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    New story out:

    TAll The Little Rings
    Rarity is in the grips of an existential depression when Twilight comes calling... Love sprouts in the gloom.
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    Second update is already posted... though I've encountered an irksome problem.

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    re: lost

    Hi, all. Just a follow-up post to my last blog.

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    Hey guys.

    I'm a little anxious this morning, so I'm writing this blog to get through it.

    I get some general writing updates out of the way first, though. Full post after the jump.

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    It's up.

    Last time I'll tag you WTEtG readers for a while, promise.

    My Applejack/Sunset spinoff is now live:

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    Let's have fun with a rarepair fic, yaaaaay.

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    Guys got a minute? I wanna talk about my new fic. Maybe a few other things.

    This was gonna be a general post, but then it turned into one big What They Expect to Give related post, so...

    Screw it, let's go.

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Happy Thanksgiving! · 4:00am Nov 23rd, 2018

Hope your Turkey Day was wonderful my fellow Americans! Check out this yule log cake I baked from scratch. I even whisked by hand. It took me three hours because I'm a noob, but it looks (and tastes) pretty OK!

The mushroom marshmallows were added by husbando, who was A HUGE Help with the whisking.

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Comments ( 3 )

That's what those are supposed to look like? That looks amazing! All the ones I've seen look awful.

Marshrooms are adorable.

Really? I think mine is on the messy side, but it more or less resembles what it needs to! Heh

Thanks <3

Ah, looking like a log is overrated. Looking tasty is the important bit!

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