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Okay so I give, · 5:37pm Dec 21st, 2018

I am in the process of starting up a patreon, or rather I was. Enough of you have been badgering me to get it up so I figured I might as well get one started.

Then the Sargonocalypse happened.

Basically Patreon did a purge of a few people for reasons that don't have anything to do with their own rules on their website, (regardless of what you think of the people involved), so in response a lot of people have been ditching Patreon, including some big names like Sam Harris of the New Atheists, which in turn is publically hurting Patreon's credibility. Many people as a result hopped on over to Subscribestar, a patreon alternative that is, essentially, exactly like patreon. Within a day or two of this all coming about Paypal, for some reason, pulled support from Subscribestar, effectively freezing its ability to transfer payments.

So now I am stuck wondering what the fuck to do, I cant very well go to Subscribestar till it unfucks itself and Patreon is looking sketch as fuck right now. (I am far from the most progressive person, politically or socially, even if I don't use my works to promote ideology, I'm to the right of Sargon which effectively makes me an Unperson susceptible to being insta-shitcanned if I piss someone off enough to get reported) I'd appreciate any ideas in this regard, but right now I'm playing the wait and see game to see if this calms down or not. I'm also taking bets on how long before SWIPE follows Paypal's suit.

In the meantime, since I was stuck wondering what sort of benefits I could offer patrons, and because Patreon required me to make a banner, here's what was going to go on top of my page when I opened it:

Don't be afraid to right click and open the image in a new tab if you cant read at this resolution.

My art is hardly commission worthy so I wasn't going to offer up that and I haven't animated in years so I can't very well offer that as Patron tier reward. So Writing commissions and scene commands were what I came up with so far. I appreciate any other ideas I could offer as patron rewards, especially for the £1 and £5 tiers which effectively is just me writing Bad Mondays more.

Comments ( 50 )

Yeah... That patreon thing is B's. I hope you can find some site that works for you. Good luck, and Godspeed.

Fuuuck Later in, keep us updated!

What happened with Patreon exactly?

I only really know Sargon was kicked off because of something he said in someone's stream somewhere, and that was enough for Patreon to kikc him off even though it had nothing to do with Patreon or its rules. Not sure what reasons Milo and others were kicked. Apparently Patreon has taken to policing peoples' 'brands' as it were.

Maybe for a higher tier, you could do a behind the scenes for bad Monday's and how you came up with your ideas for each chapter.

If you figure out what platform your going to use, I'll give you some cash.

Politics my friend, politics.

Sargon of Akkad, semi-noteworthy e-personality, more details here. But the TL;DR is that he calls out political correctness, identity platforming, and other assorted ideological bullshit--as he defines such--in whatever media he has access to. People like to point at him and scream all sorts of nasty words and pejorative terms.

An author I follow on Patreon just allows patrons to read the chapter a week before everyone else

Thats not a bad idea actually.

That blog title was a slight scare.
Also, could we get a bit more detail on the £10 tier?

Handy, from the little exposure I've had to Sargon, you are way left of him. That certainly doesn't excuse Patreon's actions though and I'd still get the hell out of that sinking ship as soon as possible, maybe look into Kofi if you don't mind attaching your real name to it.

If that doesn't work for you I found a list of Patreon alternatives, have a look through and see if any of them fit the bill:

>Way left of Sargon
[Laughs in Monarchist]

And I intend to stay away from patreon for the time being, not gonna hop onto these rando sites until I see one that looks semi stable and non-sketchy with people going onto it. And I am certainly not doxxing myself for any of them.

The £10 tier would essentially allow the giver to request a scene they wanted explored in Bad Mondays, either what a certain other character is doing or some event they know of in Bad Mondays that has occured or is occurring but the narrative isn't currently looking at it. It could be anything from a vignette to half a chapter depending on what needs to be explored.

Would we be able to request omakes or silly non canon one shots within the bad Monday's universe at the 10 dollar tier?

I don't see why not, but the omake scenes would probably need to be compiled and posted with a special title like I did for the April Fool's chapters, seeing as they would be non-canon.

Yeah that makes sense, or it could just be a separate story on the site too if too many people want it. Is 10 the highest tier?

No, so far £20 is the highest tier.

There's always crypto, maybe a smart contract with Etherium.

Takes a bit of understanding to set up, and not as accessible as PayPal.

But it's something.

what's the reward for the 20 dollar tier?

I don't think I'm going to get involved with cryptocurrency at this late in the game.

A story commission of 5k words, can be original, only no romance and no porn.

OK, let us know when you find a platform, and I'll send money your way. This sounds like a fun idea.

That's your call, can't be too careful after-all.

As to Sargon, he argued that just because the Natzi's said they were socialists, that meant that they were. So compared to that, you're practically a communist :rainbowwild:.

I hope you find yourself an alternative that you're happy with soon, Handy. Whilst I'm still unable to contribute personally, I know there's plenty more who're both willing and capable.

Late to the mining, most likely, but it doesn't stop anyone from using crypto as a payment system. You can still go to an exchange and trade for crypto. Just keep in mind local tax law on how they handle crypto trades.

Going with Etherium, then, the simplest smart contract would merely store the payer's account address, the amount paid, and duration (number of blocks or time +- the time limit between blocks).

Handling of keys to early chapters and such can then be handled off-chain via e.g. e-mail or some other communication, using ZK proofs for authentication. For instance, you can generate n random 256-bit strings, encrypt them with the payer's public key, which can be extracted from the payer's transaction, and ask the supposed payer decrypt the strings and send the results back. If the results match, then you know the supposed payer knows the private key pair to that public key, with a probability that the supposed payer guessed it correctly approaching zero exponentially for larger n.

Alternatively, you can use one-time hashcodes, where the payer generates a random 256-bit string, hashes it and posts the hash to the contract. That hashcode can be revealed once by the payer by sending the original string. This requires the payer to remember the original string, though, and not everyone is prepared for that. Hardware fails, paper is lost, etc. Though you can use it as an off-chain authentication, then store the user/email and payer account address in a spreadsheet.

An additional escrow system can be added for added security for both parties, but that makes it more complex. OpenBazaar does have a suitable system for dispute, thought it might take some effort to integrate to a subscriber system.

Or he can just wait till the situation unfucks itself. It's a lot easier that way, because, my god, that's a lot of technical jargon. Or maybe it's just me tired as hell coz of christmas preparations. Maybe both.

Also, Handy, god damn it, the names for the perks are pure gold. I see no way to improve them. You, sir, are a genius.
Edit: also, i have just read the tags. My opinion of your genius has skyrocketed even more.

We're the tiers in the small image (it didn't load for me)? I feel like I asked redundant stuff and didn't even know lol.


Yeah, same with me. I had just sorted out some bank stuff and was finally about to set up patreon, and then this happened. I swear I have a curse with that site because I keep going to set it up and things keep derailing it.

That said, I might have a near-future solution for you:

Welcome to the wonderful world of political terms. They mean whatever the fuck you want them to mean and everyone will make a point of misinterpreting them to push their semi-arbitrarily defined side, and that's before you talk about the absurdly arbitrary terms "left" and "right" with their massive constellation of ever-changing and frequently contradictory positions. :facehoof:

As for Sargon, I can't speak about him with any confidence because the dishonesty is so bad that I can't really trust anyone and haven't taken the time to look into what he has to say myself.

So that was your plan all along. first fix is free but now you're hooked it's gonna cost ya. You fiend!

In all seriousness though. I hope the site Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson are supposedly setting up works for you, and best of luck.


Handy, from the little exposure I've had to Sargon, you are way left of him.

You’ve either been watching compilations of quotes taken out of context, uncritically absorbing whatever propaganda the mainstream media has shat out about him, or have been listening to the slanderous accusations of the regressive left. Sargon is decidedly anti‐communist, pro‐free speech, and anti‐illegal immigration, but these aren’t incompatible with liberal ideology. The first is actually fairly neutral, politically, while the latter two used to be things the left championed. He has advocated for the welfare state (including universal healthcare, housing subsidies), wants regulation to curtail Silicon Valley’s rampant censorship (politically neutral; the left wing approach would be to declare them utilities — which goes beyond mere regulation to prevent their anti‐competitive discrimination — whereas the libertarian and right wing approach is to stop giving these corporations tax breaks and leave them to the invisible hand of the free market), is pro‐choice, and is in favour of secular government.


he argued that just because the Natzi's said they were socialists, that meant that they were

I don’t recall him saying that, but it sounds like the kind of inflammatory statement he’d make to trigger exactly the sort of people who would be triggered by that sort of statement, then follow up with what he actually meant. Perhaps some wry observation that both Nazis and commies alike tend to appropriate private property, they just had differing criteria for what made one an acceptable target. Either that or he was talking about horseshoe theory again, i.e., where the extremes of both sides begin to have more in common with each other than somebody on the same side but closer to the middle.

Just a tip, but people tend to be less receptive to your advice when you accuse them of 'uncritically absorbing... propaganda', as it frames you as aggressive when you probably just wanted to make a point.

Furthermore, I'd rather if we didn't turn Handy's blog post into a political battleground over an offhanded joke I made in my comment. I already brought it off-topic enough, so lets just agree that we have different impressions of the guy and move on.

However, If you really want to talk about this we can take it to the PMs.

For those wondering, Sargon of Akkad called the Nazis the n word. Make of that what you will.

Yeah going to give Peterson a miss on that one as well, dude's sketchier as time goes by if you look past what his fans say and read what he's actually saying carefully. That and being apart of the media recognised 'Intellectual Dark Web' of people who include the likes of Ben Shapiro doesn't do a whole lot to instil any confidence in him from me as being all that radical. Sam Harris I know next to nothing about other than he's a big name in New Atheist circles, so I dunno. If it works well then great but I am not holding my breath on that one, Peterson fucked up on the Kavanagh debacle in terms of sticking to his guns so I am not holding my breath on him standing up to the storm of his patreon alternative is likely to get if its any good.

Thank you and thanks for the advice, but I am still giving it a miss. I am too technically illiterate to risk gambling on that tech right now without catastrophically fucking up somehow.

I've actually been following Sargon since just about around the time before Gamergate became a thing (back when it was still just the five guys controversy before it blew up into becoming this big thing) and needless to say I do not agree with a lot of his politics, generally tend to agree with his critics in that he is not as smart as he thinks he is, and slowly watching him try to reconcile his classical British liberalism with the fact that it is directly responsible for the creation of the modern Progressive movement he so reviles. As I said before and elsewhere, I am a Monarchist, a Nationalist (before it was cool), and a traditionalist, I like the Free Market, but despise Free Trade, I am in favour of regulation where necessary and deregulation where possible for the benefit of the lower classes and smaller businesses, anti-corporatist but pro-entrepreneurial, as a result I tend to fall out of what has become the traditional right/left spectrum economically and politically, but Socially is probably what puts me hard on the right in what everyone presumes the right to be. but that doesn't matter these days because even Sargon is derided as a Right Wing nutjob when he's as milquetoast, wannabe edgelord shitlord liberal as they come without being unironic, which probably explains some of his mass appeal post his anti-feminist balliwick. (Back in the day when absolutely everyone on the internet was sick of Feminism's shit, its how he built his base). That said I do agree with him that the Nazis had socialist elements, but not neccessarily socialist in the sense they were not based on marxist teachings or inspirations, but socialism in terms of what they thought the social good was. Free education, Healthcare, Welfare, and a whole roster of other typically socialist bailiwicks were present and promulgated in Nazi society, that socialists refuse to accept this as being socialist because of the Nazi's exclusionary and racialist elements is their problem. I don't buy Horseshow theory because it only really applies to revolutionary politics, which essentially, all politics in the West has been in one form or another for the past 100 years, With it actually being more of a kind between extremist and authoritarian ends and the more centrist 'middle' which lends itself to oligarchic rule under Democratic Guise.

Monarchist, eh? Not what I expected honestly, but it's a nice surprise. When you get a payment system figured out, I'll donate what I can.


That said I do agree with him that the Nazis had socialist elements, but not neccessarily socialist in the sense they were not based on marxist teachings or inspirations, but socialism in terms of what they thought the social good was

I'm a bit pressed for time right now, but I feel the need to state my disagreement on this point and some of the basic underpinnings as to why I disagree.

Firstly, socialism isn't defined by what Marx taught, communism is.

Secondly, the fact way the Nazi's went about implementing their social reforms is exactly why they are not socialists, because it goes against the egalitarian ideals that underpin modern socialism.

I'd be happy to continue this conversation at a later date, but I've been procrastinating on my work for too long already. Once again, good luck with the Patreon issue.

1. Glad your still alive.
2. You seem to be in better condition and that's good too.
3. An opportunity to make a monthly contribution to your work will be appreciated when it's avalible.
4. Still praying for you.


Yeah, that's fair. Peterson has some good points, but he also has some serious issues as well. We'll have to wait and see what happens with the platform as well, but given the way silicon valley has exploited its collective monopoly to shut down competition in the past it's reasonable to assume it will happen again with whatever they set up.

>> No romance
*Puts away suggestion for Shortbeak/Handy ship*

But yeah, let us know when you've found a solution you like.

If you define socialism as having Egalitarianism as an intrinsic value then I concede your point, Nazism would not be socialist. I would contend however that realistically, this makes no difference, no application of any ideology that, so long as it remains in the realm of ideas, remains pure, such as socialism, will ever live up to the ideas standards, which is why every application of socialism, from the communists and their myriad fuckeries, to the Anarchists and their myriad fuckeries, to the social democrats and their myriad fuckeries, will ever be 'real socialism', because the idea is impossible because it demands the application of an idea that is not possible in a limited world which our universe appears to be (the anarchists, arguably the most purest loyalists to the idea of egalitarianism are the biggest proof of its practical impossibility with the human race). Hence why the phrase 'That wasn't real socialism' is true in that it was not the idea, it is also false because every application of the idea will never be real socialism, (hence why some neo-marxist thinkers have done what the liberals of the Post French Revolution had to do and dropped egalitarianism as hierarchies are impossible to avoid, it also explains why they are floundering at developing their ideas any farther) hence why people like Sargon who compare the Nazis to the Socialists and the Communists in their similarities have water to their arguments. This is why every other ideology that makes pretences to egalitarianism has to put qualifiers or alternative interpretations to the idea, because the strict interpretation is impossible and its application can only result in madness at worst and horrendous inefficiencies at best. Even religions that value egalitarianism qualify it in the terms of the spiritual, this is why Christianity can say all men are equal, because all men are sons of God, but also deal with the realities of hierarchy because this is a fallen world, and even the in the realm of the perfect, Heaven, is organised as onto a kingdom, and man is not wiser than God by definition. This is why all the more orthodox variations of Christianity have lasted but the radical egalitarian heresies have always petered out or resulted in so much chaos and destruction it provoked hostilities, such as the Albigensian crusade. (The Cathar Heresy had been boiling away for decades, pervaded much of France, been in negotiation with the Church for all that time, and eventually came to a head after they murdered an inquisitor sent for the next round of negotiations. Shit happens when you don't tolerate reality) Other religions have similar but different reactions to the idea. There IS some truth to it, but not one that can be applied in our current state of being, or to the strictest limitation of the idea.

Thank you, I greatly appreciate your help.

My current worry is the banks pulling out from any alternatives popping up. When that happens, we really have no option left but violence, because they are literally making it impossible to transfer money for the sake of supporting creators. I am not strictly speaking of my brand of the right but everyone who dissents from the current arrangement.

Thank you. Also I haven't been subtle with my leanings, I just don't politicise my works.

That fucking ship I swear...

And thank you.


Yeah, I was thinking that kind of violence would be the logical outcome of a Clinton win in 2016, but Trump's election was a clear refutation of the insanity and should pave the way for a real solution at least in the US and these clowns to be ejected from serious discussion like the Evangelical Christians a while back.

I don't know what's going on on your side of the pond nearly as well, although it should correct one way or another. I've heard some things that make it sound like it might already be underway, but I just don't pay enough attention to Europe to know for sure. On the plus side, if push comes to shove, you'll be able to come here for asylum since it won't be hard to argue that they will persecute you on the basis of at least one of the listed categories (race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or particular social group) based on what I've already seen them do.

Edit: Also, I've heard some rumblings about anti-trust laws getting involved with this patreon mess so it's possible things could get sorted out that way.

Whilst it is true that the ideal is likely impossible, striving to reach for it is supposed to be the goal. The Nazi's did not do this, instead they cynically employed the tools they thought would allow them to accrue the most power and control. To me, this is the big difference; the difference between using socialist ideas or policies and actually believing in and striving for socialist goals.

If the Nazi's had truly believed in socialist and egalitarian ideals, they wouldn't have torn women, Jews, the disabled, Romani etc. out of the workforce for example. Instead, they did just that in order to give their jobs to German men, because they believed that they were superior. They then proceeded to do their absolute best to keep their chosen people content, a process that involved a number of socialist and pseudo-socialist concepts.

Whilst I'm sure you know all about this, I feel this exemplifies the difference I'm talking about rather well. The Nazi's goals and ideals were not socialist in nature, yet they did their best to hide and obscure that from the people under their control,

On another, more lighthearted, subject: HandyxShortbeak when? :pinkiehappy:

For now, maybe just a text box at the top of your homepage with labeled tiers linking to a gmail page under a throwaway account.

So how much do we have to donate to get the next chapter Lol

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for your patron I’ll donate just because I like you and I like your work

Famsquad I've been waiting for an opportunity to throw money at you for years. I personally don't care what the rewards are if it means more Bad Mondays, which is, in my opinion, the single most interesting work of fanfiction I've encountered in the now over 8 years I've been in this fandom (god, it's been so long since the /co/ days).

Hey Handyman! While I was waiting for a new chapter, I remembered something. Is Sir Handy’s Musical brick going to make another appearance soon? It’s always simple and quick, but so enjoyable when it makes an appearance. Good luck with the story and everything irl!




Search his homepage for "The Poor Box"...

It's his paypal donation link hidden in the bottom right corner of his page. I don't know why that it's not bigger and says "Donations", but there you go...

I donated ~$5 monthly (whatever GPB is lol)

Nice find! Also, GBP is the £. Great Britain Pound.

I can't seem to find the link on mobile, I would like to send money to help out now that I have a disposable income.


Here's the link of the button, I ripped it from the page source.

Edit: The link dosn't appear too work... just get a computer... Or hit the "Request Desktop Site" in your moble browser.

Ok thanks!

Edit: I guess even on the desktop site the link won't work for mobile,

I'm still going to try and donate soon, just waiting for my paycheck.

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