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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.

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  • 12 weeks

    On reflection, the idea of the princesses getting in a tizzy over whose bottom is best* seems like a great link to try and work Eris in somewhere, as 'To the best bottom' could probably fit on an apple of discord, right?

    *Though I don't know why we're even discussing this we know who the winner is.

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  • 13 weeks

    Without bothering to give context, I'll simply say that I've written the line: "Pudding, pencil poised, paused." and that this gives me an unreasonable amount of delight.

    I live for such moments. Like any time I can, with solid grammatical backing, write out "had had had".

    Gives me a thrill of pleasure.

    8 comments · 119 views
  • 29 weeks

    The more TNG I watch (over and over again, forever), the more I come to appreciate whoever went out and got John de Lancie to play Discord.

    Fucking masterstroke.

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  • 31 weeks

    Hey! Look! A reading! And so soon!

    He's a speedy one.

    Now I just need someone to do Mistress of Subtlety.

    I'd do it myself but damn son, time ain't on my side these days.

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  • 31 weeks

    Also, unrelated to anything, really, but I do like how one of the most common elements in any of these fresh new pictures of Izzy is the tennis ball - 'shield', sorry - on her horn. It just tickles me.

    Mean, it's sensible. She opened a tin of beans with that thing! She'll have your eye out!

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#6 · 5:46pm Dec 4th, 2018

And it's times like this I remember that I wrote out a whole first-person human/Rainbow Dash vaguely romantical story that eventually concluded with them finally actually getting together, at which point I promptly forgot about the thing and never continued it.


Uh, should maybe get back to that sometime. Given that MLP fic is apparently serving as some sort of zen-like meditation for me right now.

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It is a shame, but I hope that someday you will come back to this ... and I realize that I do not have any time for everything and I can respect it. Good luck and best regards ...

I look forward to it! Though you did manage to leave off at a pretty good ending point. I personally like stories that end with beginnings, if you know what I mean.

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