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I’m an Autistic Conservative Christian who loves to write, act, and be comedic & crazy to help others laugh & smile.

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My Movie Review on “The Christmas Chronicles” · 9:32pm Dec 8th, 2018

What’s up, guys? AMU back in the house, and with something a little different than my previous posts, really.

Today, I’m gonna be making my very first movie review for here (which is not the first movie review I have ever made in actuality) of Netflix’s “The Christmas Chronicles”

In this original film starring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, siblings Kate (played by Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (played by Judah Lewis) hatch a scheme to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and get him on video. When the plan goes awry however, the kids join forces with a somewhat jolly Saint Nick and his loyal elves to save the holiday before the Christmas spirit completely vanishes.

Let me tell something to you guys: this film caught me by surprise!

The story that the film had, which was written by Matt Lieberman and David Guggenheim, was something that’s new, different, and top-of-the-line fresh! It does visit the concept of saving Christmas, but, it’s all in a completely new and unexpecting way. It even visited the concepts of family and holiday spirit wonderfully, which is great because I don’t think many films do that anymore.

The direction by Clay Kaytis, as well as the involvements of producers Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan,and Mark Radcliffe were also what I would like to credit for helping this film skyrocket. Each of these people lended such brilliant creativity, and they made excellent use of what must’ve been a very low budget. By the latter, I mean that they made sure everything looked great without the use of too much money.

Additionally, the acting was great, and the characters were extremely fun to be around. The character development of Teddy Pierce was extremely well-done and engaging, and I love how he learned to believe in himself, his loved ones, and in Santa no matter what. The rekindling bond between him and Kate Pierce was fantastic as a plus, and I deeply admired the innocence and feistiness that Kate had.

Kurt Russell was very much meant to play Santa Claus. If his and the filmmakers’ goal was to give Santa a personality and characterization unlike any other Santa Claus before him, I’d say mission accomplished! Kurt Russell portrayed his character perfectly, and he gave off such a great sense of humor. And man, I don’t think I ever knew he could sing, but he can!

Now, if I have to point out some certain problems, it would be that it had some cuss words, which would kind of make it all but family-oriented. There isn’t too much, luckily. Just some.

In conclusion, “The Christmas Chronicles” is a film that is original, imaginative, funny, heartfelt, and completely different compared to Christmas films of recent years. I highly recommend it to all.

So, I rate this film 4 1/2 out of five stars. This rating is only because of the slight cussing, really.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review I have shown you all, because from this day onward, I have decided to start posting the movie reviews I have made on my personal website to here, as a way to give them more diversification. Plus, I’ve been wanting to show you guys my reviews for quite some time.

Let me know in the comments what you thought about it, and don’t forget to also share this with your family and friends.

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It sounds really good! I will probably watch it someday, but I have way too many things on my list to watch already, so it’ll be awhile. But it definitely sounds like something worth checking out someday.

I'll probably watch it someday as well. They say it's a good series.

I normally don't take interest in 'Santa' movies since they generally don't commit to a single Mythos of Santa's origins, but I might give this a shot.

To be fair, I first thought Mark Hamill was Santa. He would do a pretty good job as well, in my opinion.

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