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Greetings, my name is W. D. Arceaion former <Redacted> of <Redacted>. I was a Human till I accidentally shattered myself across Time and Space.

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Returning Homes Series · 8:31am Dec 24th, 2018

So may of you who have read the sequel to Returning Home have expressed a significant amount of confusion as to what is going on and by proxy where it's going. Honestly there was a reason I took so long releasing the sequel and it was not due to writers block or even that I needed time to write the story, no the reason was because of something I know will happen. Returning Home is a story that popped in my head at random that I ran with and quickly became a success and one that I was not prepared for as a writer. It was for this reason that I was hesitant to release the sequel as I knew it would be compared to its predecessor and that is not what I wanted.

While Returning Home II is the sequel it should not be compared to its predecessor. The story told in Returning Home II is not the same as the story in Returning Home. In many ways Returning Home II will always be overshadowed by its predecessor and despite what you want I can't give you a story that will make you feel the same. However I believe I can give you something that will stand out for its own merits and if one looks can see the underlining story.

I do apologize for the length it is taking to make new chapters for this story and I hope you will stick with me as I try to give you a story that you can remember as truly memorable. However I do want to do more for this story so as of now I will be giving Her access to the Blog. She will be posting quiet often and She is looking forward to talking to you all.

Dr. Walter D. Arceaion

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Comments ( 4 )

Your use of pronouns is a little heavy handed.

if you don't want a story compared to what came before, don't make it a sequel as a sequel by its very nature is 'supposed' to be compared to [at least in so far as the next chapter in a book should be compared to the previous one ] the predecessor as its a continuation of 'that' story, if it is not a continuation of the previous story then its not a sequel its a spinoff.

Don't worry to much about time between updates to the story, those of us that are interested will still be here. However, please try to keep us in the loop with delays and such.

I don't mind it being compared to it's predecessor however I'm more concerned that people expecting something that I can't give. As I said I wasn't prepared for the success that Returning Home had, success like that often leaves a shadow that is hard to escape from as it sets a standered that is hard to break. Returning Home II maybe a sequel and pick up where Returning Home left off but it still is going to be telling a different story. It's hard to explain and I only hope when people see what I've done they will understand.

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