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What Could Have Been of Digital Harmony ~ Vespimon Arc, Part 1 · 3:21am Nov 28th, 2018

So with my recent announcement that Digital Harmony was cancelled, I felt it might be necessary to post a series of blogs explaining what my plans for the fic were, and how it would progress from there. These will mostly be a few scattered notes and summaries, listed in chronological order of when they would appear in the fic.

Before I begin though, I'd like to give my special thanks to Allocen on DeviantArt, who was kind enough to help me out with the character portraits of the latest Digimon designs. They’ll be appearing in some of the future blog posts describing what I’d planned for the plot, so keep an eye out.

The Prophecy

After the last mini-arc, the fic shifts focus to another series of interludes, focusing on character moments and development. In particular, Rainbow Dash starts to spend more time with Sora, and especially her partner Biyomon, feeling compelled by a sense of regret she refuses to explain. However, things begin to pick up when, in the dead of night, Kari receives a message on her D-Terminal:

I don't have much time left. Come meet me at the TV Station as soon as possible.

- Wizardmon

Despite the difficulty in getting everyone awake at such an hour, they soon meet up in the television station, where Wizardmon's ghost appears once again... but this time, he appears far more gaunt and faded than before. As he explains, without a connection to the Digital World, his data is unable to find a way to sustain its existence... and that soon, whatever is left of him will vanish from existence entirely. But before he gives one last tearful goodbye to his old friend Gatomon, he imparts a prophecy that he foresaw, though he doesn't know the exact meaning of it:

History will repeat itself, and the Infinite shall rise with the Thousand-Year Moon.
When the Seed of Evil sprouts and all hope seems lost, two powerful Hearts will cross
And the Twenty-Second shall be one with the Evening Star

With little other information to go on, the Digi-Destined are left to puzzle out the prophecy... but are unable to figure out its true meaning, as Ken makes his move the very

Ken's Confrontation

Becoming frustrated with the lack of progress at finding a way to breach the darkness surrounding Vespimon’s keep, Ken travels to the Digital World to make a solo assault on the castle himself, with Wormmon insistently tagging along. However, it isn’t long until his breach into the digital world is detected by Izzy, whose monitoring software tracks the disturbance. After alerting the remaining Digi-Destined, they arrive on the outskirts of what was formerly Myotismon’s castle, surrounded by an impenetrable hurricane of darkness that prevents them from going any further.

There, standing at the edge of the dark hurricane’s eye, is Ken... along with Fluttershy. A tense confrontation ensues, and emotions flare as Fluttershy lays bare all of her frustrations, her feelings of being ignored and underappreciated, and how it was Rainbow Dash who further pushed her off the edge by refusing to listen during her confrontation with Vespimon’s shadow avatar. A desperate battle within the darkness ensues as Fluttershy activates her Discordant Evolution, single-handedly wiping the floor with every single opponent she faces at once.

However, just as she’s about to claim victory, it’s Ken who steps forward. With an unusual gleam in his eye, he managed to stare down Vespimon through sheer force of will, vocalizing his disappointment in Fluttershy... and in himself, for not seeing the truth earlier. Though it’s enough to hold down Vespimon momentarily, she resists long enough to call out one last attack.

Spiking Venom!

Then, in a single blow, the unthinkable happens. As the chapter ends, Vespimon’s attack pierces straight through his heart.

To Be Continued

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Comments ( 4 )

Whoa very very dark!

Wow, talk about not liking seeing yourself in someone else

And Ichijouji rounds out the borrowed abilities with The Stare.

Just realized: the "Twenty-Second" is referring to Exveemon, who first debuted in the twenty-second episode of Adventure 2.

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