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The biggest change, it just happened. · 11:41pm Dec 6th, 2018

Removed "How many lovers have you made today?" and "It takes a village" due to the recent Patreon changes I've made and them not being in accordance with Fimfic's rules. Those stories will be continued over on Patreon until they're finished.

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Comments ( 37 )

what about those that don't have a patreon how will they beable to keep up with the stories

You sr just kill me :fluttercry:

Now that just sucks...

Is there anyway i can convince you to put the stories on Wattpad as well? as i love your stories

Wait, which Fimfic rules do they break? With how long it was on the site, you'd think no one would care

H-How could you? :fluttercry:

I made an account there a long time ago and had never used it. I'll look into it.

That is the question that interests us all. Let's see if the author will comment on that.

Those were the stories that made me get an account. This is really depressing...

If I may be so bold, how does the story not comply w/ Fimfiction's rules? As far as I knew it wasn't violating any, though that might simply be due to my own ignorance.

4977421 4977434 4977438
I made a change with how I develop stories. Where I would write them over on Patreon until they were finished and then publish them here. Since those two stories were "incomplete" an admin believed it broke the "Off-site" rule. So, I was told, that if I continued with the Patreon stuff, I'd be banned and all my stories removed. The compromise was to unpublish the stories and continue them on Patreon.

The stories themselves weren't breaking the rules.

Are you going to repost them, though?

Apparently, when they are finished.

Maybe but most likely I'll look into alternative writing sites for any future content. I want to explore other story types, and Fimfic is just FiM, so this will most likely be the thing that gets me moving on.

For anyone who was wanting to re-read something, FiMFetch has current archives:

It takes a village

How many lovers have you made today?

And once again mods and admins prove they are the number one at inhaling every dick

I wouldn't say that. If the admins believe something breaks the rules, they have the right to ask for its removal. Not saying they are right or wrong, just that they have the right to enforce the rules.

Comment posted by ninjanaut1000 deleted Dec 7th, 2018

Out of curiosity if you do decide to post them somewhere else could you keep us up to date on where to find them? I really like your stories and I want to keep up with them whenever possible.

awww well sucks i cant pay u to read them though :/ looks like i never know what happens

Man... I really enjoyed those stories as well.

I can reccomend you Archive Of Our Own site for keeping the fics.


Incomplete stories and off-site hosting

  • You may not have chapters exclusively hosted on an external site that are required for the understanding or enjoyment of the story. Users should be able to read through your story without having to leave the site.
  • If your story is not complete, then new chapters should be published when they are completely written, edited, and proofread.

So... The Admin(s) are saying you broke the second Off-Site/Incomplete rule? Due to not publishing new chapters on FIMfiction as they get completed?

If my understanding of the situation is correct, it was your intention to publish those chapters to FIMfiction once the story was finished.
This feels like a muddied area where you broke the letter of the rule but intended to adhere to the spirit of it.

The best part is, the original intent for those rules was to crack down on stories with underage human/anthro characters having sex (illegal in many countries), which opened up FiMfic to liability and scared the advertisers. Some authors just moved the clop sections offsite, and knighty said "no that doesn't solve the problem, don't do that shit".

Understandable, not your fault. Two suggestions though, the first being re-posting the blog post regarding the changes to your uploads (I noticed you deleted it, too much backlash?) so that people will know not to expect incremental updates. The second being an announcement when you resume work on 'How Many Lovers', as there are many people who are here for that and might start donating to continue reading it.

Here we go again with the admin. pulling their shit on another good writer.

Ik I will donate if that story continues.

I've been a fan of your stories for a little while now. I understand the compromise; I don't like it but I understand it. It would be a shame to loose all the great stuff you've already published here. Please drop us a line if you do publish them somewhere else. I look forward to reading the rest of HMLHYMT one day. I'd throw some bits your way if I could. I'm barely able to keep the lights on myself.

Comment posted by DarkHooves deleted Dec 19th, 2018

I tried to see How Many Lovers and it asked for a View Password to view the story. Does that mean it's still on the site but just locked? I've never seen that page before.

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