (1983) (BB#30) Dance Hall Days/Wait/True Love/The Waves/Look At Me Now//Don't Let Go/Even If You Dream/Don't Be My Enemy/Devoted Friends/Talk It Out

Geffen GHS 4005 - Debra Hurd - Debra Hurd (1983) Hug Me, Squeeze Me/Gotta Broken Heart Again/With You/Tell Me You Love Me/When A Boy Meets A Girl//Crazy About Your Love/Make Me No Promises/Never Forgot Your Eyes/Love To Burn/Gotta Give Your Love A Try

Geffen GHS 4006 - Too Low for Zero - Elton John (1983) (BB#25) Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)/I'm Still Standing/Too Low For Zero/Religion/I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues//Crystal/Kiss The Bride/Whipping Boy/Saint/One More Arrow

Geffen GHS 4007 - What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most? - Joan Rivers (1983) Anchors Aweigh/Joan Talks About: The National Enquirer And U.F.O. Sightings-Drugs-Living In New York-Before And After Marriage-Rock Stars-Men Vs. Women-The Royal Family-A Great Movie Star//Joan Talks About: How God Divides-Nurses And Stewardesses-Men She Dated-Being A Bridesmaid-Being Married-Childbirth-Heidi Abromowitz-Going To The Gynecologist/Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Geffen GHS 4008 - Alpha - Asia (1983) (BB#6) Don't Cry/The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/Never In A Million Years/My Own Time (I'll Do What I Want)/The Heat Goes On//Eye To Eye/The Last To Know/True Colors/Midnight Sun/Open Your Eyes

Geffen GHS 4009 - Jr. Tucker - Jr. Tucker (1983) I Was Made For Dancing/Take A Message (From My Body)/Bad Girls/Too Young To Fall In Love//If It's Love You're After/Mr. Telephone Man/Going Through School And Love/Treat Me Right

Geffen GHS 4010 -

Geffen GHS 4011 - Take Another Picture - Quarterflash (1983) (BB#34) Take Me To Heart/Take Another Picture/Shane/Eye To Eye/It Don't Move Me//Shakin' The Jinx/Make It Shine/One More Round To Go/Nowhere Left To Hide/It All Becomes Clear

Geffen 2GHS 4012 - Peter Gabriel Plays Live - Peter Gabriel (1983) (BB#44) The Rhythm Of The Heat/I Have The Touch/Not One Of Us/Family Snapshot//D.I.Y./The Family And The Fishing Net/Intruder/I Go Swimming//San Jacinto/Solsbury Hill/No Self Control/I Don't Remember//Shock The Monkey/Humdrum/On The Air/Biko

Geffen GHS 4013 - Everybody's Rockin' - Neil Young (1983) (BB#46) Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes/Rainin' In My Heart/Payola Blues/Wonderin'/Kinda Fonda Wanda//Jellyroll Man/Bright Lights, Big City/Cry, Cry, Cry/Mystery Train/Everybody's Rockin'

Geffen GHS 4014 - Feel My Soul - Jennifer Holliday (1983) (BB#31 pop, #4R&B) Just Let Me Wait/I Am Ready Now/This Game Of Love (I'm Never Coming Down)/I Am Love//Shine A Light/Just For A While/My Sweet Delight/Change Is Gonna Come/This Day

Geffen GHS 4015 - Monte Video - Monte Video (1983) Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang/Who's Calling?/All Night Long/Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang (Club Mix)//Sheba (She Sha She Shoo)/Hypnosis/You Can't Stop Me Now

Geffen/ZE GHS 4016 - Born to Laugh at Tornadoes - Was (Not Was) (1983) Knocked Down, Made Small (Treated Like A Rubber Ball)/Bow Wow Wow Wow/Betrayal/Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed)/Man Vs. The Empire Brain Building//(Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks/Professor Night/The Party Broke Up/Smile/Zaz Turned Blue

Geffen GHS 4017 - Riding with the King - John Hiatt (1983) I Don't Even Try/Death By Misadventure/Girl On A String/Lovers Will/She Loves The Jerk/Say It With Flowers//Riding With The King/You May Already Be A Winner/ove Like Blood/The Love That Harms/Book Lovers/Falling Up

Geffen GHS 4018 - Slide It In - Whitesnake (1984) (BB#40) Slide It In/Slow An' Easy/Love Ain't No Stranger/All Or Nothing/Gambler//Guilty Of Love/Hungry For Love/Give Me More Time/Spit It Out/Standing In The Shadow

Geffen GHS 4019 -

Geffen GHS 4020 -

Geffen/Network GHS 4021 - What a Feelin' - Irene Cara (1983) (BB#77) Why Me?/Breakdance/The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream)/You Took My Life Away/Keep On/Flashdance...What A Feeling/Romance '83/Cue Me Up/Receiving/You Were Made For Me

Geffen GHS 4022 - Keep Moving - Madness (1984) (BB#109) Keep Moving/Wings Of A Dove (A Celebratory Song)/The Sun And The Rain/Brand New Beat/March Of The Gherkins/Michael Caine//Prospects/Victoria Gardens/Samantha/One Better Day/Give Me A Reason/Turning Blue

Geffen GHS 4023 - Through the Fire - HSAS (Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Shrieve) (1984) (BB: #42) Top Of The Rock/Missing You/Animation/Valley Of The Kings/Giza//Whiter Shade Of Pale/Hot And Dirty/He Will Understand/My Home Town

Geffen GHS 4024 -

Geffen GHS 4025 - Love Life - Berlin (1984) (BB#28) When We Make Love/Touch/Beg, Steal Or Borrow/Now It's My Turn/Dancing In Berlin//Pictures Of You/In My Dreams/No More Words/For All Tomorrow's Lies/Fall

Geffen GHS 24026 - Building the Perfect Beast - Don Henley (11-19-84) (BB#13) The Boys Of Summer/You Can't Make Love/Man With A Mission/You're Not Drinking Enough/Not Enough Love In The World//Building The Perfect Beast/All She Wants To Do Is Dance/Sunset Grill/Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed/Land Of The Living

Geffen GHS 4027 - Mummer - XTC (1983) (BB#20) Beating Of Hearts/Wonderland/Love On A Farmboy's Wages/Great Fire/Deliver Us From The Elements//Human Alchemy/Ladybird/In Loving Memory Of A Name/Me And The Wind/Funk Pop A Roll

Geffen GHS 4028 - Semantics - Australian Crawl (1984) The Boys Light Up/Errol/Indisposed/Looking For Cool/Reckless (Don't Be So)//Lakeside/White Limbo/Things Don't Seem/The Night/Unpublished Critics

Geffen GHS 4029 - My Ever Changing Moods - The Style Council (1984) My Ever Changing Moods/The Whole Point Of No Return/Blue Cafe/The Paris Match/Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse/A Solid Bond In Your Heart//You're The Best Thing/A Gospel/Strength Of Your Nature/Here's One That Got Away/Headstart For Happiness/Mick's Blessings

Geffen GHS 24030 - Hyæna - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) (BB#114) Dazzle/We Hunger/Take Me Back/Belladonna/Swimming Horses//Dear Prudence/Bring Me The Head Of The Preacher Man/Running Town/Pointing Bone/Blow The House Down

Geffen GHS 24031 - Breaking Hearts - Elton John (1984) (BB#20) Restless/Slow Down Georgie (She's Poison)/Who Wears These Shoes?/Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)/Li'l 'Frigerator//Passengers/In Neon/Burning Buildings/Did He Shoot Her?/Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Geffen/Virgin GHS 4032 - White Music - XTC (1984) Reissue of Virgin VI-2095. Radios In Motion/X Wires/This Is Pop/Do What You Do/Statue Of Liberty/All Along The Watchtower//Atom Age/Set Myself On Fire/I'm Bugged/New Town Animal/Spinning Top/Neon Shuffle

Geffen GHS 4033 - Go 2 - XTC (1984) Reissue of Virgin V-2108. Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)/Battery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)/Buzzcity Talking/Crowded Room/The Rhythm/Red//Beatown/Life Is Good In The Greenhouse/Jumping In Gomorrah/My Weapon/Super-Tuff/I Am The Audience

Geffen GHS 4034 - Drums and Wires - XTC (1984) Reissue of Virgin V-2129. Life Begins At The Hop/Helicopter/Making Plans For Nigel/Ten Feet Tall/When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/That Is The Way//Real By Reel/Millions/Outside World/Roads Girdle The Globe/Scissor Man/Complicated Game

Geffen GHS 4035 - Black Sea - XTC (1984) Reissue of Virgin VR-1-1000. Respectable Street/Generals And Majors/Living Through Another Cuba/Love At First Sight/Rocket From A Bottle/No Language In Our Lungs//Towers Of London/Paper And Iron (Notes And Coins)/Burning With Optimism's Flame/Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/Travels In Nihilon

Geffen 2GHS 4036 - English Settlement - XTC (1984) Reissue of Virgin V-2223. Runaways/Ball And Chain/Senses Working Overtime/Jason And The Argonauts//No Thugs In Our House/Yacht Dance/All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)//Melt The Guns/Leisure/It's Nearly Africa/Knuckle Down//Fly On The Wall/Down In The Cockpit/English Roundabout/Snowman

Geffen GHS 4037 - Waxworks: Some Singles, 1977-1982 - XTC (1984) Reissue of Virgin V-2251. Science Friction/Statue Of Liberty/This Is Pop/Are You Receiving Me/Life Begins At The Hop/Making Plans For Nigel/Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down//Generals And Majors/Towers Of London/Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/Senses Working Overtime/Ball And Chain

Geffen GHS 4038 -

Geffen GHS 24039 - Bizarre - Sylvers (1984) Tension/The Bottom Line/Falling For Your Love/Boomerang/Bizarre//In One Love And Out The Other/Got To Be Crazy/You Turn Me On/(Open Your Heart And) Let My Love Shine In/Something's Gotta Give

Geffen GHS 24040 - Cats Without Claws - Donna Summer (1984) (BB#40) Supernatural Love/It's Not The Way/There Goes My Baby/Suzanna/Cats Without Claws//Oh Billy Please/Eyes/Maybe It's Over/I'm Free/Forgive Me

Geffen GHS 24041 - Black 'N Blue - Black 'N Blue (1984) The Strong Will Rock/School Of Hard Knocks/Autoblast/Hold On To 18/Wicked Bitch//Action/Show Me The Night/One For The Money/I'm The King/Chains Around Heaven

Geffen GHS 24042 - Eric Carmen - Eric Carmen (1984) I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips/I'm Through With Love/American As Apple Pie/Living Without Your Love/Come Back To My Love//She Remembered/You Took Me All The Way/Maybe My Baby/Spotlight/The Way We Used To Be

Geffen GHS 24043 - VOA - Sammy Hagar (1984) (BB:#32) I Can't Drive 55/Swept Away/Rock Is In My Blood/Two Sides Of Love//Dick In The Dirt/VOA/Don't Make Me Wait/Burnin' Down The City

Geffen GHSP 24044 - Gremlins - Original Soundtrack (1984) Gremlins . . . Mega Madness - Michael Sembello/Make it Shine - Quarterflash/Out Out - Peter Gabriel//The Gift - Jerry Goldsmith/Gizmo - Jerry Goldsmith/Mrs. Deagle - Jerry Goldsmith/The Gremlin Rag - Jerry Goldsmith

Geffen GHS 24045 - Certain Sculptures - A Drop in the Gray (1985) All The Same/Wide Eyed One/Fall And Cry/Heartache Feeds Heartache/A Place For You//Past Your Frame/No Light/Only Love/Turn Me 'Round/Be There/Alles Dasselbe

Geffen GHS 24046 - The Scream - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of Polydor POLD-5009.

Geffen GHS 24047 - Join Hands - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of Polydor POLD-5024.

Geffen GHS 24048 - Kaleidoscope - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of Polydor 2442-177.

Geffen GHS 24049 - A Kiss in the Dream House - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of UK Polydor POLD-1064.

Geffen GHS 24050 - Ju-ju - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of Polydor POLS-1034.

Geffen GHS 24051 - Once Upon a Time: The Singles - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of Polydor POLS-1056.

Geffen 2GHS 24052 - Nocturne - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1984) Reissue of UK Polydor SHAH-1.

Geffen GHS 24053 - Hope and Glory - Tom Robinson (1984) Murder At The End Of Day/Prison/Ricky Don't Lose That Number/Old Friend/Looking For A Bonfire//War Baby/Atmospherics: Listen To The Radio/Cabin Boy/Blond & Blue/Hope & Glory

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24054 - The Big Express - XTC (1984) Wake Up/All You Pretty Girls/Shake You Donkey Up/Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her/This World Over//The Everyday Story Of Smalltown/I Bought Myself A Liarbird/Reign Of Blows/You're The Wish You Are I Had/I Remember The Sun/Train Running Low On Soul Coal

Geffen GHS 24055 - Warming Up to the Ice Age - John Hiatt (1985) The Usual/The Crush/When We Ran/She Said The Same Things To Me/Living A Little, Laughing A Little//Zero House/Warming Up To The Ice Age/I'm A Real Man/Number One Honest Game/I Got A Gun

Geffen GHS 24056 - Silent Scream - Shooting Star (1985) Summer Sun/Somewhere In Your Heart/Heat Of The Night/When You're Young/In Her Eyes//I'm Getting Out/Don't Walk Away/Time/Little By Little/Don't Stop Me Now

Geffen GHS 24057 - Rites of Passage - Vitamin Z (1985) Burning Flame/Circus Ring/Hi Hi Friend/Every Time That I See You//Casablanca/Angela/Anybody Out There?/Something We Can Do

Geffen GHS 24058 -

Geffen/Network GHS 24059 - Van Zant - Van Zant (1985) (BB:#170) Midnight Sensation/She's Out With A Gun/I'm A Fighter/You've Got To Believe In Love/Two Strangers//2 + 2/Heart To The Flame/Does A Fool Ever Learn/Right On Time/Lonely Girls

Geffen GHS 24060 - Lone Justice - Lone Justice (1985) (BB:#56) East Of Eden/After The Flood/Ways To Be Wicked/Don't Toss Us Away/Working Late//Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)/Pass It On/Wait 'Til We Get Home/Soap, Soup And Salvation/You Are The Light

Geffen GHS 24061 - Internationalists - Style Council (1985) (BB:#123) Known outside of the US and Canada as Our Favourite Shop. Homebreakers/All Gone Away/Come To Milton Keynes/Internationalists/A Stone's Throw Away/The Stand Up Comic's Instructions/Boy Who Cried Wolf//A Man Of Great Promise/Down In The Seine/The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter)/Luck/With Everything To Lose/Shout To The Top/Walls Come Tumbling Down!

Geffen GHS 24062 - The Cotton Club: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - John Barry (1984) The Mooche/Cotton Club Stomp #2/Drop Me Off In Harlem/Creole Love Call/Ring Dem Bells/East St. Louis Toodle-o/Truckin'//Ill Wind/Cotton Club Stomp #1/Mood Indigo/Minnie The Moocher/Copper Colored Gal/Dixie Kidnaps Vera/The Depression Hits-Best Beats Sandman/Daybreak Express Medley

Geffen GHS 24063 - Vision Quest - Original Soundtrack (1985) (BB:#11) Only The Young - Journey/Change - John Waite/Shout To The Top - The Style Council/Gambler - Madonna/She's On The Zoom - Don Henley/Hungry For Heaven - Dio/Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider/I'll Fall In Love Again - Sammy Hagar/Hot Blooded - Foreigner/Crazy For You - Madonna

Geffen/Polydor GHS 24064 - Rattlesnakes - Lloyd & the Rattlesnakes (1984) Perfect Skin/Speedboat/Rattlesnakes/Down On Mission Street/Forest Fire//Charlotte Street/2CV/Four Flights Up/Patience/Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?

Geffen GHS 24065 - Whoopi Goldberg - Original Broadway Recording (1985) Fontaine/Surfer Chick//Crippled Lady/Little Girl

Geffen GHS 24066 - Adam Bomb - Adam Bomb (1985) Burning Flame/Circus Ring/Hi Hi Friend/Every Time That I See You//Casablanca/Angela/Anybody Out There?/Something We Can Do

Geffen GHS 24067 - Illusion - Illusion (1985) Next To You/Saint/Call In The Law/Won't You/Go On Your Own Way//Get It To Go/Bad News/Squeeze Me/Weights A Ton/You Got The Touch

Geffen GHS 24068 - Old Ways - Neil Young (08-12-85) (BB:#75) The Wayward Wind/Get Back To The Country/Are There Any More Real Cowboys?/Once An Angel/Misfits//California Sunset/Old Ways/My Boy/Bound For Glory/Where Is The Highway Tonight?

Geffen GHS 24069 -

Geffen GHS 24070 - Music from the Film "Birdy" - Peter Gabriel (1985) At Night/Floating Dogs/Quiet And Alone/Close Up (From Family Snapshot)/Slow Water/Dressing The Wound//Birdy's Flight (From Not One Of Us)/Slow Marimbas/The Heat (From Rhythm Of The Heat)/Sketchpad With Trumpet And Voice/Under Lock And Key (From Wallflower)/Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain (From San Jacinto)

Geffen GHS 24071 - Mummy Calls - Mummy Calls (1986) Kiss Me/Sexual Desire/We Will/Let's Go/Beauty Has Her Way//Deadly Night/Chestnut Tree/In The Darkness/Message On My Door/Jane I'll Kiss You In The Desert

Geffen GHS 24072 - Astra - Asia (1985) (BB:#67) Go/Voice Of America/Hard On Me/Wishing/Rock And Roll Dream//Countdown To Zero/Love Now Till Eternity/Too Late/Suspicion/After The War

Geffen GHS 24073 - Say You Love Me - Jennifer Holliday (1985) (BB#110 pop, #34 R&B) You're The One/What Kind Of Love Is This?/No Frills Love/Hard Times For Lovers/Say You Love Me//I Rest My Case/Dreams Never Die/Just A Matter Of Time/He's A Pretender/Come Sunday

Geffen GHS 24074 - Dog Eat Dog - Joni Mitchell (1985) Good Friends/Fiction/The Three Great Stimulants/Tax Free/Smokin' (Empty, Try Another)//Dog Eat Dog/Shiny Toys/Ethiopia/Impossible Dreamer/Lucky Girl

Geffen GHS 24075 - Without Love - Black N' Blue (1985) Rockin' On Heaven's Door/Without Love/Stop The Lightning//Nature Of The Beach/Miss Mystery//Swing Time/Bombastic Plastic/We Got The Fire/Strange Things/Two Wrongs (Don't Make It Love)

Geffen GHS 24076 - Stand for Love - Gary Myrick (1985)

Geffen GHS 24077 - Ice on Fire - Elton John (1985) (BB:#48) This Town/Cry to Heaven/Soul Glove/Nikita/Too Young/Wrap Her Up/Satellite (vinyl 3:57, CD 4:37)/Tell Me What the Papers Say/Candy by the Pound/Shoot Down the Moon

Geffen GHS 24078 - Back into Blue - Quarterflash (1985) (BB:#140) Walking On Ice/Caught In The Rain/Back Into Blue/Talk To Me/I Want To Believe It's You//Love Without A Net (You Keep Falling)/Come To Me/Grace Under Fire/Just For You/Welcome To The City

Geffen GHS 24079 - Mad Not Mad - Madness (1985) I'll Compete/Yesterday's Men/Uncle Sam/White Heat/Mad Not Mad//Sweetest Girl/Burning the Boats/Tears You Can't Hide/Time/Coldest Day

Geffen GHS 24080 - Silverado: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Bruce Broughton (1985) Silverado Main Title/The Getaway-Riding As One/Ezra's Death/The McKendrick Attack/Augie Is Taken//On To Silverado/Augie's Rescue/Goodbye, Cobb/End Credits ("We'll Be Back")

Geffen GHS 24081 - To Live and Die in L.A. (Soundtrack) - Wang Chung (1985) To Live and Die in L.A./Lullaby/Wake Up, Stop Dreaming/Wait//City of the Angels/The Red Stare/Black–Blue–White/Every Big City

Geffen/Shi Zen GHS 24082 - Astral Voyage - Kitarō (1985) Reissue of Zen 1001. By The Seaside/Soul Of The Sea/Micro Cosmos/Beat/Fire//Mu/Dawn Of The Astral/Endless Dreamy World/Kaisō/Astral Voyage

Geffen GHS 24083 - Full Moon Story - Kitarō (1985) Reissue of Zen 1006. Kuripa/Aurora/Hikari No Mai/Fuji/Full Moon/Resurrection/From Astral/Heavenly Illusion/New Lights

Geffen/Shi Zen GHS 24084 - Millennia - Kitarō (1985) Reissue of Canyon C28G0124. Prologue/Space Queen/Seiun/Hikari No Sono/Maboroshi/Cosmic Love/Jiyu Eno Kakehashi/Puromesyume/Epilogue

Geffen/Shi Zen GHS 24085 - India - Kitarō (1985) Reissue of Sound Design 1342-5. The Mist/Caravansary/Mountain Streams/Pray/Ganga/Sunset/Linden/Moon-Star

Geffen/Shi Zen GHS 24086 - Silver Cloud - Kitarō (1986) Earth Born/Flying Cloud/Dreams Like Yesterday/Never Let You Go//Noah's Ark/Return To Russia/Panorama/Straightaway To Orion

Geffen/Shi Zen GHS 24087 - Asia - Kitarō (1986) Reissue of Sound Design 1342-46. Earth Born/Caravansary/Fire/Theme Of Silk Road/Cosmic Love/Cloud//Japanese Drums/Return To Russia/Straightaway To Orion/Song Of China/Dawn In Malaysia

Geffen GHS 24088 - So - Peter Gabriel (1986) (BB:#2) Red Rain/Sledgehammer/Don't Give Up/That Voice Again//In Your Eyes/Mercy Street/Big Time/We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)

Geffen/Mushroom GHS 24089 - Jimmy Barnes - Jimmy Barnes (1985) No Second Prize/I'd Die To Be With You Tonight/Working Class Man/Promise Me You'll Call/Boys Cry Out For War/Paradise//Without Your Love/American Heartbeat/Thick Skinned/Ride The Night Away/Daylight

Geffen GHS 24090 - Songs from the Film - Tommy Keene (1986) Places That Are Gone/In Our Lives/Listen To Me/Paper Words And Lies/Gold Town/Kill Your Sons//Call On Me/As Life Goes By/My Mother Looked LIke Marilyn Monroe/Underworld/Astronomy/The Story Ends

Geffen GHS 24091 - Done with Mirrors - Aerosmith (11-09-85) (BB:#70) In an odd move, the jacket and part of the label copy have a mirror effect. Let The Music Do The Talking/My Fist Your Face/Shame On You/The Reason A Dog//Shela/Gypsy Boots/She's On Fire/The Hop

Geffen/Wonderland GHS 24092 - Tinderbox - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1986) Candyman/The Sweetest Chill/This Unrest/Cities In Dust//Cannons/Party's Fall/92°/Lands End

Geffen GHS 24093 - Easy Pieces - Lloyd Cole & the Commotions (1985) Rich/Cut Me Down/Pretty Gone/Grace/Why I Love Country Music//Brand New Friend/Lost Weekend/James/Minor Character/Perfect Blue

Geffen GHS 24094 - Toward the West - Kitaro (1986) This release uses a custom label. Auspicious Omen/Halo/Melancholy/Embayment/Great Voyage//Sacred Mountain-Sunrise/Delight/In Peace/Utopia/Endless Journey

Geffen GHS 24095 - On this Corner - Ish (1986) You're My Only Lover/I Could Love You/You're My Favorite Thing To Do/On This Corner//Holy Night/Femininity/More Than I Can Bear/It Ain't Necessarily So/Chase The Lace

Geffen GHS 24096 - Song X - Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman (06-86) (BB:#9 jazz) Song X/Mob Job/Endangered Species/Video Games//Kathelin Gray/Trigonometry/Song X Duo/Long Time No See

Geffen GHS 24097 - Lyle Mays - Lyle Mays (1985) Highland Aire/Teiko/Slink//Mirror Of The Heart/Alaskan Suite: Northern Lights-Invocation-Ascent/Close To Home

Geffen GHS 24098 - This Side of Paradise - Ric Ocasek (09-15-86) Keep On Laughin'/True To You/Emotion In Motion/Look In Your Eyes/Coming For You//Mystery/True Love/P.F.J./Hello Darkness/This Side Of Paradise

Geffen GHS 24099 - Whitesnake - Whitesnake (04-07-87) (BB:#2) Crying In The Rain/Bad Boys/Still Of The Night/Here I Go Again//Give Me All Your Love/Is This Love/Children Of The Night/Straight For The Heart/Don't Turn Away

Geffen GHS 24100 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight - Models (1985) Out Of Mind Out Of Sight/Big On Love/Stormy Tonight/Ringing Like A Bell/King Of Kings//Cold Fever/I Hear Motion/Sooner In Heaven/These Blues/Barbados

Geffen GHS 24101 - Esquire - Esquire (1987) To The Rescue/Sunshine/Knock Twice For Heaven/Up Down Turnaround/Blossomtime//Hourglass/Moving Together/Silent Future/Special Greetings/What You've Been Saying

Geffen GHS 24102 - All Systems Go - Donna Summer (09-15-87) (BB:#122) All Systems Go/Bad Reputation/Love Shock/Jeremy/Only The Fool Survives (ft. Mickey Thomas)//Dinner With Gershwin/Fascination/Voices Cryin' Out/Thinkin' Bout My Baby

Geffen GHS 24103 - Home and Abroad - Style Council (1986) My Ever Changing Moods/The Lodgers/Head Start For Happiness/(When You) Call Me/The Whole Point Of No Return//With Everything To Lose/Homebreakers//Shout To The Top/Walls Come Tumbling Down!/Internationalists

Geffen GHS 24104 - Those of You With or Without Children, You'll Understand - Bill Cosby (06-86) Genesis/The Great Quote//The Window Of Life

Geffen GHS 24105 - Peter Case - Peter Case (1986) Echo Wars/Steel Strings/Three Days Straight/More Than Curious/I Shook His Hand/Small Town Spree//Old Blue Car/Walk In The Woods/Horse & Crow/Icewater/Satellite Beach/Pair Of Brown Eyes

Geffen GHS 24106 -

Geffen GHS 24107 -

Geffen GHS 24108 - I Like It Loud - Illusion (1986) I Like It Loud/Heartbeat (The Call)/Call In The Law/Heart Attack/I Can't Wait//Call Me Up/Shake/Red Light/Get To You/Lifetime

Geffen GHS 24109 - Landing on Water - Neil Young (1986) (BB:#46) Weight Of The World/Violent Side/Hippie Dream/Bad News Beat/Touch The Night//People On The Street/Hard Luck Stories/I Got A Problem/Pressure/Drifter

Geffen GHS 24110 - Wild and Free - Dazz Band (1986) (BB:#178 pop, #37 R&B) Wild And Free/Body And Mind/Time Will Heal A Broken Heart/The Beat That's Right/All I Need//L.O.V.E./Hooks In Me/Sunglasses/It's All Right/Something You Said

Geffen GHS 24111 - Nasty Nasty - Black N' Blue (1986) Nasty Nasty/I Want It All (I Want It Now)/Does She Or Doen't She/Kiss Of Death//12 OClock High/Do What You Wanna Do/I'll Be There For You/Rules/Best In The West

Geffen GHS 24112 - Tenku - Kitaro (1986) Tenku/Romance/Wings/Aura//Message From The Cosmos/Time Traveller/Legend Of The Road/Milky Way

Geffen GHS 24113 - Little America - Little America (1987) You Were Right/That's The Way It Stays/Walk On Fire/Perfect World/Lost Along The Way/Lies//Walk The Land/Heroes/Underground/Out Of Bounds/Conversations/Standin' On Top

Geffen GHS 24114 - Leather Jackets - Elton John (1986) Leather Jackets/Hoop Of Fire/Don't Trust That Woman/Go It Alone/Gypsy Heart//Slow Rivers/Heartache All Over The World/Angeline/Memory Of Love/Paris/I Fall Apart

Geffen GHS 24115 - Mosaic - Wang Chung (1986) Everybody Have Fun Tonight/Hypnotize Me/The Flat Horizon/Betrayal//Let's Go/Eyes Of The Girl/A Fool And His Money/The World In Which We Live

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24116 - The Big Lad in the Windmill - It Bites (1986) All In Red/Turn Me Loose/Calling All The Heroes/Whole New World/I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand//You'll Never Go To Heaven/Screaming On The Beaches/Cold, Tired And Hungry/Wanna Shout/The Big Lad In The Windmill

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24117 - Skylarking - XTC (1986) Summer's Cauldron/Grass/The Meeting Place/That's Really Super, Supergirl/Ballet For A Rainy Day/1000 Umbrellas/Season Cycle//Earn Enough For Us/Big Day/Another Satellite/Mermaid Smiled/The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul/Dying/Sacrificial Bonfire

Geffen/Beggers Banquet GHS 24118 - Discover - Gene Loves Jezebel (1986) Heartache/Over The Rooftops/Kick/A White Horse/Wait And See//Desire (Come And Get It)/Beyond Doubt/Sweetest Thing/Maid Of Sker/Brand New Moon

Geffen GHS 24119 - Strange Times - Chameleons UK (1986) Standard pressing. Mad Jack/Caution/Tears (Original Arrangement)/Soul In Isolation//Swamp Thing/Time-The End Of Time/Seriocity/In Answer/Childhood/I'll Remember

Geffen GHS 24119 - Strange Times - Chameleons UK (1986) Limited edition pressing which contains a free bonus disc. Mad Jack/Caution/Tears (Original Arrangement)/Soul In Isolation//Swamp Thing/Time-The End Of Time/Seriocity/In Answer/Childhood/I'll Remember//Tears (Full Arrangement)/Paradiso/Inside Out//Ever After/John, I'm Only Dancing/Tomorrow Never Knows

Geffen GHS 24120 - Mechanical Resonance - Tesla (1986) (BB:#32) Ez Come Ez Go/Cumin' Atcha Live/Gettin' Better/2 Late 4 Love/Rock Me To The Top/We're No Good Together//Modern Day Cowboy/Changes/Little Suzi/Love Me/Cover Queen/Before My Eyes

Geffen GHS 24121 - Count Three & Pray - Berlin (1986) (BB:#61) Will I Ever Understand You/You Don't Know/Like Flames/Heartstrings/Take My Breath Away//Trash/When Love Goes To War/Hideaway/Sex Me, Talk Me/Pink And Velvet

Geffen GHS 24122 - Shelter - Lone Justice (1986) (BB:#65) I Found Love/Shelter/Reflected (On My Side)/Beacon/Wheels//Belfry/Dreams Come True (Stand Up And Take It)/The Gift/Inspiration/Dixie Storms

Geffen GHS 24123 - Rockbird - Debbie Harry (11-15-86) (BB:#97) I Want You/French Kissin' In The USA/Buckle Up/In Love With Love//You Got Me In Trouble/Free To Fall/Rockbird/Secret Life/Beyond The Limit

Geffen GHS 24124 - After Dark - Ray Parker, Jr. (08-25-87) (BB:#86 pop, #27 R&B) I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone/Over You (ft. Natalie Cole)/Lovin' You/You Shoulda Kept A Spare/The Past//You Make My Nature Dance/Perfect Lovers/After Midnite/I Love Your Daughter/After Dark.

Geffen GHS 24125 - Little Shop of Horrors - Original Soundtrack (1986) Prologue (Little Shop Of Horrors)/Skid Row (Downtown)/Da-Doo/Grow For Me/Somewhere That's Green/Some Fun Now/Dentist!//Feed Me (Git It)/Suddenly, Seymour/Suppertime/The Meek Shall Inherit/Mean Green Mother From Outerspace/Finale (Don't Feed The Plants)

Geffen GHS 24126 -

Geffen GHS 24127 - Looking Back - Sammy Hagar (1987) I'll Fall In Love Again/There's Only One Way To Rock/Heavy Metal/Remember The Heroes/Baby's On Fire//Three Lock Box/Two Sides Of Love/I Can't Drive 55/I Don't Need Love/VOA

Geffen GHS 24128 - Run Now - Tommy Keene (1986) Run Now/Away From It All/I Don't Feel Right At All//Back Again/They're In Their Own World/Kill Your Sons (Live Version)

Geffen GHS 24129 - Center of Attraction - Jesse's Gang (1987) Love's No Mystery/Centre Of Attraction/Real Love/A Fantasy/Your Way//Noiz Without Words/Back-Up/I'm Back Again/Do You Know/Don't You Care

Geffen GHS 24130 -

Def Jam GHS 24131 - Reign in Blood - Slayer (1986) (BB:#97) Angel Of Death/Piece By Piece/Necrophobic/Altar Of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves//Criminally Insane/Reborn/Epidemic/Postmortem/Raining Blood

Geffen GHS 24132 -

Geffen GHS 24133 -

Geffen GHS 24134 - Through the Looking Glass - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1986) (BB:#188) This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us/Hall of Mirrors/Trust in Me/This Wheel's on Fire/Strange Fruit//You're Lost Little Girl/The Passenger/Gun/Sea Breezes/Little Johnny Jewel

Geffen GHS 24135 -

Geffen GHS 24136 -

Geffen GHS 24137 - The Lonesome Sound - Tom Scott (1987) Sound Of Thunder/I Could Be Anything/The Great Escape/Easy Time/Release/Low Ride//Fire Down/In This World/High Hopes/Under A New Heaven/Hey Sister

Geffen GHS 24138 -

Geffen GHS 24139 -

Geffen GHS 24140 - Happy Come Home - Victoria Williams (1987) Shoes/Frying Pan/Merry Go Round/Happy/TC/I'll Do His Will//Big Fish/Animal Wild/Main Road/Lights/Opelousas/Statue Of A Bum/Poetry

Geffen GHS 24141 - Vaneese - Vaneese Williams (1987) (I Wanna Get) Close To You/Let's Talk It Over/Keep It Up/Heading In The Right Direction//Rockin' & Lovin'/New Love/Ultimate Love/I'm Gonna Love You

Geffen GHS 24142 - Contagious - Y&T (1987) Contagious/L.A. Rocks/Temptation/The Kid Goes Crazy/Fight For Your Life//Armed And Dangerous/Rhythm Or Not/Bodily Harm/Eyes Of A Stranger/I'll Cry For You (Instrumental)

Geffen GHS 24143 - EZO - EZO (1987) House Of 1000 Pleasures/Flashback Heart Attack/Mr. Midnight/Here It Comes/I Walk Alone//Destroyer/Big Changes/Kiss Of Fire/Desiree

Geffen GHS 24144 - I Never Said Goodbye - Sammy Hagar (1987) This comprises Hagar's last pre-Van Halen recordings. CD pressings include an extended version of B1. When The Hammer Falls/Hands And Knees/Give To Live/Boys Night Out/Returning Home//Standing At The Same Old Crossroads/Privacy/Back Into You/Eagles Fly/What They Gonna Say Now

Geffen GHS 24145 - Still Life (Talking) - Pat Metheny Group (1987) Minuano (Six Eight)/So May It Secretly Begin/Last Train Home/(It's Just) Talk//Third Wind/Distance/In Her Family

Geffen GHS 24146 - Freight Train Heart - Jimmy Barnes (1987) Driving Wheels/Seven Days/Too Much Ain't Enough Love/Lessons In Love/Waitin' For The Heartache//Last Frontier/I'm Still On Your Side/Do Or Die/I Wanna Get Started With You/Walk On

Geffen GHS 24147 - Wetton/Manzanera - John Wetton & Phil Manzanera (1987) It's Just Love/Keep On Loving Yourself/You Don't Have To Leave My Life/Suzanne/Round In Circles//Do It Again/Every Trick In The Book/One World/I Can't Let You Go/Have You Seen Her Tonight?

Geffen GHS 24148 - Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses (1987) (BB:#1) Welcome To The Jungle/It's So Easy/Nightrain/Out Ta Get Me/Mr. Brownstone/Paradise City//My Michelle/Think About You/Sweet Child O' Mine/You're Crazy/Anything Goes/Rocket Queen

Geffen GHS 24149 - We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It - Fuzzbox (1986) Love Is The Slug/Wait And See/Jackie/Spirit In The Sky/XX Sex/Alive//What's The Point/You Got Me/Hollow Girl/Console Me/Rules And Regulations/Preconceptions

Geffen GHS 24150 - Get Close to My Love - Jennifer Holliday (1987) New At It/He Ain't Special (He's Just The One I Love)/Get Close To My Love/Read It In My Eyes//Ain't It Just Like Love/Heart On The Line/I Never Thought I'd Fall In Love Again/Givin' Up

Geffen GHS 24151 - Les Misérables - Original Cast (1987) Artists on this record and cassette are Colm Wilkinson, Terrence Mann, Randy Graff, Leo Burmester, Jennifer Butt, Frances Ruffelle, Braden Danner, David Bryant, Judy Kuhn, Michael Maguire, and Donna Vivino. At The End Of The Day/I Dreamed A Dream/Lovely Ladies/Who Am I?/Come To Me (Fantine's Death)/Confrontation//Castle On A Cloud/Master Of The House/The Thénardier Waltz Of Treachery/Look Down/Stars/Red And Black/Do You Hear The People Sing?//In My Life/A Heart Full Of Love/Plumet Attack/One Day More/On My Own/Javert At The Barricade-Little People/The First Attack/A Little Fall Of Rain//Drink With Me/Bring Him Home/Dog Eats Dog/Javert's Suicide/Turning/Empty Chairs At Empty Tables/Wedding Chorale-Beggars At The Feast/Finale

Geffen GHS 24152 - Night People - Michael White (1987) I Need Your Love/(Can't) Get You Out Of My System/Night People/Forbidden Love//Victim/Don't Let It Be Too Late/Fooled Around (And Fell In Love)/Mood For Love

Geffen GHS 24153 - Elton John's Greatest Hits Vol. III: 1979-1987 - Elton John (1987) I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/Mama Can't Buy You Love/Little Jeannie/Sad Songs (Say So Much)/I'm Still Standing/Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)//Heartache All Over The World/Too Low For Zero/Kiss The Bride/Blue Eyes/Nikita/Wrap Her Up

Geffen GHS 24154 - Life - Neil Young & Crazy Horse (1987) (BB:#75) Mideast Vacation/Long Walk Home/Around The World/Inca Queen//Too Lonely/Prisoners Of Rock N' Roll/Cryin' Eyes/When Your Lonely Heart Breaks/We Never Danced

Geffen GHS 24155 - That Golden Age - Nitzer Ebb (1987) Fitness To Purpose/Warsaw Ghetto/Violent Playground/Murderous/Smear Body//Join In The Chant/Alarm/Let Your Body Learn/Let Beauty Loose/Into The Large Air

Geffen GHS 24156 - The Light Program - Geoffrey Downes & the New Dance Orchestra (1987) Symphonie Electronique//Oceania//Ethnic Dances/East West//Urbanology

Geffen GHS 24157 -

Geffen GHS 24158 -

Geffen GHS 24159 -

Geffen GHS 24160 - Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson (1987) (BB:#30) Fallen Angel/Showdown At Big Sky/Broken Arrow/Sweet Fire Of Love//American Roulette/Somewhere Down The Crazy River/Hell's Half Acre/Sonny Got Caught In The Moonlight/Testimony

Geffen GHS 24161 - Innerspace - Original Soundtrack (1987) Twistin' The Light Away - Rod Stewart/Hypnotize Me - Wang Chung/Is It Really Love? - Narada Michael Walden/Will I Ever Understand You? - Berlin/Cupid - Sam Cooke//Let's Get Small - Jerry Goldsmith/Environmental Adjust - Jerry Goldsmith/Space Is A Flop - Jerry Goldsmith/Gut Reaction - Jerry Goldsmith/Air Supply - Jerry Goldsmith

Geffen GHS 24162 - Permanent Vacation - Aerosmith (08-25-87) (BB:#11) Heart's Done Time/Magic Touch/Rag Doll/Simoriah/Dude Looks Like A Lady/St. John//Hangman Jury/Girl Keeps Coming Apart/Angel/Permanent Vacation/I'm Down/The Movie

Geffen GHS 24163 - The Light of the Spirit - Kitaro (1987) Mysterious Encounter/Sundance/The Field/The Light Of The Spirit//In The Beginning/Moondance/Howling Thunder/Journey To A Fantasy

Geffen GHS 24164 - Cher - Cher (1987) (BB:#10) I Found Someone/We All Sleep Alone/Bang-Bang/Main Man/Give Our Love A Fightin' Chance//Perfection/Dangerous Times/Skin Deep /Working Girl/Hard Enough Getting Over You

Geffen GHS 24165 - Promise - Gene Loves Jezebel (1987) Reissue of Situation 2 SITU-7. Upstairs/Bruises/Pop Tarantula/Screaming For Emmalene/Scheming//Bread From Heaven/Influenza/Shower Me With Brittle Punches/Wraps And Arms/Psychological Problems

Geffen GHS 24166 -

Geffen GHS 24167 - Come An' Get It - Whitesnake (1987) Reissue of Mirage WTG-16043. Come An' Get It/Hot Stuff/Don't Break My Heart Again/Lonely Days, Lonely Nights/Wine, Women An' Song//Child Of Babylon/Would I Lie To You/Girl/Hit An' Run/Till The Day I Die

Geffen GHS 24168 - Live...In the Heart of the City - Whitesnake (1987) Reissue of Mirage WTG-19292. Come On/Sweet Talker/Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues/Love Hunter//Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City/Fool For Your Loving/Take Me With You

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24169 - Chips From the Chocolate Fireball - Dukes of Stratosphear (1987) Rename of XTC. Vanishing Girl/Have You Seen Jackie?/Little Lighthouse/You're A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel)/Collideascope//You're My Drug/Shiny Cage/Brainiac's Daughter/The Affiliated/Pale And Precious

Geffen GHS 24170 -

Geffen/Beggars Banquet GHS 24171 - The House of the Dolls - Gene Loves Jezebel (1987) Gorgeous/The Motion Of Love/Set Me Free/Suspicion/Every Door//20 Killer Hurts/Treasure/Message/Drowning Crazy/Up There

Geffen GHS 24172 - Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm - Joni Mitchell (1988) (BB:#45) My Secret Place/Number One/Lakota/The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)/Dancin' Clown//Cool Water/The Beat Of Black Wings/Snakes And Ladders/The Reoccurring Dream/A Bird That Whistles

Geffen GHS 24173 - Saints and Sinners - Whitesnake (1987) Reissue of UK Liberty LBGP 30354. Young Blood/Rough An' Ready/Bloody Luxury/Victim Of Love/Crying In The Rain//Here I Go Again/Love An' Affection/Rock An' Roll Angels/Dancing Girls/Saints An' Sinners

Geffen GHS 24174 - Snakebite - Whitesnake (1987) Reissue of UK Sunburst INEP 751. Come On/Bloody Mary/Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City/Steal Away//Keep On Giving Me Love/Queen Of Hearts/Only My Soul/Breakdown

Geffen GHS 24175 - Trouble - Whitesnake (1987) Reissue of UK Liberty EMS 1257. Take Me With You/Love To Keep You Warm/Lie Down (A Modern Love Song)/Day Tripper/Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)//The Time Is Right For Love/Trouble/Belgian Tom's Hat Trick/Free Flight/Don't Mess With Me

Geffen GHS 24176 - Lovehunter - Whitesnake (1987) Reissue of United Artists LT 981. Long Way From Home/Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues/Help Me Thro' The Day/Medicine Man/You 'n' Me//Mean Business/Love Hunter/Outlaw/Rock'n'roll Women/We Wish You Well

Geffen GHS 24177 - Scream: The Compilation - Various Artists (1987) Pigs In Zen - Jane's Addiction/Manna And Quail - Caterwaul/Wave Of Darkness (Highway 99) - Human Drama/Grey Talk - Francis X & Bushmen/All Along The Watchtower - TSOL/Teenage Lipstick Girls - Delta Rebels/Rotten Sunday - Hangmen/Slaughter The Lion - Tender Fury/They Said Tomorrow - Abecedarians/Something Inside Me Has Died (Remix) - Kommunity FK

Geffen GHS 24178 -

Geffen GHS 24179 - Any Man's Hunger - Danny Wilde (1988) Time Runs Wild/Ain't I Good Enough/Wouldn't Be The First Time/Bitter Moon/In A Bordertown//Set Me Free/Every Goodbye/Any Man's Hunger/Contradiction/Too Many Years Gone By

Geffen GHS 24180 - In Heat - Black 'N Blue (1988) Rock On/Sight For Sore Eyes/Heat It Up!, Burn It Out!/Suspicious/The Snake//Live It Up/Gimme Your Love/Get Wise To The Rise/Great Guns Of Fire/Stranger

Geffen GHS 24181 - To the Power of 3 - 3 (1988) Talkin' Bout/Lover To Lover/Chains/Desde La Vida: La Vista-Frontera-Sangre De Toro//Eight Miles High/Runaway/You Do Or You Don't/On My Way Home

Geffen GHS 24182 - The Sun and the Moon - Sun & the Moon (1988) The Speed Of Life/Death Of Imagination/A Matter Of Conscience/Peace In Our Time/Dolphin//House On Fire/The Price Of Grain/Limbo-Land/A Picture Of England/This Passionate Breed

Geffen GHS 24183 - Follies - Original Cast (1987) Disc 1: Beautiful Girls/Don't Look at Me/Montage: Rain on the Roof-Ah, Paris!-Broadway Baby/Waiting for the Girls Upstairs//Who's That Woman?/In Buddy's Eyes/Country House/Too Many Mornings Disc 2: Social Dancing/I'm Still Here/The Right Girl/Could I Leave You?/One More Kiss/Loveland/Love Will See Us Through/Buddy's Blues//Losing My Mind/You're Gonna Love Tomorrow-Ah But Underneath/Make the Most of Your Music/You're Gonna Love Tomorrow-Love Will See Us Through (reprise)/Beautiful Girls-Finale

Geffen/WEA GHS 24184 - Hope in a Darkened Heart - Virginia Astley (1986) Some Small Hope/A Father/So Like Dorian/I'm Sorry//Tree Top Club/Charm/Love's A Lonely Place To Be/A Summer Long Since Passed/Darkness Has Reached Its End

Geffen GHS 24185 - Big Bang - Fuzzbox (1989) Pink Sunshine/Fast Forward Futurama/Jamaican Sunrise/Walking On Thin Ice/Versatile For Discos And Parties//International Rescue/Self!/Irish Bride/Do You Know?/Beauty

Geffen GHS 24186 - Sharp Stone Rain - Vitamin Z (1989) Can't Live Without You/Don't Wait For Me/Wipe Your Tears/Queensland/Save Me/Burning Flame/Burn For You/Everchanging Heart/Can't Stop The Rivers/Heal The Pain/Run For You

Geffen GHS 24187 - Best of Berlin 1979-1988 - Berlin (1988) Blowin' Sky High/No More Words/Like Flames/Take My Breath Away/Sex (I'm A...)/Now It's My Turn//Masquerade/You Don't Know/Matter Of Time/The Metro/Will I Ever Understand You/For All Tomorrow's Lies

Geffen GHS 24188 - Outrider - Jimmy Page (1988) (BB:#26) Wasting My Time/Wanna Make Love/Writes Of Winter/The Only One/Liquid Mercury//Hummingbird/Emerald Eyes/Prison Blues/Blues Anthem

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24189 - Once Around the World - It Bites (1988) Midnight/Kiss Like Judas/Rose Marie//Old Man And The Angel/Yellow Christian

Geffen GHS 24190 - Memory in the Making - John Kilzer (1988) Green, Yellow And Red/Heart And Soul/Red Blue Jeans/Memory In The Making/Pick Me Up/Give Me A Highway//Loaded Dice/Dream Queen/If Sidewalks Talked/When Fools Say Love/Dirty Dishes/I Love You

Geffen GHS 24191 - Finish Lines - Mac McAnelly (1988) Finish Lines/Be With Me/Remote Control/Hush Money/History//Alien/Desiree/E=(MC)² (She Picked You Up)/Little Blue Pill/Everything's All Right (Distant Observation)

Geffen GHS 24192 - Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars - Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians (1988) (BB:#4) What I Am/Little Miss S./Air Of December/The Wheel/Love Like We Do/Circle//Beat The Time/She/Nothing/Now/Keep Coming Back/I Do

Geffen GHS 24193 - Young Man's Blues - Rock City Angels (1988) Deep Inside My Heart/Hard To Hold/Mary/Our Little Secret/Rumblefish//Boy From Hell's Kitchen/Liza Jo/Beyond Babylon/Hush Child/South Of The Border//Damned Don't Cry/Wild Tiger/These Arms Of Mine/Rough 'N' Tumble/Ya Gotta Swear//?

Geffen GHS 24194 - Streets of This Town - Steve Forbert (1988) Running On Love/Don't Tell Me (I Know)/I Blinked Once/Mexico/As We Live And Breathe//On The Streets Of This Town/Hope, Faith And Love/Perfect Stranger/Wait A Little Longer/Search Your Heart

Geffen GHS 24195 - Kylie - Kylie Minogue (1988) (BB:#53) I Should Be So Lucky/The Loco-Motion/Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi/It's No Secret/Got To Be Certain//Turn It Into Love/I Miss You/I'll Still Be Loving You/Look My Way/Love At First Sight

Geffen GHS 24196 -

Geffen GHS 24197 -

Geffen GHS 24198 - G N' R Lies - Guns N' Roses (1988) (BB:#2) Reckless Life/Nice Boys/Move To The City/Mama Kin//Patience/Used To Love Her/You're Crazy/One In A Million

Geffen GHS 24199 -

Geffen GHS 24200 - Fairgrounds - Little America (1988) Where Were You/Do You Feel/Save Me/Never Be Alone/Maryjane//Fairgrounds/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/Changing Tune/I See Your Face/They Cast Shadows/It's Not Me

Geffen GHS 24201 - The Price of Progression - Toll (1988) Jazz Clone Clown/Jonathan Toledo/Smoke Another Cigarette/Soldier's Room/Word Of Honor//Anna-41-Box/Tamara Told Me/Living In The Valley Of Pain/Stand In Winter

Geffen GHS 24202 - Beetlejuice: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Danny Elfman (1988) Main Titles - Danny Elfman/Travel Music - Danny Elfman/The Book!-Obituaries - Danny Elfman/Enter..."The Family"-Sand Worm Planet - Danny Elfman/The Fly - Danny Elfman/Lydia Discovers - Danny Elfman/In The Model - Danny Elfman/Juno's Theme - Danny Elfman/Beetle-Snake - Danny Elfman/"Sold" - Danny Elfman/The Flier-Lydia's Pep Talk - Danny Elfman//Day-O - Harry Belafonte/The Incantation - Danny Elfman/Lydia Strikes A Bargin... - Danny Elfman/Showtime! - Danny Elfman/"Laughs" - Danny Elfman/The Wedding - Danny Elfman/The Aftermath - Danny Elfman/End Credits - Danny Elfman/Jump In The Line (Shake, Shake, Señora) - Harry Belafonte

Def Jam GHS 24203 - South of Heaven - Slayer (1988) (BB:#57) South Of Heaven/Silent Scream/Live Undead/Behind The Crooked Cross/Mandatory Suicide//Ghosts Of War/Read Between The Lies/Cleanse The Soul/Dissident Aggressor/Spill The Blood

Geffen GHS 24204 - Street Dreams - Lyle Mays (1988) Feet First/August/Chorinho/Possible Straight/Hangtime//Before You Go/Newborn/Street Dreams: Part 1-Part 2-Part 3-Part 4

Geffen/Wonderland GHS 24205 - Peep Show - Siouxsie & the Banshees (1988) Peek-A-Boo/The Killing Jar/Scarecrow/Carousel/Burn-Up//Ornaments Of Gold/Turn To Stone/Rawhead And Bloodybones/The Last Beat Of My Heart/Rhapsody

Geffen GHS 24206 - Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ - Peter Gabriel (1989) (BB:#60) The Feeling Begins/Gethsemane/Of These, Hope/Lazarus Raised/Of These, Hope - Reprise/In Doubt/A Different Drum//Zaar/Troubled/Open/Before Night Falls/With This Love//Sandstorm/Stigmata/Passion/With This Love - Choir//Wall Of Breath/The Promise Of Shadows/Disturbed/It Is Accomplished/Bread And Wine

Geffen GHS 24207 - Ten Years - Kitaro (1988) Dawn-Rising Sun/Caravansary/Shimmering Horizon/Cosmic Love//Theme From Silk Road/Lord Of Wind/Oasis/The Clouds//Earth Born/Aqua/Mirage/Moon-Star//Flight/God Of Thunder/Bell Tower/Song For Peace

Def American DEF 24208 - Danzig - Danzig (1988) (BB:#125) Twist Of Cain/Not Of This World/She Rides/Soul On Fire/Am I Demon//Mother/Possession/End Of Time/The Hunter/Evil Thing

Geffen GHS 24209 - Coolin' in Cali - 7A3 (1988) (BB:#47 R&B) Coolin' In Cali/That's How We're Livin'/Everybody Get Loose/A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do/Freestyle '88/Express The Mind//Hit 'Em Again/Drums Of Steel/Goes Like Dis/½ Bouldin, The Other ½ Ince/Lucifer

Def American DEF 24210 - Masters Of Reality - Masters Of Reality (1988) Theme For The Scientist Of The Invisible/Domino/The Blue Garden/Gettin' High/The Candy Song/Magical Spell//The Eyes Of Texas/Sleep Walkin'/Lookin' To Get Rite/John Brown/Kill The King

Geffen/Uzi Suicide GHS 24211 - Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses (1988) Clean version of GHS 24148. Welcome To The Jungle/It's So Easy/Nightrain/Out Ta Get Me/Mr. Brownstone/Paradise City//My Michelle/Think About You/Sweet Child O' Mine/You're Crazy/Anything Goes/Rocket Queen

Geffen GHS 24212 - Blue Murder - Blue Murder (1989) Riot/Sex Child/Valley Of The Kings/Jelly Roll//Blue Murder/Out Of Love/Billy/Ptolemy/Black-Hearted Woman

Geffen GHS 24213 - Belief - Nitzer Ebb (1988) Hearts And Minds/For Fun/Control I'm Here/Captivate/T.W.A.//Blood Money/Shame/Drive/Without Belief

Def American DEF 24214 - Dice - Andrew Dice Clay (1989) What If The Chick Gets Pregnant.../Mother Goose/A Day At The Beach/Moby And The Japs/Doctors And Nurses/Smokin'/The Attitude/No Pity/The Golden Age Of Television/Speedin'//Couples In Love/When I Was Young/Shampoo/Joey/The Bait/Masturbation/Hoggin'/No Guilt

Def American DEF 24215 - Live Fast, Die Fast - Wolfsbane (1989) Man Hunt/Shakin'/Killing Machine/Fell Out Of Heaven/Money To Burn//Greasy/I Like It Hot/All Or Nothing/Tears From A Fool/Pretty Baby

Geffen GHS 24216 - Mosquitos - Stan Ridgway (1989) Heat Takes A Walk/Lonely Town/Goin' Southbound/Dogs/Can't Complain//Peg And Pete And Me/Newspapers/Calling Out To Carol/The Last Honest Man/A Mission In Life

Geffen GHS 24217 - The End of the Innocence - Don Henley (06-27-89) (BB:#8) The End Of The Innocence/How Bad Do You Want It?/I Will Not Go Quietly/The Last Worthless Evening/New York Minute//Shangri-La/Little Tin God/Gimme What You Got/If Dirt Were Dollars/The Heart Of The Matter

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24218 - Oranges and Lemons - XTC (1989) (BB:#44) Garden Of Earthly Delights/The Mayor Of Simpleton/King For A Day/Here Comes President Kill Again//The Loving/Poor Skeleton Steps Out/One Of The Millions/Scarecrow People//Merely A Man/Cynical Days/Across This Antheap//Hold Me My Daddy/Pink Thing/Miniature Sun/Chalkhills And Children

Geffen GHS 24219 -

Geffen GHS 24220 - Adventures in Paradise - Christopher Williams (1989) Talk To Myself/Sexy Sex/Promises, Promises/(Lift You Up) Turn Your Hurt Around/Paradise//One Girl/Never Let Our Love Die/If That's What You Want/I'm Your Present/Always & Forever

Geffen GHS 24221 - Based on Happy Times - Tommy Keene (1989) Nothing Can Change You/Light Of Love/This Could Be Fiction/Based On Happy Times/When Our Vows Break/The Biggest Conflict//Highwire Days/Our Car Club/If We Run Away/Hanging On To Yesterday/Pictures/A Way Out

Geffen GHS 24222 - The Warmer Side of Cool - Wang Chung (1989) (BB:#123) Praying To A New God/What's So Bad About Feeling Good?/Snakedance/Swing/When Love Looks Back At You/Games Of Power//At The Speed Of Life/The Warmer Side Of Cool/Logic And Love/Tall Trees In A Blue Sky/Big World

Geffen GHS 24223 - Nikki - Nikki (1989) If You Wanna/We'll Be Together/Notice Me/Whoa, Whoa, Whoa/Ooti, Ooti//Body Rub/Do You Love Me/Wild Boys/Come On Over/Shadow Man

Geffen GHS 24224 - The Great Radio Controversy - Tesla (1989) (BB:#18) Hang Tough/Lady Luck/Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)/Be A Man/Lazy Days, Crazy Nights/Did It For The Money/Yesterdaze Gone//Makin' Magic/The Way It Is/Flight To Nowhere/Love Song/Paradise/Party's Over

Geffen GHS 24225 - How Long - Michael Thompson Band (1989) Secret Information/Give Love A Chance/1000 Nights/Wasteland/Never Stop Falling//Can't Miss/Gloria/Stranger/Baby Come Back/How Long

Geffen GHS 24226 -

Geffen GHS 24227 - Junkyard - Junkyard (1989) Blooze/Hot Rod/Simple Man/Shot In The Dark/Hollywood//Life Sentence/Long Way Home/Can't Hold Back/Texas/Hands Off

Geffen GHS 24228 - Introducing David Peaston - David Peaston (1989) Two Wrongs (Don't Make It Right)/God Bless The Child/Take Me Now/Tonight//We're All In This Together/Can I?/Eyes Of Love/Don't Say No/Thank You For The Moment

Geffen GHS 24229 - Maria McKee - Maria McKee (1989) I've Forgotten What It Was In You (That Put The Need In Me)/To Miss Someone/Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way?)/Nobody's Child/Panic Beach//Can't Pull The Wool Down (Over The Little Lamb's Eyes)/More Than A Heart Can Hold/This Property Is Condemned/Breathe/Has He Got A Friend For Me?

Geffen GHS 24230 - Fire Fire - EZO (1989) Love Junkie/Night Crawler/Fire Fire/Wild Talk/Burn Down The Night//Black Moon/Back To Zero/Cold-Blooded/She's Ridin' The Rhythm/Streetwalker/Million Miles Away

Geffen GHS 24231 -

Geffen GHS 24232 - New Light Through Old Windows - Chris Rea (1988) Let's Dance/Working On It/I Can Hear Your Heartbeat/Windy Town/On The Beach//Steel River/Stainsby Girls/Ace Of Hearts/Josephine/Candles

Geffen/WEA GHS 24233 - Watermark - Enya (1988) Watermark/Cursum Perficio/On Your Shore/Storms In Africa/Exile/Miss Clare Remembers//Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)/Evening Falls.../River/The Longships/Na Laetha Geal M'Oige

Geffen GHS 24234 -

Geffen GHS 24235 -

Geffen GHS 24236 - Greenpeace: Rainbow Warriors - Various Artists (1989) Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Live) - U2/Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle/Love Is The Seventh Wave - Sting/Let's Go Forward - Terence Trent D'Arby/Ship Of Fools - World Party/Don't Stop The Dance - Brian Ferry/Last Great American Whale//When Tomorrow Comes - Eurythmics/Middle Of The Road - Pretenders/Throwing Stones - Grateful Dead/This Time - INXS/Lay Your Hands On Me - Thompson Twins/Small World - Huey Lewis and News/City Of Dreams - Talking Heads//Waterfront (Live) - Simple Minds/The Whole Of The Moon - Waterboys/It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - R.E.M./You're The Voice - John Farnham/Set Them Free - Aswad/Somebody - Bryan Adams/Miles Away - Basia//Red Rain - Peter Gabriel/Look Out Any Window - Bruce Hornsby And The Range/Wholly Humble Heart - Martin Stephenson and Daintees/I Will Be Your Friend - Sade/We Are The People - John Cougar Mellencamp/Why Worry - Dire Straits

Geffen GHS 24237 -

Geffen GHS 24238 - The Man with the Blue Postmodern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar - Peter Case (1989) Charlie James/Put Down The Gun/Entella Hotel/Travellin Light/Poor Old Tom//Old Part Of Town/Rise And Shine/Two Angels/This Town's A Riot/Hidden Love

Geffen GHS 24239 - Heart of Stone - Cher (06-19-89) (BB:#10) If I Could Turn Back Time/Just Like Jesse James/You Wouldn't Know Love/Heart Of Stone/Still In Love With You/Love On A Rooftop//Emotional Fire/All Because Of You/Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?/Starting Over/Kiss To Kiss/After All (Love Theme From Chances Are)

Geffen GHS 24240 -

Geffen GHS 24241 - Dammy Wilde - Danny Wilde (1989) The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of/It's Just Like You/With All Your Might/Cut From Stone/Velvet Chains//Who's Gonna Hold You Now/My Girl/The Long Way Home/California Sunshine/Like A River/We Don't Have To Say Goodbye

Geffen GHS 24242 -

Geffen GHS 24243 -

Geffen GHS 24244 -

Geffen GHS 24245 - Letter from Home - Pat Metheny Group (1989) (BB:#63) Have You Heard/Every Summer Night/Better Days Ahead/Spring Ain't Here/45/8/5-5-7//Beat 70/Dream Of The Return/Are We There Yet/Vidala/Slip Away/Letter From Home

Geffen GHS 24246 - Flying Cowboys - Rickie Lee Jones (1989) The Horses/Just My Baby/Ghetto Of My Mind/Rodeo Girl/Satellites/Ghost Train//Flying Cowboys/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/Love Is Gonna Bring Us Back Alive/Away From The Sky/Atlas' Marker

Geffen GHS 24247 - Y'all Caught? The Ones That Got Away 1979-1985 - John Hiatt (09-89) The Crush/She Said the Same/Things to Me/Love Like Blood/Slug Line/She Loves the Jerk/My Edge of the Razor/Pink Bedroom//It Hasn't Happened Yet/Radio Girl/I Look for Love/Washable Ink/Riding With the King/When We Ran

Geffen GHS 24248 - The Ultimate: The Best of Tommy Bolin - Tommy Bolin (1989) Sail On - Zephyr/Cross The River - Zephyr/See My People Come Togethe - Zephyrr//Showbizzy - Zephyr/Alexis - James Gang/Standing In The Rain - James Gang/Spanish Lover - James Gang//Do It - James Gang/Quadrant 4 - Billy Cobham/Train - Moxy/Time To Move On - Moxy//Golden Rainbows - Alphonse Mouzon/Nitroglycerin - Alphonse Mouzon/Gettin' Tighter - Deep Purple/Owed To 'G' - Deep Purple/You Keep On Moving - Deep Purple/Wild Dogs - Deep Purple/Dreamer - Tommy Bolin//People, People - Tommy Bolin/Teaser - Tommy Bolin/Sweet Burgundy - Tommy Bolin/Shake The Devi - Tommy Bolin/Brother, Brother - Tommy Bolin

Geffen GHS 24249 - Slip of the Tongue - Whitesnake (1989) Slip Of The Tongue/Cheap An' Nasty/Fool For Your Loving/Now You're Gone/Kittens Got Claws//Wings Of The Storm/The Deeper The Love/Judgment Day/Slow Poke Music/Sailing Ships

Geffen GHS 24250 -

Geffen 9 24251-2 - Born to Laugh at Tornados - Was (Not Was) (1989) CD Reissue of GHS 4016. Knocked Down, Made Small (Treated Like A Rubber Ball)/Bow Wow Wow Wow/Betrayal/Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed)/Man Vs. The Empire Brain Building//(Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks/Professor Night/The Party Broke Up/Smile/Zaz Turned Blue

Geffen GHS 24252 -

Geffen GHS 24253 -

Geffen GHS 24254 - Pump - Aerosmith (09-12-89) (BB:#5) LP/cassette version. Young Lust/F.I.N.E./Love In An Elevator/Monkey On My Back/Janie's Got A Gun//The Other Side/My Girl/Don't Get Mad, Get Even/Voodoo Medicine Man/What It Takes

Geffen 9 24254-2 - Pump - Aerosmith (09-12-89) (BB:#5) CD version. Young Lust/F.I.N.E./Going Down/Love In An Elevator/Monkey On My Back/Water Song/Janie's Got A Gun//Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side/My Girl/Don't Get Mad, Get Even/Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man/What It Takes

[In 1990, MCA acquired Geffen Records. This switchover did not occur immediately, but was definite by 1991. Albuns with the old GHS/M5G prefixes as well as 9-24XXX-2 system are distributed by Warner Bros., while albums with new GEF/GEFC/GEFD prefixes are distributed by MCA.]

Geffen 9 24255-2 - Kojiki - Kitaro (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Hajimari/Sozo/Koi/Orochi/Nageki/Matsuri/Reimei

DGC DGC 24256 - Shelter - Lori Carson (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Shelter/Pretty Girls/Every Heartbeat/The Last Time/Day After/Love And Pain/Stand On Your Own/Pearl In His Pocket/Way Of The Past/Which Way Be Broadway/Imagine Love/Junk

Geffen GHS 24257 - Warm and Tender - Olivia Newton-John (1989) Jenny Rebecca/Rocking/The Way You Look Tonight/Lullaby Lullaby My Lovely One/You'll Never Walk Alone/Sleep My Princess/The Flower That Shattered The Stone/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star//Warm And Tender/Rock A Bye Baby/Over The Rainbow/The Twelfth Of Never/All The Pretty Little Horses/When You Wish Upon A Star/Reach Out For Me

Geffen GHS 24258 -

Geffen GHS 24259 -

Geffen GHS 24260 - Kiss of Life - Gene Loves Jezebel (1989) Jealous/It'll End In Tears/Kiss Of Life/Why Can't I?//Syzygy/Walk Away/Tangled Up In You/Two Shadows/Evening Star/I Die For You

Geffen/Virgin GHS 24261 - Eat Me in St. Louis - It Bites (1989) Calling All The Heroes/All In Red/Kiss Like Judas/Midnight/Positively Animal//Underneath Your Pillow/Sister Sarah/The Ice Melts Into Water/Still Too Young To Remember/Murder Of The Planet Earth

Geffen/Uzi Suicide GHS 24262 - Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks - Hanoi Rocks (1989) Reissue of Johanna JHNS 174.

Geffen/Uzi Suicide GHS 24263 - Oriental Beat - Hanoi Rocks (1989) Reissue of Johanna JHN 2063.

Geffen/Uzi Suicide GHS 24264 - Self Destruction Blues - Hanoi Rocks (1989) Reissue of Johanna JHN 3008.

Geffen/Uzi Suicide GHS 24265 - Back to Mystery City - Hanoi Rocks (1989) Reissue of Johanna JHN 3023.

Geffen/Uzi Suicide GHS 24266 - All Those Wasted Years: Live at the Marquee - Hanoi Rocks (1989) Reissue of Finnish Johanna DLP 1.

Def American DEF 24267 - Trouble - Trouble (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. At The End Of My Daze/The Wolf/Psychotic Reaction/A Sinner's Fame/The Misery Shows (Act II)//R.I.P./Black Shapes Of Doom/Heaven On My Mind/E.N.D./All Is Forgiven

Geffen GHS 24268 -

Geffen 24269-2 - Pump - Aerosmith (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Leather bound limited edition CD of GHS 24254. Young Lust/F.I.N.E./Love In An Elevator/Monkey On My Back/Janie's Got A Gun//The Other Side/My Girl/Don't Get Mad, Get Even/Voodoo Medicine Man/What It Takes

Geffen 24270-2 - Every Dog Has Its Day - Salty Dog (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Come Along/Cat's Got Nine/Ring My Bell/Where The Sun Don't Shine/Spoonful/Just Like A Woman//Sim Sala Bim/Keep Me Down/Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)/Lonesome Fool/Slow Daze/Sacrifice Me/Nothin' But A Dream

Geffen GHS 24271 - Miss Saigon - Original Cast (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Artists on this record, cassette and compact disc are Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce, Simon Bowman, Peter Polycarpou, Claire Moore, Keith Burns, Isay Alvarez and Monique Wilson. The Heat Is On In Saigon/The Movie In My Mind/Why God Why?/Sun And Moon/The Telephone Song/The Deal//The Ceremony/What's This I Find/The Last Night Of The World/The Morning Of The Dragon/I Still Believe/This Is The Hour//If You Want To Die In Bed/Let Me See His Western Nose/I'd Give My Life For You/Bui - Doi/What A Waste/Please//The Fall Of Saigon/Her Or Me/The Confrontation/The American Dream/The Sacred Bird/Finale

Geffen GHS 24272 - Enjoy Yourself - Kylie Minogue (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Hand On Your Heart/Wouldn't Change A Thing/Never Too Late/Nothing To Lose/Tell Tale Signs/Especially For You//My Secret Heart/I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)/Tears On My Pillow/Heaven And Earth/Enjoy Yourself

Geffen GHS 24273 - Shadowland - Shadowland (1989) Wink Of An Eye/Imitation Of Life/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Indigo Blue/Sweet Mystery//Wink Of An Eye/Imitation Of Life/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Indigo Blue/Sweet Mystery

Geffen GHS 24274 -

Geffen GHS 24275 - Boomerang - Creatures (1989) Standing There/Manchild/You!/Pity/Killing Time/Willow/Pluto Drive//Fury Eyes/Fruitman/Untiedundone/Simoom/Strolling Wolf/Venus Sands/Morriña

Geffen GHS 24276 - The Road to Hell - Chris Rea (1989) (BB:#107) The Road To Hell (Part I)/The Road To Hell (Part II)/You Must Be Evil/Texas/Looking For A Rainbow//Your Warm And Tender Love/Daytona/That's What They Always Say/Let's Dance/I Just Wanna Be With You/Tell Me There's A Heaven

DGC/Rough Trade DGC 24277 - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic - Sundays (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Skin & Bones/Here's Where The Story Ends/Can't Be Sure/I Won/Hideous Towns//You're Not The Only One I Know/A Certain Someone/I Kicked A Boy/My Finest Hour/Joy

Def American DEF 24278 - Shake Your Money Maker - Black Crowes (1990) (BB:#4) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Twice As Hard/Jealous Again/Sister Luck/Could I've Been So Blind/Seeing Things//Hard To Handle/Thick N' Thin/She Talks To Angels/Struttin' Blues/Stare It Cold

Geffen GHS 24279 - Something Bitchin' This Way Comes - Lock Up (1989) Can't Stop The Bleeding/Nothing New/Punch Drunk/Everywhere I Go It Looks Like Rain/24 Hour Man/Don't Wanna Talk About It//Half Man, Half Beast/Tell Me When It's Over/Kiss It Goodbye/Where The Sky Meets The Street/Maniac/Peacekeeper

Geffen GHS 24280 - Act III - Death Angel (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Seemingly Endless Time
Backing/Stop/Veil Of Deception/The Organization/Discontinued//A Room With A View/Stagnant/EX-TC/Disturbing The Peace/Falling Asleep

Def American DEF 24281 - Danzig II: Luzifuge - Danzig (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Long Way Back From Hell/Snakes Of Christ/Killer Wolf/Tired Of Being Alive/I'm The One/Her Black Wings//Devil's Plaything/777/Blood And Tears/Girl/Pain In The World

DGC DGC 24282 - Gutterboy - Gutterboy (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Far Away/A Rainy Day On Mulberry St./Close By/Let's Get Lost/Throw It All Away/Just One Of Those Things//Is It True/Every Other Night/Ruby/Growing Up Under The RR/Bus Stations And Train Yards

Geffen GHS 24283 - Ten - Y&T (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Hard Times/Lucy/Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark/Girl Crazy/City/Come In From The Rain//Red Hot & Ready/She's Gone/Let It Out/Ten Lovers/Goin' Off The Deep End/Surrender

Geffen GHS 24284 - Showtime - Nitzer Ebb (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Getting Closer/Nobody Knows/One Mans Burden/All Over/My Heart//Lightning Man/Rope/Hold On/Fun To Be Had

DGC DGC 24285 - Last Decade Dead Century - Warrior Soul (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. I See The Ruins/We Cry Out/The Losers/Downtown/Trippin' On Ecstasy//Four More Years/Superpower Dreamland/Charlie's Out Of Prison/Blown Away/Lullaby/In Conclusion

Geffen GHS 24286 - Beauty of Escaping - Shadowland (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Miss Yesterday/She's Shooting Fireworks/Hypnotised/Heroin Eyes/Garden Of Eden//My Escape/Something On Your Mind/Evil That You Do/The Deepest Indigo Blue/Sweet Mystery

Def Jam DEF 24287 - The Day the Laughter Died - Andrew Dice Clay (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Disc 1: First Kiss/Holiday Season/The Tree/Texas/Places To Meet Chicks/The Gift/The Divider/Personal Delivery Service/Female Anatomy/Under 2 Minutes//Kids/Mothers, Daughters, & Sisters/1990/Jerkin' Off/Milk & Shampoo/Laughter Vs. Comedy/While The Cats Away.../What'll It Be/Pizza/Concave/Frozen Foods Disc 2: The Osmonds/Hot Mama/Turn-On Words/Rhyme Renditions/True Stories/Automatic Pilot/Dogs & Birds/Women Comics/Cigarettes/A History Lesson//Judy/Mother & Son/A+/What Did She Say?/Double Date/Multiple Sclerosis/How Are Ya?/Silence Is Golden/Hour Back...Get It?/Something Soft

DGC DGC 24288 - Little Caesar - Little Caesar (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Down-N-Dirty/Hard Times/Chain Of Fools/In Your Arms/From The Start/Rock-N-Roll State Of Mind//Drive It Home/Midtown/Cajun Panther/Wrong Side Of The Tracks/I Wish It Would Rain/Little Queenie

Geffen GHS 24289 - It Ain't Where Ya From...It's Where Ya At - Silk Tymes Leather (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Intro-It Ain't Where Ya From/I Ain't Going Ou/That's How It Is/The Woman In Me/The Rhyme Goes On/New Jack Thang//Life Story/Taking No Shorts/T.S.U./Do Your Dance (Work It Out)/I Like It Funky/Ill Tip-Outro

DGC DGC 24290 - After the Rain - Nelson (06-26-90) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection/I Can Hardly Wait/After The Rain/Tracy's Song-Only Time Will Tell/More Than Ever//(It's Just) Desire/Fill You Up/Interlude-Everywhere I Go/Bits And Pieces/Will You Love Me?

DGC DGC 24291 - Meet John Doe - John Doe (1990) (BB:#193) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Let's Be Mad/A Matter Of Degrees/Dyin' To Get Home/It's Only Love/The Real One/Take #52//Worldwide Brotherhood/With Someone Like You/By The Light/Knockin' Around/Touch Me, Baby/My Offering

Geffen GHS 24292 - Willi Jones - Willi Jones (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Hey Hey/Dessie Mae's Last Words/Love Me Up/Cages And Walls/No Passion/Where My City Stood//Southern Hospitality/So Long, Mary Jane/Long Legged Goddess/Ain't It A Shame/Livin' On Change/Solo Del Gordo/Santa Ana

Geffen GHS 24293 - Question and Answer - Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes (1990) (BB:#154 pop, #3 jazz) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Solar/Question and Answer/H&H/Never Too Far Away/Law Years//Change of Heart/All the Things You Are/Old Folks/Three Flights Up

DGC DGC 24294 - Days of Thunder - Original Soundtrack (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. The Last Note of Freedom - David Coverdale/Deal For Life - John Waite/Break Through The Barrier - Tina Turner/Hearts In Trouble - Chicago/Trail Of Broken Hearts - Cher//Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns N' Roses/You Gotta Love Someone - Elton John/Show Me Heaven - Maria McKee/Thunder Box - Apollo Smile/Long Live The Night - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts/Gimme Some Lovin' - Terry Reid

Geffen GHS 24295 - Gypsy Beat - Brothers Figaro (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Three Years Gone/Sunflower/1959/Cross Your Heart/Just A Man/Big World//My Gold Ring/Lonesome Train/Some Dream Of Falling/Paradise To Pontchartrain/Ease It Slow

Geffen GHS 24296 - Notorious - Notorious (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. The Swalk/This Night/You Need More/Arianne/Losing You//Radio Silence/Eyes Of The World/Touch/Love Fades/I Believe In You

DGC DGC 24297 - Goo - Sonic Youth (06-26-90) (BB#99) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Dirty Boots/Tunic (Song For Karen)/Mary-Christ/Kool Thing/Mote//My Friend Goo/Disappearer/Mildred Pierce/Cinderella's Big Score/Scooter And Jinx/Titanium Exposé

Geffen GHS 24298 - Then & Now - Asia (1990) (BB:#114) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Only Time Will Tell/Heat Of The Moment/Wildest Dreams/Don't Cry/The Smile Has Left Your Eyes//Days Like These/Prayin' 4 A Miracle/Am I In Love?/Summer (Can't Last Too Long)/Voice Of America

DGC DGCC/DGCD 24299 - Apollo Smile - Apollo Smile (1991) This album was distributed by MCA. Thunderbox/Dune Buggy/I Want You To Love Me/Love Comes Your Way/Theme For All Nations/Friends//Hymn To The Sun/Temple Of Love/Peace/Theme (Reprise)/Dune Buggy (Bonus Remix)

Geffen GHS 24300 -

Geffen GHS 24301 - Up From the Ashes - Don Dokken (1990) (BB:#50) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Crash 'n' Burn/1000 Miles Away/When Some Nights/Forever/Living A Lie/When Love Finds A Fool//Give It Up/Mirror Mirror/Stay/Down In Flames/The Hunger

Geffen GEF/GEFC/GEFD 24302 - Night Ride Home - Joni Mitchell (1991) This album was distributed by MCA. Night Ride Home/Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free)/Cherokee Louise/The Windfall (Everything For Nothing)/Slouching Towards Bethlehem//Come In From The Cold/Nothing Can Be Done/The Only Joy In Town/Ray's Dad's Cadillac/Two Grey Rooms

Geffen GEF/GEFC/GEFD 24303 - Storyville - Robbie Robertson (1991) This album was distributed by MCA. Night Parade/Hold Back The Dawn/Go Back To Your Woods/Soap Box Preacher/Day Of Reckoning (Burnin For You)//What About Now/Shake This Town/Breakin The Rules/Resurrection/Sign Of The Rainbow

Geffen GHS 24304 - Ghost of a Dog - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (1990) (BB:#32) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Mama Help Me/Black & Blue/Carmelito/He Said/Times Like This/10,000 Angels//Ghost Of A Dog/Strings Of Lov/Woyaho/Oak Cliff Bra/Stwisted/This Eye/Forgiven/Me By The Sea

DGC DGC 24305 - Dear 23 - Posies (1990) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. My Big Mouth/Golden Blunders/Apology/Any Other Way/You Avoid Parties//Suddenly Mary/Help Yourself/Mrs. Green/Everyone Moves Away/Flood Of Sunshine

Def American/Rap-A-Lot DEF 24306 - Geto Boys - Geto Boys (01-17-90) (BB:#171 pop, #67 R&B) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Assigned as a Geffen release but was rejected by Geffen due to violent content. F # @ * 'Em/Size Ain't Shit/Mind Of A Lunatic/Gangster Of Love/Trigga Happy Nigga/Life In The Fast Lane/Assassins//Do It Like A G.O./Read These Nikes/Talkin' Loud Ain't Saying Nothin'/Scarface/Let A Ho Be A Ho/City Under Siege

Def American DEF 24307 - Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer (10-09-90) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. War Ensemble/Blood Red/Spirit In Black/Expendable Youth/Dead Skin Mask//Hallowed Point/Skeletons Of Society/Temptation/Born Of Fire/Seasons In The Abyss

Geffen GHS 24308 - The Simpsons Sing the Blues - Simpsons (12-4-90) (BB#3) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. Do The Bartman/School Day/Born Under A Bad Sign/Moanin' Lisa Blues/Deep, Deep Trouble//God Bless The Child/I Love To See You Smile/Springfield Soul Stew/Look At All Those Idiots/Sibling Rivalry

Geffen GHS 24309 -

Geffen GHS 24310 - Mermaids - Original Soundtrack (11-13-90) (BB:#65) This album was distributed by Warner Bros. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) - Cher/Big Girls Don't Cry - Frankie Valli and Four Seasons/It's My Party - Lesley Gore/Johnny Angel - Shelley Fabares/Baby I'm Yours - Cher/Just One Look - Doris Troy/Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia/Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny/If You Wanna Be Happy - Jimmy Soul

[At about this point, most releases are CD-and-cassette only.]

Geffen 9 24311-2 - Five Man Acoustical Jam - Tesla (11-13-90) (BB:#12) This album was distributed by Warner Bros.. Comin' Atcha Live-Truckin'/Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)/The Way It Is/We Can Work It Out/Signs/Gettin' Better/Before My Eyes/Paradise/Lodi/Mother's Little Helper/Modern Day Cowboy/Love Song/Tommy's Down Home/Down Fo' Boogie

Geffen GHS 24312 -

Geffen GHS 24313 -

[At about this point, MCA becomes the sole distributor of Geffen/DGC albums. Geffen releases still in print at the time had the "Manufactured exclusively by Warner Bros. Records, Inc." text replaced with "Manufactured and Distributed by MCA Distributing Corporation."]

Geffen GEFC/GEFD 24314 - I Napoleon - I Napoleon (1991) Perfect Absolution/Go To Pieces/Don't Wanna Sleep Alone/Come Back Soon/Everytime I See Your Picture//Love-Hate/Whipped Silly/Feels Like Suicide/I Am The Idiot/Sweet Cyanide/Concerto In D Minor

Geffen GEF/GEFD/GEFC 24315 - The Walk - Billy Joe Walker, Jr. (1991) The Walk/Hour Glass/Dream On/Mystery Man/Street Dancing//Illusions/Free Flight/Fields Of Stone/Crystal Speak To Me/Breezes

DGC DGC/DCGC/DCGD 24316 - The Language of Thieves & Vagabonds - Throbs (1991) Underground/Come Down Sister/It's Not The End Of The World Of The World/Dreamin'/Honey Child/Rip It Up//Ocean Of Love/Only Way Out/Sweet Addiction/Ecstasy/Strange Behaviour

DGC DGC/DCGC/DCGD 24317 - Don't Come Easy - Tyketto (1991) Forever Young/Wings/Burning Down Inside/Seasons/Standing Alone//Lay Your Body Down/Walk On Fire/Nothing But Love/Strip Me Down/Sail Away

Geffen GEF 24318 -

DGC DGCC/DGCD 24319 - Circle C - Circle C (1991) The Climb/Epiphone Song/Dust/Odette/?//Mission/State To State/R.S.V.P./Vacation Song/The Wash

DGC DCGC/DGCD 24320 - Saints and Sinners - Kane Roberts (1991) Wild Nights/Twisted/Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?/Dance Little Sister/Rebel Heart//You Always Want It/Fighter/I'm Not Lookin' For An Angel/Too Far Gone/It's Only Over For You

Geffen GEF 24321 -

Geffen GEF/GEFC/GEFD 24322 - Busman's Holiday - John Kilzer (1990) Marilyn Dean And James Monroe/Hands/Love And Happiness/Wet Picasso/Parasites/Living In A Dream//Stone Zoo/Mama's Room/In Dreams/The Jagged Door/The Falcon/Walk On Water

Geffen GEF/GEFC/GEFD/GEFX 24323 - Live in America - Kitaro (1991) Hajimari/Sozo/Koi//Nageki/Matsuri/Reimei//Silk Road/Caravansary//Cosmic Love/The Light Of The Spirit

DGC DGC/DGCC/DGCD 24324 - Galactic Cowboys - Galactic Cowboys (1991) I'm Not Amused/My School/Why Can't You Believe In Me/Kaptain Krude/Someone For Everyone//Sea Of Tranquility/Kill Floor/Pump Up The Space Suit/Ranch On Mars Reprise/Speak To Me

Reunion RENC/REND 24325 - Go West Young Man - Michael W. Smith (1991) Reissue of Reunion 701-0063. Go West Young Man/Love Crusade/Place In This World/For You/How Long Will Be Too Long//Seed To Sow/Cross My Heart/Emily/Agnus Dei/1990

Geffen 9 24326-2 - Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats - Peter Gabriel (1990) Warner Bros.-era number assigned to an MCA-era album. Solsbury Hill/I Don't Remember/Sledgehammer/Family Snapshot/Mercy Street/Shaking The Tree/Don't Give Up/San Jacinto/Here Comes The Flood/Red Rain/Games Without Frontiers/Shock The Monkey/I Have The Touch/Big Time/Zaar/Biko

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