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"I haven't seen a bigger waste of talent since Dan Marino." -Roselucky Seven

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  • Tuesday
    Write or Play Starcraft?

    HHmmMMMmMMKmmM :applejackconfused:

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  • 6 days
    How are you guys doing?

    I'm finishing up school for the year- I've got an exam Friday and then I start my summer research block, which should give me a lot more time for writing!

    I want to ask, though- how are all my favorite poners on fimfiction doing? Comment below and let's chat!

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  • 4 weeks

    at what point do i become horse famous because i really dont want to have to write a 1 million+ word crossover fic

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  • 5 weeks
    New Story Dropping Tonight!

    There comes a time in every pony author's life when he must return to his roots. And what better authorial root is there than cuddling ponies? None, I say! Keep an eye out kiddoes, a new story is dropping late tonight/early tomorrow, and it has something for everypony!

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  • 6 weeks
    What's coming up soon?

    Whinny City was great, btw. Shoutout to CoffeeMinion (I met his beautiful wife and children), Vivid Syntax, and also my new friends I met at the Writer's Meetup! (And, of course, ireadpony for recording my panel

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New Christmas Story! · 10:54am Dec 18th, 2018

Why are all of these ponies trying to kiss you under the mistetoe!?

Story is linked below!

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That... is a damned good question.

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