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  • Friday
    I know it’s been a very long time

    But I’m alive, still thinking about new chapters, new ideas, and of course I’m thinking of all of you. If you forgot about me, well I wouldn’t be surprised ._. BUT NO MATTER! I’m back! And here’s a project I did. Love you all and hope you guys are okay.

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  • 45 weeks
    Hazbin Hotel will be on TV

    I’m pretty excited about this! Don’t know when it’s gonna air but it’s been confirmed. I wish people weren’t so mad about it. I understand there are a few offensive jokes but tv is full of that. Family Guy’s been on the air for years and although there was definitely people who are against it, no one had had the balls to actually speak up about it or call Seth MacFarland racist, sexist, etc.

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  • 53 weeks
    You’ve probably noticed...

    I’ve deleted the chapters on both A Freshman’s Guide to Ponies and My Little Twily. Well I’ve decided to restart those stories in the near future. I’m going to finish The Ink Machine and Keeping Ideals Alive first, but then I’ll start on them. Hope you all are doing ok and are staying safe!

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  • 56 weeks
    Who will Deku pass OFA onto (if he will)

    Just wanted to have a friendly discussion. I say Kota or Eri (i mean right now that makes sense...)

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  • 61 weeks
    How’re you all doin?

    I haven’t really checked in on any of you, nor have I heard from a lot of you guys. I just want to make sure you’re all okay, especially with COVID-19. If any of you want to talk or have any problem right now, feel free to talk to me!

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Off my chest. · 7:09am Nov 24th, 2018

I had a few thing I needed to get off of my chest...

(Pushes off a car, a stack of books and a waifu pillow (not mine I swear))

Jokes aside... I honestly needed to talk my mind. I feel alone sometimes where we all grow and thrive. A dreary and cruel planet named earth where the bad outnumber the good. A good day is barely seen as a ray of sun or star in the sky. I just lose people close to me all the time. Either all of my friends move away (literally) or move away (emotionally). A lot of my friends just forget about me. They go off playing football, basketball and other sports. I’m not into sports so there’s one reason why they just forget about me. Most of my friends move away literally however. Most of my friends move from hours to days to weeks away. In my early years, my best friend moved to Japan, another to Seattle, another to Michigan, all over. I’m still stuck in the same place. It’s why I joined this fandom to begin with. When I first heard about MLP, I dismissed it as a stupid kiddy show. But... when I noticed it was in Netflix... Curiousity got the best of me. I watched the first episode thinking I wasn’t going to like it. I think that way about many things and I was wrong again. I thought I would just forget about it after the first episode but it just pulled me back in for more. I realized that after I watched the first four seasons, I felt happier than I had in a long time. But also I felt jealousy and envy. I had wished to have friends like the Mane 6 but reality always won the battle. But I could never stop thinking about what I would do if I went to equestria. I still can’t stop and still dream of going there. I just wanted to say to every kind person in the fandom, and mostly to my followers and readers, thank you. I truly want to thank you. There has been twists and turns since I’ve joined this website but it’s all been fun. I look forward to continuing my stories and making new friends.

Thank you all.

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Well, bro. We have a lot in common because my friends also rejected me.

We are apart from each other. I live in Poland, you in America. I would like to meet you sometime, but I don't know if I will have the opportunity. Anyway, you're not alone, because I'm here. Now I communicate with you less often, because I have many important things on my mind, and soon the EU, is going to introduce ACTA2, so I don't know how it will be. Anyway, you're not alone

THis is such a true post. As a fandom, especially one with the motto of friendship, we all act like friends towards eachother. This place, this fandom, unites people and helps them. Your post just shows what this community can do. I, like many others, will stand by friends like family.

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