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Hope this wins · 12:05am Nov 30th, 2018

This episode was awesome and one of my favorites from season 8. It introduced a new cute hippogriff character that I adore and I hope to see more of in season 9 hopefully. Not to mention the moral of the episode was really good and could hit home for some people when you look deep into the context of it.


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"Surf and/or Turf" is one of my favorite episodes in the latest season to explore Mount Aris and the Hippogriffs. It covers on the topic of "divorce / parents separating" quite well, and I'm hoping that there will be more Terra Mar appearances in the next season.

In a way, I can somehow link the divorce / separation topic in a way of it being similar to a situation that's been going on from the side of one of my family members. I won't get into it though, as I keep private with family matters.

Terramar is just so cute to me. Idk why I love him so much but I do. MLP seems to be doing good with the male characters lately.

Oh and guess what! I am going to go see a concert tomorrow. Bob Segar baby!!!

I heavily agree, I love how well they've done for Sandbar and Gallus' character development.

Nice that you got to see / are going to see Bob Seger. It's his final tour, like a lot of other bands are doing this year. So it's good to see him while you still can. I'll be seeing Ghost for the fifth time in two days, but I am looking forward to seeing KISS twice on their final tour next year.

Gallus is an amazing character! I love how relatable and complex his character is. Hell, Spike has been doing a lot better to with getting wings and him and Smolder fucking up that so called father. All the students are great though.

Whats your favorite Bob Seger song? It's Roll Me Away or Rock and Roll Never Forgets for me. But he has lots of good tunes. Also I know Grand Funk Railroad is coming soon to where I live so I might see into checking that out to.

For Bob Seger, I'd say that my favorite song by him is Hollywood Nights. I consider it among other songs my jam. :twilightsheepish:

Lauren Faust was really surprised when she found out that Spike ended up getting wings. I kind of saw it coming when I was watching Molt Down the first time, but didn't expect it at the same time because I had heard about the leaks that went on, but refused to watch them or hear about them, just to surprise myself.

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