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Hey guys, just a random person writing for some fun. Stick around and see if you enjoy any of my works, always love to hear feedback. ^^

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  • 1 week
    I think I'm throwing in the towel...

    .. I don't think I can do this story anymore... With the first chapter being poorly set up, the lack of motivation I feel towards writing it, and the way I feel like its going to be a let down to many on how I plan to finish it.. I'm not sure I want to continue this story... This is where I'm throwing in the towel but that doesn't mean this story has to end with me... I've been thinking if

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  • 35 weeks

    Sorry I didn't have anything uploaded for this weekend I've been working on my YouTube channel all week so I haven't gotten the chance to write that much. I am in the process of writing another side story thing that I can do whenever I need a break from my love of a mother series but that might not be out for a couple weeks. this week thats just starting im gonna continue working on my YouTube

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  • 36 weeks
    I got it!

    So as some of ya know I was struggling really hard with my love of a mother series. BUT Ive got it! Ive figured out how I want to story to go moving forward and got it so I know where I'm going forward without trying to fumble my way through. So trust me when I say u guys are going to enjoy the rest of this story and I'm sorry for having u guys struggling with the beginning of it. I can't wait to

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  • 37 weeks
    Being Real

    So ik im not the best for consistent uploads on my stories. And honestly I'm not going to make some lame excuses for it either. Truth is that these stories are pretty low on my priorities list and I don't have the time I used to when I first started this page. So until I move to Texas hopefully around summer of next year the uploads are going to be sporadic, and I'm not sure if it'll change when

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  • 69 weeks
    Working on it

    Working on the next chapter sorry got a bit delayed had stuff come up ended up getting the virus. But I'm starting to feel better and im currently working on the chapter.. its not going to be a big story driven chapter yet thats for the next chapter this one is just pushing it forward a bit... anyways sorry if im not making sense brains still a bit fuzzy sometimes.. anyways I'm working on the

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Update on love of a mother · 2:22am Nov 29th, 2018

Hey guys I know you guys have been waiting so patiently and thank you for that! I have the rough draft of the next chapter done and all I need to do is go through and make it more cohesive and try to have someone edit it. I hope to have it out by Sunday at the very latest. I'm going to try and get back into the swing of writing a chapter a week. It may not always be for this story but I do plan to set myself up for it. That way there's a steady stream of writings. I also will probly get back into drawing again so if you guys wanna see my art to ill post a link to my youtube channel soon. Anyways thought you guys would like this lmk if you guys have any short story ideas you want me to work on ;)

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