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    "Oh Tumbleweed!" you cry.

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    "Oh Tumbleweed!" you cry.

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How To Write Spike the Dragon (because he is a dragon) · 3:21am Dec 3rd, 2018

"Oh Tumbleweed!" you cry.

"Hey yeah this is totally a gimmicky way to provide content but tell us, please, how should we write Spike the Dragon? Because he's the most prominent male character in an otherwise female-leaning children's cartoon so obviously we need to project way too many things onto him to an uncomfortable degree so seriously how can we put him into stories."


Step 1:

Drink drinks. Dragon drinks. Which, uh ... I'm not QUITE sure that might be--

Oh, there we go.

Now that I think of it, I am absolutely sure "Dragon's Milk" is a thing that has popped up in the featured box at some point, and it is absolutely something I am not going to do any further research into because seriously what the hell dude.

Dragons are saurian. No milk there. THAT IS FOR MAMMALS ONLY. BONUS SONG.

Step 2:

Watch this.

Step 3:

Admit to yourself that Spike is more or less a supporting character. A Watson. A Robin. A ... er, I'm out of famous sidekicks. But you get the idea!

But, you know what the REAL lesson is? When you watch that video, Spike is not Trogdor.

Spike is Strong Sad.

Spike loves boats now.

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Comments ( 11 )
Author Interviewer

Spike is sad that he's flying.

Spike is sad that he's flying.

Oh Tumbleweed!
I cry. Mostly because it's a little weird how much people project unto this clearly abused, low self esteem, generally never quite triumphant char... oh... OH!
Well, jeez.

Tumbleweed, is drinking your answer to everything?

Dragons are saurian. No milk there. THAT IS FOR MAMMALS ONLY.

Thank you. Same goes for the glands that produce it, people. Yeesh.

Spike uses Chiaroscuro shading. Also, his feet are called soolnds.

A classic dragon drink would probably be something like naphtha, or maybe tar on the rocks.


And suddenly everything makes more sense.

Greek fire!

Oh Tumbleweed! Hasn't Robin gotten like a dozen of his own shows by now?

Dragons are saurian. No milk there. THAT IS FOR MAMMALS ONLY.

1) Dragons are not reptiles (Spike explicitly tells Rainbow this in Tanks for the Memories).
2) Dragon biology is weird.

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