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  • 6 weeks
    Anthology of foal's classic stories

    Hey everyone, so I was talking to a friend of mine who has been working with me on an audio-dub project. It was getting late and our conversation was winding down, and he wished me a good night and I replied following my penchant for sleepiness-induced silliness a gif of a sleepy Trixie Lulamoon.

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  • 19 weeks
    My delve into playwriting

    Last week I came across a fun challenge being posted on Facebook through a group called "Quarantine Bake-Off" they are a group of theatre students who due to the current Quarantines were bored, and as such thought, it would be a fun way to see the creativity of the community. The challenge was to write a play script, the subject and tone could be whatever you wanted it to be so long as you

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  • 28 weeks
    Art Commissions open for 2020

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you guys know that I am opening up for commissions if anyone is interested. Feel free to reach out to me here or via one of my listed contact links and I would be more than happy to talk.

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  • 31 weeks
    Firefly promo 1st draft animatic

    Just for fun, I spent the last few hours putting together an animatic-type sequence for the Firefly commercial script using Powerpoint. I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed putting it together (if this goes over well, and as we get more art in from our artist, there will almost certainly be updates)

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  • 37 weeks
    Sad News

    At 7:18 p.m. CST our twelve year old Scottish Terrier MacGregor was put down after a tumor was discovered on his liver along with a bad fever and some other

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Happy Holidays to all my friends on Fimficton · 7:48pm Dec 17th, 2018

Hello all, I am nerve-cited about this being my first blog post on this site.
Anyway, I tried uploading one of my stories but for some reason, there was some kind of error in my submission, and I am fairly certain I filled out all the relevant information, if anyone who sees this post has any suggestions or ideas about what went wrong or how I go about submitting something, feel free to pm me and I'd be happy to chat.
That being said, I want to wish everyone on this site and in the wider brony community a very Happy Hearthswarming/Christmas/Holiday season and a Happy New Year and with that in mind Here is a picture I drew for a holiday card I sent through DeviantArt as part of their holiday card project which gives people who are in hospitals both here and abroad a bit of love and care over the holiday season. I hope whoever gets my card enjoys it as much as I did making it.

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