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The Idiot Regarding: A Formerly Pagan Holiday · 8:34am Dec 25th, 2018

Hello, all! TheIdiot here yet once again to wish everyone a wonderful
"Merry Chris-hanukkah-mas and a Happy Rama-Kwanzaa-dan".

If you paid attention to this journal post's timing, it's now the twenty-fifth of December. As a gift from the SPECTRUM Crew (or Team, which you prefer) we've worked to make some gifts for you all. While your stocking contains a bit of revisionism with the existing Chapter 8 decomposed into a Chapter 8 and a Chapter 9, rest assured later today (or tomorrow) you'll have a new update with Chapter 10 at your finger-tips.

In any event, from us here at the SPECTRUM-Verse, we wish you a wonderful December/winter holiday.



P.S. Here's a random video on the history of Christmas if you're interested!

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Happy holidays... I guess?

Merry Christmas~


4985850 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too.

Merry Christmas!

4986056 And a happy holidays to you as well.

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