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If in August of last year, someone had told me I would be watching My Little Pony or writing fan fictions, I would never have believed. But now, just several months later, I'm doing both.

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Nanowrimo; or, State of the author post · 5:26am Nov 26th, 2012

Dear Followers:

As you may have noticed if you click on my Stories tab, I have a surprising lack of fan fiction published. To be precise, I have no fan fiction published. This isn't entirely for want to trying: I have several different stories that I have gotten past the multi-thousand word mark before determining that the idea was fundamentally flawed and, paired with life getting in the way, ended up scrapping (at least for the foreseeable future).

Now, though, I've got a couple slow weeks coming up, so I figured I'd try to get back into writing, using an idea that has been cooking for a while. It involves Fallout: Equestria (what an overused setting, right?). And I have the perfect vehicle to help keep me writing: Nanowrimo, the National Novel Writing Month. As you may or may not know, the goal of Nanowrimo is to write a 50,000 word story in one month. Technically, it started on 1 November, so I'm already two days in the hole, but school got in the way, so whatever. I probably won't win (50k is a lot of words), but if it gets me started, it's more than worth it. Unfortunately, since Nanowrimo pushes quantity over quality, and I do value my quality, the story probably won't get posted until after Nanowrimo is over and I've had a chance to edit the story to something readable.

So, as proof of writing, and to keep myself honest (and maybe get a nifty graph at the end), I'll be posting my word count here at the end of each day. If the number hasn't changed, it probably means school got in the way (not that I'm lazy or busy playing video games. Nope, not at all), but I'll still try for that 50,000 word mark. Here goes nothing!

EDIT: So I was looking at the wrong week. This is probably the busiest week of the semester. This week, I have two midterms, two projects, several homework assignments, and a paper due. But on the bright side, no large assignments until after Thanksgiving. So this week = not a lot of progress, but I'll try to make up for it the following weeks.

EDIT: Well, this was a flop. So much for that.

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Yay! I count as multiple people! (oh wait, just noticed the crossed out 's')

Anyway, I think I actually may try participating in this Nanowrimo. I had heard about it, but didn't really consider trying it out until about 2 minutes ago. I've also had this idea swimming around in my head for a while that I felt I couldn't write because I was already writing a story. Well, this seems like a good enough excuse to take a break from Paragon and get working on my idea. This could actually be fun...

And you should totally do this whole Nanowrimo thing

So...is this happening?

514981 Probably not, I'm 18 days in and have written less than a thousand words. One of these days I'll actually write something, I swear.

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