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Jolly Cooperation · 5:46pm Nov 24th, 2018

Because sometimes I write things.

Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up that my collaboration with the world's strongest writer, Shakespearicles, is out in the wild right now, and it can be found here! I had a ton of fun writing my part, and I think the whole thing came out real good. It's got angry hate sex, it's got impreg, it's got incest, it's got incest impreg! What more could you possibly want? Don't say futa. It hasn't got any of that.

I hope you guys like it.

As for stuff that's purely my own, I've got a good few projects on the go right now in various stages of completion, including but not necessarily limited to:

- The new chapter of Mis-Shapes
- A sexy Princest story
- A maybe not as sexy and actually a bit sad but also romantic clop story
- A very not sexy, not clop, extremely sad story that's probably the hardest thing I've ever written for various reasons

I feel like I've managed to simultaneously list these in the order people are gonna be most to least excited about, and the order I'm least to most proud of, but so it goes (with the obvious exception of Mis-Shapes, which will always be my baby). I'm still excited about all of them, and you can expect them all at a fimfiction near you Soon*! Unless I start hating them and throw them in the bin. It's not unprecedented.

Hope everyone's hanging on in there.


*For a given value of Soon

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