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FoMEy the Windigo wishes you a merry and friendship-filled holiday. Or else.

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Figure of Destiny · 12:15pm Dec 3rd, 2018

Random nonpony thought: The premiere of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power feels like a fantasy-themed Jeff Foxworthy routine.

"If you can read a millennium-old precursor language you've never seen before, you might be the Chosen One."
"If you have flashbacks of seeing your planet from space, you might be the Chosen One."
"If you find a stained-silicon window of yourself in an ancient, crumbling ruin... you might be the Chosen One."

Don't get me wrong, it's a fun series. (Only up through Episode 4, so please bear that in mind in the comments.) It's just kind of hilarious how destiny keeps piling this kind of stuff onto Adora. And how utterly genre-blind she is as a result of her upbringing. ("Wait, you mean having a strangle-happy, vaguely humanoid mass of shadows for a superior officer makes me one of the bad guys?")

And remember: If you switch sides in a war, don't be surprised if your girlfriend leaves you and takes the cat.

Comments ( 23 )

But what if the girlfriend is the cat?

Then she pretty much has to take it, doesn't she? :trollestia:

Deities damn it! I was going to make this exact same comment and you beat me too it!

Well I was going to say "what if your" instead of "what if the" but only one word is different and saying "exact same" is more dramatic than "very similar". It's the principle of the matter that counts!


Those first few episodes gave me shuch strong shipping vibes between them. I mean, they couldn't have made it more obvious unless they'd shown an on screen smooch between them in a flashback.

It is a fun series, though.

It is a great show.

"If you see your past selves and they encourage you to the right thing and go against your home planet? You MIGHT be the Chosen One."

This sounds absolutely hilarious. I'll have to watch it now, damn :derpytongue2:

Yeah... I found it quite painful to try and sit through the 1st episode of She-Ra. Imagine if Hasbro had written MLP:FiM completely and totally towards 9 year old girls, without ANY input from the writers that had made the show so appealing to adults as well as kids. That is how the new She-Ra feels to me.

Does it get any less painful to watch after the 1st episode? Why couldn't they have made it as awesome as Voltron: Legendary Defender?

*goes back to plotting out a Voltron/MLP crosdover*

Oh man...just wait.

Also, Catra is bae.

Ignore the haters, watch She-Ra.


*goes back to plotting out a Voltron/MLP crosdover*

I would read that!

I've been enjoying the new She-Ra. It feels pleasantly nice, if a bit underwhelming. The core cast is great though. Glimmer is so cute fearsome and imposing

Is this on Netflix? Hulu?

I honestly don't know.

~Skeeter The Lurker

In all seriousness, it's a decent show. Feels vaguely like Superman the Animated Series crossed with Avatar the Last Airbender. The world's a little underpopulated, and it doesn't have AtLA's sense of geography or place, but an entertaining Netflix-length season. And Adora in She-Ra mode is interestingly unworldly, like an eight-foot-tall apparition.

In Horde Eternia, cat leaves you.

It's a very fun show. The character interactions are some of the best parts, in my opinion -- especially Adora's attempts to figure out what "civilian life" is.

On another note, there are numerous moments throughout the show that reminded me rather strongly of FiM. Most are fairly general things -- the aesthetics, the overall feminist lean, the emphasis on friendship and cooperation, and so on -- but there's also the running theme of princesses each associated with a concept or thing, plus another moment you haven't gotten to yet that felt... let's say it felt very familiar.

The point I'm getting is that if you like MLP, you'll probably also like She-Ra -- I fully recommend taking some time to check it out.

Keep going, it stays good.

In the same spirit...

If your cutie mark appears on an ancient mystical tree? You might be the Chosen One.

If swords, shrines, or any form of jewelry responds to your presence with choirs and motes of light? You might be the Chosen One.

If people you don't know keep entrusting you with vital personal quests, you might be the Chosen One.

Its a pretty good show.
Really enjoyed it.
Best thing, there is going to be three more seasons.

I'm intensely curious about the show. No Netflix, though. :(

Wanderer D

4975945 TBF, the original she-ra was limited to New Toy! New Episode! And it wasn't brilliant writing despite who was one of the producers. JMS himself said that the new She-ra was more than apt as a successor of the series, and he probably likes the fact that this one actually has an arc to it, rather than single-episodes of 80s logic.

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