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Happy Holidays^^ Also Fallout, cause why not · 11:23am Dec 25th, 2018

Hi guys, thought I will take a moment to wish you all Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas or Happy Heart's Warming, whichever is more appropriate^^ I hope you all spend this time happily^^

I'm currently in Greece for the holidays, been over ten years since the last time so happened. It's a nice change of pace to not be cold for Christmas :twilightsheepish: Of course, all the preparations for the journey, holidays, and work in the previous week had slowed down my writing (as you have noticed, I have yet to make that blog post I promised that will talk about a new show I've watched and love), buuuuut...

Infinite Potential chapter 12 is finished^^ Hey, I promised, didn't I? :derpytongue2: My editing team promised me they would look over it as swiftly as they can so that the chapter will be released before the year is over (it helps that I actually managed to keep the chapter short - when compared to the previous ones - this time). Also, I will be writing chapter 13 next, so you can expect it sometime in January, maybe February.

Since we're talking Fallout, I thought you might like to know that, despite how I said not so long ago that I enjoy Fallout 76, I've ragequitted it last week and don't expect to finish it anytime soon (it doesn't help that I left my PS4 back in Poland and won't get to play on it until I come back in 4th of January). If you will indulge me in this little hissy-fit...

I was doing one of the quests near the end I think, where you are sent to find some Brotherhood of Steel team that went to find a source of the Scorchbeats. I tracked them down to the mine, and thought my way through all the Scorched and other things inside. To make that experiance worse, their respawn time was ridiculous. I'd kill all five or so Schorched, look around the room for loot, and they would be back. And that mine as very long too boot. I've played for about an hour at least. How many enemies did I fight in the process? Well, enought to get all my weapons ruined. By the time I was near the end I was using a second sledgehammer that I found in there (the first one also got broken). So I am at the end, and see this giant Scorchbeast, try to fight it a bit but quickly realize that it's pointless (especially since the damned thing started summoning Scorched), so I go for the nearby corpse of the Brotherhood of Steel member with the quest mark on it... and the server crashes. And in case you don't know, when you log back into the game, you log back in at the "start" of location you were in. So, you know, I was thrown all the way back to the entrance of that mine.

I spend the rest of the week before leave for Greece playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (hey, "when in Rome", right? :rainbowlaugh:). That game is awesome, and I berely began it, so I expect I will be playing it for some time. Sadly, again, don't have PS4 with me, until I get back I'm stack playing games I've got on PC, like Fallout 3 or New Vegas, maybe Alan Wake, and definetly Crusader Kings 2 a Game of Thrones mod (the last one is very addicting :twilightsheepish:). Not playing WoW now, despite the new patch, I got bored of it for now, I only did the Kaldorei questline and kicked Horde's ass in Darkshore once, got my night elf change skin into the new "night warrior" look.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Hope you will all enjoy the holidays, regardless of how you spend them, and that you will enjoy the upcoming chapter^^

(I will be soon making that blog post about this new show, I love it so much and can't talk about it too much it's driving me crazy!:pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:)

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Merry Christmas :trollestia:

i played and beat ac odyssey and while it was ok in my opinion its not as good as previous entries


This is actually the first game in the series that I'm playing :twilightsheepish: I only played the one on Nintendo DS and about 20 minutes of first or second game. I've kinda always found the idea of "using machine to relive ancestor's life" ridiculous and unnecessery (the game would have worked as well with just being a character from different time in my opinion), and that sorta spoiled the game for me. So I probably wouldn't have bought Odyssey if I wasn't half Greek, was interested in Greek history and culture and basically got my master degree in archaeology thanks to it, but I am glad that I did, this game is sorta like a mix between Witcher and Shadow of War to me^^ I will probably try out some of the other games from the series later, I know that my brother bought Black Flag for my PS4, and Origin looks interesting (I find egyptian colture as interesting as Greek; heck, all ancient civilizations are interesting^^) too.

there was a reason they were reliving their ancestors lives you should play the games again (i actually started with 2) and play them through and you'll learn the reason behind why they do what they do

Happy Appropriate Holiday(s) to you as well, and thanks for the update. :)

Maybe I will, but I have to finish Odyssey first, then I have a ton of other games to finish, and Resident Evil 2 Remake comes out this month too and I am considering getting it too. Then there is also Red Dead Redemption 2... yeah, this might take me a while...

(Late) Thanks^^

No problem, and you're welcome. :)

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