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That feeling when you'll never be a famous pony writer who burns out and fades into obscurity. Why even live?

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Editing · 6:02am Nov 27th, 2018

As I work on my next fic (which will be a short fic), I've started to realize I need a good editor.

Editing is tough work. I've done a fair amount of it myself, but it's often hard to critique your own work. I can usually get something decent after I plow away at it for a while, but it can't match the benefit gained by having a new, fresh pair of eyes on your work. Also, the more you learn about writing, the harder it gets to learn new things. Or rather, the more challenging it is to effectively integrate new concepts. There's often this feeling that I'm hitting some of the goals I set for myself, but my own inability to see my writing more objectively blinds to me any obvious faults in my technique.

Anyways, if anyone reading this knows any good editors out there, likely established writers themselves in most cases, I'd be more than willing to exchange editing. Quid pro quo and the like.


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