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The most bizarre thing I've found on Steam: Elaborate Troll, or Scam of the Century? · 9:30pm Dec 6th, 2018

Link to game. This is seriously a real thing.


Are you tired of Steam's noticeable lack of Christian games? Do you want to test your bible knowledge in a video game without having to buy another copy of Captain Bible off of Ebay? Do you want to save your soul from hell itself?? Well, worry no more, because we now have BIBLE TEST®! That's right, BIBLE TEST®, the brand new Bible quiz game on Steam that allows you to prove that you are truly a biblical scholar! This revolutionary product comes complete with:

*Up to 90 Jr. Jumble style puzzles!
*Nice cartoon design!
*Ability to test your knowledge (which we listed in the game features twice for some reason!)
* 5 Steam Achievements, 20% of which are literally unobtainable! (No really, no one on earth knows how to get the cross achievement! It's baffling!!!)
*A free ticket to heaven for anyone who manages to get every achievement for the game!

All of this is now available, for you, for the low low price of...

$199.99 US dollars!

Wait, what? Hold on a sec...

($199.99 for this simple game that looks like something you'd download on the app store on your phone? Is that seriously the price you're asking for?

...But that's like, $2.22 per question. Are you positive people would spend that much?

...Well, okay, you're the boss.)

That's right, $199.99, and you too can test your bible knowledge!


For a limited time only, you can experience this legendary game with our very own BUNDLE bundle®! This revolutionary bundle includes not only the aforementioned Bible Test®, but also includes our other innovative games, such as p...

Oh... yikes. That's... a bit jarring, but... okay. I'll see if I can work around it...

such as P**** Password, Hentai Casino, and Kamasutra!

That's right, you get all of these... interesting games, as well as Bible Test®, for... $20.30?


Okay, that's it. I give up. Clearly someone is messing with me. 200 bucks for what is essentially a mid to low quality iphone app, but about a tenth of that price for the same mid to low quality iphone app and a bunch of porn games (which still manages to come across as insanely overpriced, even after a 90% discount)? You can leave my check at the door, cause I'm out. I refuse to give this garbage any more free publicity.

(But in all seriousness, when I saw this, it was the single funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. Did they honestly expect anyone to pay the same amount they'd pay for a brand new Nintendo 3DS XL for this? Or is this just someone who decided to spend a bunch of money to make the world's most bizarre joke?)

Report Charles Spratt · 65 views · #Steam #scam #funny
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*puts away wallet in a panic* Beats me *eyes dart around like gray AJ*

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