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Geffen Records discography: GHS 2000 series. · 12:32pm Dec 27th, 2018

Albums in this series had a notebook-style label with black print with a G logo atop the label. The text below read: "Geffen Records, 9126 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90069 - Manufactured exclusively by Warner Bros. Records Inc. - A Warner Communications Company - Made in U.S.A." GHS 2023 was perhaps the final album released with the text ring, although if it was, Columbia House was apparently asleep at that wheel, as proven by the record club's copies of GHS 24026. Photo credit: Discogs.

Cassettes on Geffen in this series used the prefix GEF M5 or GEF L5 while 8-tracks used GEF M8.

Geffen GHS 2000 - The Wanderer - Donna Summer (10-20-80) (BB#13) The Wanderer/Looking Up/Breakdown/Grand Illusion/Running For Cover//Cold Love/Who Do You Think You're Foolin'?/Nightlife/Stop Me/I Believe In Jesus

Geffen GHS 2001 - Double Fantasy - John Lennon/Yoko Ono (11-17-80) (BB#1) (Just Like) Starting Over/Kiss Kiss Kiss/Cleanup Time/Give Me Something/I'm Losing You/I'm Moving On/Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)//Watching The Wheels/Yes I'm Your Angel/Woman/Beautiful Boys/Dear Yoko/Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him/Hard Times Are Over

Geffen GHS 2002 - The Fox - Elton John (05-20-81) (BB#21) Breaking Down Barriers/Heart in the Right Place/Just Like Belgium/Nobody Wins/Fascist Faces//Carla-Etude/Fanfare/Chloe/Heels of the Wind/Elton's Song/The Fox

Geffen GHS 2003 - Quarterflash - Quarterflash (10-81) (BB#8) Harden My Heart/Find Another Fool/Critical Times/Valerie/Try to Make It True//Right Kind of Love/Cruisin' With the Deuce/Love Should Be So Kind/Williams Avenue

Geffen GHS 2004 - Season of Glass - Yoko Ono (1981) (BB#49) Goodbye Sadness/Mindweaver/Even When You're Far Away/Nobody Sees Me Like You Do/Turn of the Wheel/Dogtown/Silver Horse//I Don't Know Why/Extension 33/No, No, No/Will You Touch Me/She Gets Down on Her Knees/Toyboat/Mother of the Universe

Geffen 2GHS 2005 - I'm A Rainbow - Donna Summer (scheduled for 10-05-81; unreleased) Issued August 20, 1996 on Casablanca/Mercury 532 869-2/4. I Believe (In You)/True Love Survives/You To Me/Sweet Emotion/Leave Me Alone/Melanie/Back Where You Belong/People Talk/To Turn The Stone/Brooklyn/I'm A Rainbow/Walk On (Keep On Movin')/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/A Runner With The Pack/Highway Runner/Romeo/End Of The Week/I Need Time

Geffen GHS 2005 - Donna Summer - Donna Summer (07-19-82) (BB#20) Number was reassigned to this album after the rejection of I'm A Rainbow. Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)/Mystery of Love/The Woman in Me/State of Independence//Livin' in America/Protection/(If It) Hurts Just a Little/Love Is Just a Breath Away/Lush Life

Geffen GHS 2006 - Standing Hampton - Sammy Hagar (1982) (BB#28) I'll Fall in Love Again/There's Only One Way to Rock/Baby's on Fire/Can't Get Loose/Heavy Metal//Baby, It's You/Surrender/Inside Lookin' In/Sweet Hitchhiker/Piece of My Heart

Geffen GHSP 2007 - Dreamgirls - Original Broadway Cast (1982) (BB#11pop, #4RB) Artists on this record and cassette are Obba Babatundé, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Cleavant Derricks, Loretta Devine, Ben Harney, Jennifer Holliday, and Sheryl Lee Ralph. Move (You're Steppin' On My Heart)/Fake Your Way To The Top/Cadillac Car/Steppin' To The Bad Side/Dream Girls/Press Conference/And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going//Ain't No Party/When I First Saw You/I Am Changing/I Meant You No Harm/The Rap/Firing Of Jimmy/I Miss You Old Friend/One Night Only/Hard To Say Goodbye My Love

Geffen GHS 2008 - Asia - Asia (1982) (BB#1) Heat of the Moment/Only Time Will Tell/Sole Survivor/One Step Closer/Time Again//Wildest Dreams/Without You/Cutting It Fine/Here Comes the Feeling

Geffen GHS 2009 - All of a Sudden - John Hiatt (1982) (BB#202) I Look For Love/This Secret Life/Overnight Story/Forever Yours/Some Fun Now/The Walking Dead//I Could Use An Angel/Getting Excited/Doll Hospital/Something Happens/Marianne/My Edge Of The Razor

Geffen GHS 2010 - Revenge Will Come - Greg Copeland (1982) Used/Starting Place/Full Cleveland/Eagleston/That'll Never Be The Same//Richard Hill/At The Warfield/Wrong Highway/El Salvador/Revenge Will Come

Geffen GHS 2011 - Peter Gabriel (Security) - Peter Gabriel (1982) (BB#28) The Rhythm of the Heat/San Jacinto/I Have the Touch/The Family and the Fishing Net//Shock the Monkey/Lay Your Hands on Me/Wallflower/Kiss of Life

Geffen 2GHS 2012 - The Concert In Central Park - Simon & Garfunkel (1982) Australian release. Mrs. Robinson/Homeward Bound/America/Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard/Scarborough Fair/Wake Up Little Susie/Still Crazy After All These Years/American Tune/Late In The Evening/Slip Slidin' Away/A Heart In New York/Kodachrome®-Maybelline/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover/The Boxer/Old Friends/The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/The Sounds Of Silence

Geffen GHS 2013 - Jump Up! - Elton John (04-09-82) (BB#17) Dear John/Spiteful Child/Ball and Chain/Legal Boys/I Am Your Robot//Blue Eyes/Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)/Princess/Where Have All the Good Times Gone?/All Quiet on the Western Front

Geffen GHS 2014 - Classic - Adrian Gurvitz (1982) No Fears In The Night/Living Ain't Easy Without You/Hello New York/Your Dream//Classic/Breakdown/No-One Can Take Your Place/End The Story

Geffen GHS 2015 - Preview - Preview (1983) All Night/Open Your Heart/So Blind/Running Back/Never Hold Back//Red Lights/Can't Stop This Feeling/Love Finds A Way/Can't You See/It's Over

Geffen GHS 2016 -

Geffen 2GHS 2017 - Cats - Original London Cast (1981) Artists on this record and cassette are Steven Wayne, Roland Alexander, Geraldine Gardner, Brian Blessed, Luke Baxter, Seeta Indrani, Donald Waugh, Sharon Lee-Hill, Anita Pashley, Julie Edmett, John Chester, Susan Jane Tanner, Elaine Paige, Jeff Shankley, Stephen Tate, Sarah Brightman, Myra Sands, John Thornton, Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas, Bonnie Langford, Kenn Wells, Peter Barry, Femi Taylor and Finola Hughes. Overture/Prologue: Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats/The Naming Of Cats/The Invitation To The Jellicle Ball/The Old Gumbie Cat/The Rum Tum Tugger/Grizabella/Bustopher Jones//Mungojerrie And Rumpleteazer/Old Deuteronomy/The Jellicle Ball//Grizabella, The Glamour Cat-Memory//The Moments Of Happiness-Memory/Gus: The Theatre Cat/Growltiger's Last Stand Including "The Ballad Of Billy McCaw"/Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat//Macavity/Mr. Mistoffelees/Memory/The Journey To The Heavyside Layer/The Ad-Dressing Of Cats

Geffen GHS 2018 - Trans - Neil Young (1982) (BB#19) Little Thing Called Love/Computer Age/We R in Control/Transformer Man/Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher)//Hold On to Your Love/Sample and Hold (vinyl 5:09, CD 8:03)/Mr. Soul/Like an Inca (vinyl 8:08, CD 9:46)

Geffen GHS 2019 - Wild Things Run Fast - Joni Mitchell (1982) (BB#25) Chinese Café-Unchained Melody/Wild Things Run Fast/Ladies' Man/Moon at the Window/Solid Love//Be Cool/(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care/You Dream Flat Tires/Man to Man/Underneath the Streetlight/Love

Geffen GHSP 2020 - The Little Shop of Horrors - Original Off-Broadway Cast (1982) Artists on this record and cassette are Lee Wilkof, Ellen Greene, Hy Anzell, Leilani Jones, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Sheila Kay Davis, Ron Taylor, Martin P. Robinson and Franc Luz. Prologue (Little Shop Of Horrors)/Skid Row (Downtown)/Da-Doo/Grow For Me/Ya Never Know/Mushnik & Son/Dentist!/Somewhere That's Green//Feed Me (Git It)/Now (It's Just The Gas)/Closed For Renovations/Suddenly, Seymour/Suppertime/The Meek Shall Inherit/Sominex-Suppertime II/Finale (Don't Feed The Plants)

Geffen GHS 2021 - Three Lock Box - Sammy Hagar (1982) (BB#17) Three Lock Box/Remote Love/Remember The Heroes/Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy/In The Room//Rise Of The Animal/I Wouldn't Change A Thing/Growing Up/Never Give Up/I Don't Need Love

Geffen GHS 2022 - Beatitude - Ric Ocasek (1982) Jimmy Jimmy/Something To Grab For/Prove/I Can't Wait/Connect Up To Me//A Quick One/Out Of Control/Take A Walk/Sneak Attack/Time Bomb

Geffen GHSP 2023 - The John Lennon Collection - John Lennon (1982) (BB#33) Give Peace A Chance/Instant Karma/Power To The People/Whatever Gets You Thru The Night/#9 Dream/Mind Games/Love//Imagine/Jealous Guy/(Just Like) Starting Over/Woman/I'm Losing You/Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)/Dear Yoko/Watching The Wheels

Geffen GHS 2024 -

Geffen GHS 2025 -

Geffen GHS 2026 - Selections From Cats - Original Broadway Cast (1982) Orchestra conducted by Stanley Lebowsky with the "Cats" company. Prologue: Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats/Solo Dance/The Old Gumbie Cat/The Rum Tum Tugger/Mungojerrie And Rumpleteaser/Old Deuteronomy/The Jellicle Ball/Grizabella//Gus: The Theatre Cat/Skimbleshank's The Railway Cat/Macavity/Mr. Mistoffolees/Memory/The Journey To The Heaviside Layer/The Ad-Dressing Of Cats

Geffen GHS 2027 -

Geffen GHS 2028 -

Geffen GHS 2029 -

Geffen GHS 2030 -

Geffen 2GHS 2031 - Cats - Original Broadway Cast (1983) Artists on this record and cassette are Terrence Mann, Hector Jamie Mercado, Stephen Hanan, Donna King, Steven Gelfer, Rene Ceballos, Rene Clemente, Wendy Edmead, Susan Powers, Christine Langner, Walter Charles, Bonnie Simmons, Betty Buckley, Joel Robertson, Bonnie Simmons, Carol Richards Anna McNeeley, Kenneth Ard, Timothy Scott, Harry Groener, Ken Page, Kenneth Ard, Herman W. Sebek, Christine Langner, Whitney Kershaw, Reed Jones, Janet Hubert-Whitten, Robert Hoshour, Cynthia Onrubia. Track listing is same as 2GHS 2017.

Geffen GHS 2032 -

Geffen GHS 2033 - Nothing but the Truth - Mac McAnelly (1983) How Cool/Middle Man/On The Line/Minimum Love/Lookin' For The Good Life//Like Your Mother/The City/Nothin' But The Truth/Other People Say/Dark Ages

Geffen GHS 2034 -

Geffen GHSP 2035 - Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (1983) Reissue of Mercury SRM-1-3848. The Mercury release of this album charted, while the Geffen one did not. Intruder/No Self Control/Start/I Don't Remember/Family Snapshot/And Through The Wire//Games Without Frontiers/Not One Of Us/Lead A Normal Life/Biko

Geffen GHS 2036 - Pleasure Victim - Berlin (1982) (BB#30) Tell Me Why/Pleasure Victim/Sex (I'm A...)//Masquerade/The Metro/World Of Smiles/Torture

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