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I am a big fan of My Little Pony. My favorite character is Princess Luna.

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Music Post 1 · 8:16pm Dec 3rd, 2018

Hi, everypony! I am now beginning a new project, where I will be doing blog posts linking to my favorite songs. I will probably do multiple in one day sometimes, and other times I may skip a few days, maybe even a week, so there is no set schedule for this, it will be very random. Most of the music will be Brony music, or sometimes songs from Brony artists that are about something else entirely, but there may be others eventually as well. Also, I have an extremely wide range of interests in styles and genres, so expect lots of variety. I typically focus on story, lyrics, and vocals. I would also love to hear what you think of each one in the comments, if you have a chance.

For my first one, this is currently my favorite song, although I nearly always change my opinions constantly. However, this is a very special one to me, so I expect it to remain my favorite potentially forever. This is by an artist named Tarby, one of my favorite artists. He does a variety of different genres, but my understanding is that this particular song would be considered alternative pop, which is basically alternative rock and pop mixed together. I believe that all songs are open to a wide range of interpretations, but some have a more specific storyline than others. This is a fairly simple, and yet, in a way, complicated one. It is a love song about Luna, but nothing more specific than that. It means a lot to me, as Luna is my favorite character, so this is a very special song for me. I find it amazing that the lyrics are fairly close to the style that I would write, if I attempted to write a song. The song is called The Night Will Last Forever. I hope you like it! :twilightsmile:

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